A2Hosting VS JustHost on Managed VPS Hosting

A2Hosting VS JustHost on Managed VPS Hosting

Jun 24, 2016

A2Hosting and JustHost offer quality Linux VPS hosting. Both companies have accumulated rich experience and great popularity in this field. The A2Hosting vs JustHost is created for webmasters who wish to make a choice between the two VPS hosting providers. That includes an in-depth comparison on VPS hosting affordability, performance and support service.

Comparison on VPS Hosting Price, Discount and Special Offers

A2Hosting Enables 34% Discount for Each Managed VPS Solution

A2Hosting releases the coupon code BHSA2CODE to activate 34% discount for three managed VPS hosting solutions. When signing up a solution, customers can use this coupon code and purchase the service at $32.99/mo. Check detailed price information of A2Hosting VPS hosting and then redeem the coupon code by going through the following link.

A2Hosting VPS Hosting Price

A2Hosting Coupon Code Activation

The hassle-free refund policy is valid for all solutions, which allows customers to ask for a refund in anytime as needed. Also, some advanced features are free of charge, including SSD, CloudFlare CDN, website transfer, SSH Access and Content Delivery Network.

JustHost Enables 50% Discount for Each Managed VPS Solution

JustHost releases 4 managed VPS hosting packages and now enables 50% discount for each plan. That makes the price as low as $14.99/mo. The following link is set here for discount activation. More details about JustHost managed VPS hosting plans and price are shown as below.

JustHost VPS Hosting Price

JustHost Promotional Link Activation

JustHost allows customers to ask for a full refund in the first 30 days. That leaves enough time for each webmaster to experience JustHost VPS hosting. Each solution includes one free domain name and free account setup thereby providing customers with more benefits.

What’s in the Deal? ???Comparison on Server Resources

A2Hosting and JustHost both offer resourceful managed VPS hosting solutions to satisfy the needs of websites in different levels. Each solution is rich-featured and scalable. To make it clear on which company offers more possibilities to customers, we display the main features of A2Hosting Power+ plan and JustHost Standard as below.

Feature A2Hosting JustHost
Plan in Comparison Power+ Standard
CPU Cores 4 2
Storage 75GB 30GB
Bandwidth 2TB 1TB
IP Addresses 2 1
Root Access No Yes
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Price $32.99/mo $14.99/mo

Both Companies Utilize the Most User-Friendly cPanel

A2Hosting uses control panel with a free Softaculous 1-click installer. That allows auto setup for WordPress, Prestashop, SMF and other applications. The regular control panel update service is also available here.

JustHost integrates each VPS server with cPanel. Customers can get full root access to VPS server through this powerful control panel. The SimpleScripts 1-click installer is also included in this control panel, which makes apps installation much easier.

Comparison on Uptime and Speed

Server uptime and speed are of great concern. All webmasters wish to search for a VPS hosting solutions with high level of reliability and fast speed. A2Hosting and JustHost both guarantee at least 99.9% uptime. We have tested the uptime of A2Hosting and JustHost for over 30 days and display results as below.

A2Hosting 30-Day Uptime Report:

JustHost 30-Day Uptime Report:

A2Hosting pays close attention to server performance. This company offers free SSD to boost speed as well as includes CloudFlare in each solution to speed up content delivery. Also, the server rewind file backups and perpetual security system improve the security level of each site.
JustHost VPS solutions are all built on cloud technology. That guarantees stable growth to each hosted site. Also, each server is featuring KVM hypervisor virtualization, which ensures high quality and performance.

Here comes a server response time comparison between A2Hosting and JustHost.

Comparison on Technical Support

As for technical support, A2Hosting and JustHost have a lot in common.

  • Allows four communication channels: live chat, email, phone and ticket system
  • Support staffs stay online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Set knowledgebase, blog and community to deliver everything useful to webmasters

Once meeting an issue, webmasters are encouraged to contact support staffs in anytime. They would get a valid solution within a few minutes or even seconds. The guides on account setup, online marketing, site building and anything related to hosting are included in the Support Center/Help Center.

Comparison on the Hosting Freedom

Surely, both of these two web hosts offer the managed VPS hosting solution, which means you do not need to worry about any server side tasks and can have all your attention focused on your website. However, it is possible that some of you have the enough experiences to handle the virtually private server on your own and are looking to install your preferred control panel, operating system and some other necessary software.

Due to this, in addition to the managed VPS hosting, A2Hosting also offers the unmanaged service, which will charge you starting at $5 for each month. Even, this web host gives you enough freedom to design and customize your virtually dedicated server by deciding the OS system among 12 available options, the server location among three choices, as well as the exact volume of disk space, CPU, monthly bandwidth and the server memory. In addition, you can choose to use the cPanel, the Softaculous installer and their exclusive Turbo Boost technology or not.

Besides, A2Hosting has a special Auto QuickInstall service. With it, you can optionally choose the software to be installed automatically when the VPS is provisioned.

Frankly speaking, as compared with JustHost, A2Hosting ensures a high level of hosting freedom and convenience.

Comparison on the Hosting Security

Although the VPS hosting provider ensures you a relatively private hosting environment, but the fact is that you still are not the only user of the whole machine. This means your chances to suffer from the security issue brought by some other server users do not disappear. For this, JustHost does a better job by ensuring the KVW virtualization service along with the I/O segregation, both of which make sure that you are fully isolated from other users.

As for A2Hosting, this web host offers the common security features such as the daily backup, SSL and SSH.

Summary ???Who is the Better Managed VPS Hosting Company?

As two of the best VPS hosting companies in the market, A2Hosting and JustHost make good on the promise of offering high-quality VPS hosting. Both companies offer generous discounts and make the price cheaper than many competitors. The only difference between the two companies is that JustHost achieves higher performance than A2Hosthing. Accordingly, JustHost is great for webmasters who are looking for fast VPS hosting service.