A2Hosting VS HostMonster on Managed VPS Hosting

A2Hosting VS HostMonster on Managed VPS Hosting

Sep 16, 2015

As two of the best VPS hosting companies, A2Hosting and HostMonster are favored by a large number of webmasters worldwide. Since both companies can offer quality and fast VPS hosting, it’s not easy to tell which one is worth going. As thus, we make the A2Hosting vs HostMonster to remove all doubts.

What’s in Common?

The common points between A2Hosting and HostMonster include great reputation, user-friendly control panel, excellent uptime and premium technical support. Each hosting package comes with high level of reliability and usability.

Great Reputation

A2Hosting and HostMonster both have been in this industry over 10 years. Their commitment is to develop quality hosting products and meet the needs of all customers. Here, we collect some typical customer reviews to them.

  • A2Hosting Customer Reviews ???Each VPS hosting is featuring SSD and free content delivery network. That guarantees fast page loading speed. Also, tons of advanced features are included in all plans, which make everything much easier.
  • HostMonster Customer Reviews ???That is an amazing web host for webmasters hosting websites for any purposes, such as e-commerce site, blog, corporate site, etc. All tools great for website building are available here.

User-Friendly Control Panel

A2Hosting and HostMonster integrate each VPS hosting package with cPanel. As the most user-friendly control panel, cPanel is trusted by most webmasters who wish to build a website in a simple manner. Both companies include a 1-click installer in cPanel, which simplifies the installation of multiple apps.

Excellent Uptime

A2Hosting guarantees at least 99.9% uptime. The primary data center is in Michigan, which includes multiple web servers privately owned by A2Hosting. A group of engineers monitor each web server around-the-clock in case of power outage. This company also utilizes other two Equinix data centers located in Amsterdam and Singapore, delivering excellent uptime to websites hosted in Europe and Asia.

A2Hosting Uptime Report:

The biggest reason webmasters love HostMonster is the perfect uptime. HostMonster uses a US-based data center that is located in Utah. The data center is equipped with Xeon quad processor server technologies and UPS power. The 24/7 live monitoring system ensures everything run smoothly.

HostMonster Uptime Report:

Premium Technical Support

Most customers appreciate the support service offered by A2Hosting and HostMonster. This is because that all support staffs are friendly and take an active role on any requests. Besides that, the live chat support and phone support help webmasters get valid solutions within a few seconds. The email and ticket system allow users to get detailed explanation of a question in the shortest time.

What are the Differences Between A2Hosting and HostMonster

There are a lot of differences between A2Hosting and HostMonster VPS hosting, such as VPS hosting affordability, server resources allocation and hosting speed.

1. VPS Hosting Plans, Discounts and Prices

A2Hosting enables 34% discount for each VPS hosting plan

Customers can select a suitable VPS hosting package from three options, including Power+, Prestige+ and Pinnacle+. Those are designed for small sites, business sites and enterprise-level sites.

  • Power+ – Regularly starting at $49.99/mo, with 34% discount, this plan is now pricing at $32.99/mo.
  • Prestige+ – Regularly starting at $69.99/mo, with 34% discount, this plan is now pricing at $46.19/mo.
  • Pinnacle+ – Regularly starting at $99.99/mo, with 34% discount, this plan is now pricing at $65.99/mo.

Active the such exclusive discount below.

A2Hosting Promotional Link Activation

Besides that, an array of freebies is also available for customers, including CloudFlare CDN, Server Rewind File Backups, SSH Access, account setup and site transfer. Note that, if there is a need to register a domain name on A2Hosting, customers are required to pay extra $14.95 per year.

HostMonster enables 50% discount for each VPS hosting plan

HostMonster launches 50% discount for all VPS hosting solutions that are shown as below. Regularly starting at $29.99/mo, with such exclusive discount, the service is now pricing at $14.99/mo. Customers can purchase a solution and activate the discount via the following promotional link.

Price Standard Enhanced Premium Ultimate
Regularly $29.99/mo $59.99/mo $89.99/mo $119.99/mo
Discount 50% 50% 50% 50%
Discounted $14.99/mo $29.79/mo $44.99/mo $59.99/mo
HostMonster Promotional Link Activation

The domain registration and account setup are free of charge. Also, customers don’t need to pay extra money for cPanel license. HostMonster makes good on the promise of 30-day full refund policy and anytime prorated money back guarantee.

2. Server Resources Allocation

A2Hosting prices VPS hosting services a little higher than that of HostMonster but enables more possibilities for customers. Below, we make a server resource comparison between A2Hosting Power+ plan and HostMonster Enhanced plan. Both solutions include 4GB RAM.

Feature A2Hosting HostMonster
Plan In Comparison Power+ Enhanced
CPU Cores 4 2
Storage 75 GB 60 GB
Bandwidth 2 TB 2 TB
IPs 2 2
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Price $32.99/mo $29.99/mo
Go A2Hosting Go HostMonster

HostMonster enables full root access for customers to access to CentOS. In this way, they can simply take full control of the server via cPanel. However, that is not available for A2Hosting customers.

3. Comparison on Server Response Time

A2Hosting tries every means to achieve higher performance, such as SSD speed boost, CloudFlare CDN and expertly tuned servers. As for HostMonster, this company uses Cloud technology to keep upgrading and enhancing server performance. Based on the following server response time monitoring, we find that HostMonster achieves higher performance than A2Hosting.

How to Make a Choice Between A2Hosting and HostMonster

A list of common points between A2Hosting and HostMonster make it hard to tell which company offers the better service. As for VPS hosting affordability, A2Hosting enables more possibilities for customers. If there is a higher demand on performance, HostMonster should be considered.