A Small Orange Review – How About A Small Orange Cloud VPS Hosting?

A Small Orange Review – How About A Small Orange Cloud VPS Hosting?

Nov 29, 2014

With over 10 years of hosting experience, A Small Orange has established itself in this industry. To meet diverse requirements, the company offers a variety of hosting solutions including shared, VPS, reseller, cloud VPS, hybrid and dedicated servers.

In the past several months, we have been following its cloud VPS service to find out whether it is a recommendable choice. Based on our firsthand knowledge and real customer feedbacks, we have carried out this objective review.

The review focuses on all the key aspects such as price, features, performance and technical support. Please have a look at the following overall rating before proceeding to the details.

Price and Plans

The price for Cloud VPS plans goes hand in hand with the amount of resources. A Small Orange offers 8 levels of cloud VPS plans differing in cores, RAM, disk space and bandwidth. The minimal plan comes with 1 core, 1024MB RAM, 20 GB storage and 500GB bandwidth and charges $20/mo. Their most luxurious plan offers 8 cores, 10240MB RAM, 150 GB storage, 5000GB bandwidth and charges $150/mo.

If people sign up an annual payment plan, they can get 2 months free and 1 free domain for a year. Besides, all cloud plans offer Managed SEO Services to help businesses improve keyword rankings and manage their sites more effectively. Such services cost $99/mo to $350/mo. To be fair, the price is acceptable and affordable to businesses but not individuals.


features Basic resources for each plan are differentiated and guaranteed. Apart from the resources mentioned above, all cloud VPS plans share the following features.

  • Redundant hardware with automatic failover to ensure your applications are always on the active server and system;
  • Free cPanel on all plans (not available for 1024MB plans) – the most popular hosting management interface for free;
  • Ultimate flexibility – feel free to configure the hosting environment to your exact needs;
  • The latest versions of popular applications including Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, email service, SSH access, PHP;
  • Free migration assistance in most cases;
  • Remote reboot and remote console.

Another hosting feature worth mentioning is that A Small Orange goes for green hosting. It has partnered with 3Degrees to mitigate the impact of electricity use. It even promises to generate 1.5 hours of electricity through renewable energy projects to compensate for every kilowatt hour of electricity used for web hosting.


There are two main reasons why people go for cloud VPS. One is the availability of highly flexible resources, and the other is ultimate performance. No cloud VPS hosting provider can bear the consequence of an unreliable or unstable performance. A Small Orange knows that well. That’s why it is constantly looking for new technologies to increase reliability and speed.

In specific, it only uses SSD hardware drives featuring fast access speed. The max IOPS (input/output operations per second) of its cloud SSD can reach 50,000, which is 136 times faster than that of standard drives.

Performance To cover the chance of hardware failures, the data centers are all equipped with redundant switches, routers, and power systems as well as physical on-site security, fire suppression systems and full climate control. All these measures taken, it manages to deliver quite satisfying performance.

Technical Support

As for customer service, A Small Orange has a team of experienced technicians ready to assist customers via email and live chat 24/7/365. Toll-free phone is not available, which is an unignorable disadvantage compared with other leading hosts.

In addition to general customer support, this company also offers three levels of proactive support. Basic proactive support includes Ping monitoring of servers’ main IP address and reaction to ping monitoring. Such services allow customers more free time to focus on business, but they are not free. Please refer to the following table for pricing details.

Price Standard Elevated Advanced
Per server/vps $25/mo $50/mo $100/mo
Setup fee $15/mo $30/mo $75/mo

Conclusion – Not Recommended

Based on our analysis, we find the features and speed of their plans meet the common needs of cloud VPS users. But we do not recommend this company to our readers because there are so many additional charges. Instead, we highly recommend the following three hosting companies.