A2Hosting vs WebHostingPad on VPS Hosting Solution

A2Hosting vs WebHostingPad on VPS Hosting Solution

Aug 25, 2017

A virtual private server (VPS) is featured with dedicated server functionality without dedicated cost. Therefore, some of you may have the desire to purchase a VPS hosting solution. With more than 10 years’ hosting experience and a large user base, A2Hosting and WebHostingPad may have your attention. We will help you make a clear decision through the A2Hosting vs WebHostingPad comparison where their hosting fees, available features, hosting environment, and technical support will be discussed in detail.

To start with, we want you to have an overall impression on their performance with the below rating table. The following text will show you why A2Hosting lets WebHostingPad in the shadow. Certainly, the two web hosts have something in common.

  • You can choose the fully managed VPS hosting from the two web hosts.
  • Their VPS hosting solutions are based on Linux operating system ONLY.
  • For your convenience, both web hosts include cPanel with all the VPS hosting solutions.
Rating A2Hosting WebHostingPad
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Price 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Feature 5 of 5 stars 3.5 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars
Speed 4.5 of 5 stars 2.5 of 5 stars
Support 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
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Hosting Fees – A2Hosting Is More Budget-Friendly

If you have the technical knowledge and resources to maintain the server, you can choose unmanaged VPS hosting to save much money. Otherwise, your website is more suitable for managed VPS hosting so as to save you much time and energy.

A2Hosting distinguishes itself from the competition because it not only meets your need for managed VPS hosting (from $32.99/mo with the promotional link) but also gives you the flexibility to go with unmanaged VPS hosting (from $5/mo). With WebHostingPad, however, you have no choice but to choose managed VPS hosting (from $29.95/mo).

Besides, you will have a longer period of time to enjoy the discount (1/3/6/12/24-month payment) with A2Hosting while WebHostingPad does not provide you with the yearly payment. In other words, A2Hosting allows you to enjoy the introductory offers for a longer term. As a whole, WebHostingPad is not as budget-friendly as A2Hosting. Blow is the exclusive promotional link released by A2Hosting.

A2Hosting Promotional Link Activation

Available Features – A2Hosting Provides More

When we take a close look at the package features, A2Hosting leaves us a better impression due to the sufficient server resources allocation, more free extras, and the better refund policy. To make things clear, we try to provide you as much details as possible.

  • A2Hosting includes 2 TB of bandwidth, 75 GB of disk space, and 4GB of RAM with the minimum plan while WebHostingPad sets much more strict limitations for such features. What’s more, the former one even allows you to customize your server.
  • A2Hosting is better at your service with the provision of free SSDs, CDN, SSL certificate, and ad credits.
  • A2Hosting also allows you to receive a pro-rated refund after 30 days, which lowers your risk to try the VPS hosting service.
Features A2Hosting WebHostingPad
Plan Power+ Beginner
Data Transfer 2 TB 100 GB
Disk Space 75 GB 20 GB
CPU Cores 4 1
Dedicate IP 1 1
Free cPanel Yes Yes
Free 1-Click Installer Yes Yes
Full Root Access Yes Yes
Free SSDs Yes No
Free CDN Yes No
Free SSL Certificate Yes No
Ad Credits Yes No
Refund Policy Anytime 30 Days
Current Price $32.99/mo $29.95/mo
Learn More Promo Link Not Recommended

Hosting Environment – A2Hosting Provides Better

Previously, we have heard many bad voices about WebHostingPad from our readers. To be close to the fact, we get real statistics with a monitoring tool. WebHostingPad is far from a reliable and fast hosting provider, which is in accordance with the feedbacks. With the average of 99.47% hosting uptime and 792ms server response time, this web host still has a long way to gain high customer satisfaction.

Things turn different with A2Hosting who works much harder to minimize the downtime and maximize the speed. With the global data centers (USA, Europe, and Asia), you have the freedom to choose the closest location to your target users. In addition, you can experience a much faster page loading speed with the utilization of SSD drives and CloudFlare CDN. It is also possible for you to improve the speed to a new stage with the add-on “Turbo Boost” service.

Technical Support – A2Hosting Is More Responsive

With either of them, there are multiple support methods available for you in the event of issues. You can consult the knowledgebase, start a live chat, make a phone call, submit a ticket, or send an email. For general inquires, you can learn how to get them solved from the knowledgebase where the technicians have made a great number of useful articles. To get real-person technical assistance, you should give high priority to the chat and phone systems.

During our tests for the chat support, both web hosts have no problem to make quick responses. If there must be a winner, however, we would like to express our appreciation for A2Hosting who often takes less than 4 seconds to answer our chats.

Wrap Up

At this moment, an easy conclusion can be drawn from the side-by-side comparison that A2Hosting is the better VPS hosting provider. To avoid constant downtime and slow speed, you need to stay away from WebHostingPad. At the same time, you will take a higher risk to exceed the server resources quota with this web host. In sharp contrast to WebHostingPad, A2Hosting can meet your high requirements.