1and1 vs JustHost for VPS Hosting Solution

1and1 vs JustHost for VPS Hosting Solution

Apr 4, 2016

The VPS hosting acts as a great bridge between the cheap web hosting and the advanced dedicated server hosting. With it, you can get the guaranteed server resource, reliable hosting environment and the full control over your virtually private server without the need to spend too much. Due to these great benefits offered by this hosting type, at present, there are a large number of VPS hosting providers for you to choose, among which 1and1 and JustHost are two of the hot options.

Looking to pick up the better one between these two web hosts? In the following, we’ve made a 1and1 vs JustHost comparison that demonstrates their differences and similarities in a clear manner.

General Rating for 1and1 and JustHost

1and1 is one of the largest hosting companies, providing you with a wide range of hosting products and services for the proper running and managing of your site. Since established 26 years ago, this hosting provider is the first choice for many private users and some medium-sized business owners.

JustHost is relatively smaller than 1and1 in terms of the business scale. Founded in the year of 2008, this web host aims at the reliable and affordable hosting solution mainly, ensuring rich features for all the offered packages.

To compare their VPS hosting solutions, we have finished two tasks. One is to try their service personally and another is to gather the feedbacks of their customers. After analyzing the results based on the aspects of packages values, hosting speed, overall stability and technical support, our hosting reviewers conclude an editorial rating in the following. According to the star rating, JustHost surely gives us a better impression.

Rating 1and1 JustHost
Prices 5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Speed 3 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Uptime 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Feature 4.5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Technical Support 3 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
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1and1 vs JustHost – Similarities

To begin with, we have to admit that both 1and1 and JustHost offer the cost-effective VPS hosting packages, which means you can get all the features you may need by spending a moderate volume of hosting charge.

1and1 VPS Hosting

1and1 offers 4 VPS hosting packages for you to choose. Initially, these plans charge you at the prices ranging from $12.99/mo to $39.99/mo. In this year, however, they launch a special promotional campaign, with which you can sign up with them starting from $4.99/mo to $29.99/mo with the 6 months billing cycle.

As for the server resources, you can get at least 1 CPU core, 1 GB of guaranteed RAM, 50 GB of HDD storage and unlimited bandwidth.

1and1 VPS Hosting

JustHost VPS Hosting

This hosting provider also provides 4 plans, which charge you ranging from $29.99/mo to $119.99/mo regularly. Now, if you sign up via this promotional link, you can get a great 50% discount that cuts the hosting charge down to $14.99/mo effectively.

In addition, this web host includes rich server resources into these plans, with which you can get the dual CPU core, at least 2 GB of RAM, 30 GB of disk space and 1 TB/mo for data transfer.

JustHost VPS Hosting

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1and1 vs JustHost – Differences

When it comes to their hosting differences, we have concluded 8 main aspects, including the easy hosting, control panel, free extras, money back, technical support, server configuration freedom, server response speed and uptime. Check the detailed information in the following.

Easy VPS Hosting – JustHost Is Better

In fact, as compared with the easy web hosting, VPS hosting is a little bit complicated, for you need to finish some configuration and maintenance tasks for your virtually private server machines. This may not be a hard thing for developers, but for most common webmasters or newbies, the VPS hosting can be a tricky option.

Due to this situation, JustHost ensures you a fully managed VPS hosting. This means all the server-side tasks can be handled by the web host and you only need to focus on your website running. Even, with their Instant Provisioning feature, you can have your site got up right after you finish the checkout process. There is no need for you to install the control panel, configure the operating system, complete the security patches, update the necessary software and many more.

With 1and1, however, the VPS hosting is unmanaged. It is true that they offer the leading server administrating tool of Parallels Plesk for the handling of all the server functions. However, this tool is a little bit complicated for beginners with a large learning curve. Therefore, unless you have utilized it previously, you need to take times to get used to its interface and features.

Control Panel – JustHost Is Better

The control panel is essential for the management of your settings and data. In this case, JustHost provides the great option of cPanel control panel, which is offered by most web hosts due to its powerful functions and great user interface. With it, you can get the easy access to your data, set up everything related to your website, activate or modify any installed tools, check and track your website running and many more.

As for 1and1, this web host offers a custom and self-developed control panel. As compared with the cPanel option, this one is comparatively hard to use due to the chaotic and cluttered user interface. In addition, if you are new to this custom one, the learning curve can be steep.

Free Extras – JustHost Is Better

In addition to the sufficient server resources, JustHost also offers a lot of free extras for you to better secure, market and manage your website. For instance, you can get a free domain name and a free IP address if you are new to this web host. Besides, if you want to promote your site effortlessly, you can leverage the $200 bonus for advertising.

1and1, however, lacks behind JustHost in this aspect. The only free feature offered by them is the backup service on a daily basis, which is also ensured by JustHost.

Features 1and1 JustHost
Free Domain No Yes
Free Dedicated IP Address No Yes
Free Advertising Credits No $200
Free Backup Service Yes Yes
How to Claim Not Recommended Promotion Link

Money Back Policy – JustHost Is Better

This special hosting policy is used to give you a sense of risk-free for hosting deals. With JustHost, you can ask for the full refund within 30 days and the pro-rated refund at any time.

With 1and1, however, the valid period of money back is 30 days only.

Technical Support – JustHost Is Better

We have tested their support service personally and have found that both of them can ensure the professional solutions to deal with our issues effectively. However, when it comes to the response speed, the support staffs of JustHost achieve a better job than the representatives of 1and1.

In addition, JustHost allows multiple support channels that include the live chat, hotline, ticket, email and the knowledge base. 1and1, however, does not allow the effective live chat support.

Server Configuration Freedom – 1and1 Is Better

1and1 gives you much freedom in this aspect. For instance, you can choose to get the Linux-based VPS hosting or the Windows-based VPS solution; pick up the operating systems among the options of CentOS, openSUSE, Debian, Ubuntu and Windows 2008. In addition, you can use either HDD disk space or SSD disk space.

With JustHost, however, the Linux hosting coming with the CentOS 6 is your only choice. Even, you can only use the SSD-based disk storage.

Hosting Performance and Uptime – JustHost Is Better

Both JustHost and 1and1 claim to achieve at least 99.9% uptime without any serious and long downtime. To achieve this goal, they host all the websites using the rock-solid web servers that are either self-developed or factory tested. In addition, both of these two web hosts have multiple data centers that act as the server spaces, each of which has the advanced server rooms to ensure uninterrupted power, security and cooling, pump rooms used for containing all the mechanical systems, lab for 24/7 monitoring, along with many other advanced battery rooms, chiller area, network rooms and generator section.

As tested, JustHost generally achieves a 99.99% uptime.

1and1 achieves a 99.97% uptime, which is not as reliable as JustHost.

As for the hosting speed, JustHost also wins the game. Check the detailed report as below.


According to this comparison, JustHost surely offers the better VPS hosting than 1and1 in multiple essential aspects we have discussed above. In addition, based on the real customer opinions, we have found that this web host even has achieved a great satisfaction rate for almost all of their global users.