Arvixe VS A2Hosting ???Linux-based VPS Hosting Comparison

Arvixe VS A2Hosting ???Linux-based VPS Hosting Comparison

Oct 9, 2016

Arvixe and A2Hosting both win great reputation in the market because of high performance, friendly support, affordable price and excellent uptime. It seems hard to make a decision on which company is worth going. The Arvixe vs A2Hosting is focusing on Linux VPS hosting, which helps webmasters remove all doubts and make a right choice easily.

Who Achieves the Higher Performance?

When choosing a VPS hosting solution, webmasters pay close attention to server uptime and speed. The two critical elements play an important role in website development. We would like to make a brief introduction of Arvixe data center and A2Hosting data center, and then display the uptime and server response time of two companies.

Arvixe Data Center and Network

Arvixe uses multiple SAS 70 Type II data centers, making sure that each server is supported by completely redundant power supply. Those data centers are all US-based and each is equipped with power backup generators, air conditioning and security monitoring systems.

In fact, these are the solid base for Arvixe to ensure the highly reliable VPS hosting. However, according to our personal tests, their uptime record is only 99.75% on average.

A2Hosting Data Center and Network

A2Hosting places all web servers in three locations (Singapore, Amsterdam and Michigan). The primary data center location is USA-Michigan. The US-based data center is powered by the most advanced technologies. The security systems, including video surveillance and security key entry, protect all facilities from malicious attacking. We also test the uptime of A2Hosting server and display the result in the following.

Surely, A2Hosting is much more reliable than Arvixe with the almost 100% uptime.

Arvixe VS A2Hosting on Server Response Time

We also test the server response time of Arvixe and A2Hosting. The statistics are shown as below.

Again, A2Hosting wins the game.

What’s in the Deal?

Comparison on VPS Hosting Plans and Price

Arvixe and A2Hosting both release more than one Linux VPS hosting plan for websites with different requirements. Each solution is starting at an affordable price.

Arvixe has two Linux VPS hosting solutions. Check more details as below.

  • VPSClass ???This solution is pricing at $40/mo, $45/mo and $50/mo for the 1-year, 6-month and 1-month subscription.
  • VPSClass Pro ???This solution is great for websites with heavy content, which is starting at $70/mo, $75/mo and $80/mo for the 1-year, 6-month and 1-month billing terms.

All solutions include one free domain name for life and $200 advertising credits. Arvixe promises to provide customers with a full refund only if they cancel accounts within the first 60 days.

A2Hosting release three fully managed VPS hosting solutions, regularly starting at $49.99/mo. This company launches 34% discount for customers via this special promotional link. With it, the price is down to $32.99/mo automatically. Check detailed price information in the following table.

Price Power+ Prestige+ Pinnacle+
Regular $49.99/mo $69.99/mo $99.99/mo
Discount 34% 34% 34%
Discounted $32.99/mo $46.19/mo $65.99/mo

The discounted price mentioned above is valid for the 24-month billing term. Also, customers can purchase a solution for 1/3/6/12-month. A2Hosting offers pro-rated refund to customers who cancel their accounts after 30 days of payment. The full refund policy is only valid for the account cancellation within the first 30 days. Purchase A2Hosting VPS through the following link.

A2Hosting Promotion Link Activation

Now, it is clear that A2Hosting charges you less than Arvixe does with the 34% discount.

Comparison on VPS Hosting Resources

Before everything, we would like to make a resources allocation comparison between two companies. Two fully-managed VPS hosting solutions are selected here, one is Arvixe VPSClass and another is A2Hosting Power+.

Feature Arvixe A2Hosting
Plan in Comparison VPSClass Power+
Disk Space 50GB 75GB
Bandwidth Unlimited 2000GB
CPU Cores 4 4
IP Addresses 2 2
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Price $40/mo $32.99/mo

Both companies integrate each VPS hosting solution with the simple-to-use control panel ???cPanel. This great control panel makes everything much easier. Even for beginners, they can create their sites in few steps by using cPanel. Besides, the Softaculous 1-click installer is available here, which allows users to install multiple apps easily.

As compared, A2Hosting surely offers the more cost-effective VPS hosting. With them, you can get more server resources at the cheaper rate.

Who Offers More Friendly and Responsive Support Service?

Arvixe and A2Hosting allow webmasters to contact support staffs via live chat, phone, email and ticket system. The support staffs reply to all questions in time. Also, each company sets a support center to deliver anything useful for webmasters.

Arvixe Support Center

The knowledge base includes multiple simple guides, in terms of domain registration, cPanel settings, MySQL database, etc. Experts keep updating news in News Center so as to deliver anything new about this company. Besides that, the Discussion Board is a great place to exchange experience with others.

A2Hosting Support Center

A large number of help articles are included in the knowledge base. Webmasters can also get the way to order new services, manage accounts and submit a support request. A2Hosting Blog includes advanced tutorials. Those are great for users who wish to learn more about web hosting.

Support Efficiency and Availability

We have personally tried their technical support. Based on the real-world trying, we can conclude that A2Hosting ensures the more efficient support than Arvixe. In addition, unlike Arvixe support team that is always hard to contact in the midnight, A2Hosting keeps the support availability all the times.

Arvixe VS A2Hosting ???Who Is the Winner?

Now, if you need to make a decision between these two web hosts, we highly recommend A2Hosting. This company achieves higher performance and uptime, enables more possibilities, supports you well and charges you at the cheap prices.