Arvixe VS DreamHost – VPS Hosting Comparison

Arvixe VS DreamHost – VPS Hosting Comparison

Jun 12, 2015

As many webmasters are wondering about the better option of DreamHost and Arvixe, we make this comparison to reveal the answer. The Arvixe vs DreamHost is just about an in-depth analysis of the price value, server resource allocation, customer service efficiency and hosting reliability of the two VPS hosting providers.

Satisfaction Survey on Arvixe and DreamHost

Before making this guide, we have collected a large number of feedbacks of customers for Arvixe and DreamHost. In fact, both companies have won good evaluations mixing with negative reviews. Some typical customer reviews are shown as below.

Customer Reviews

Arvixe has won rave reviews especially in the aspects of uptime and technical support, which are two of most important elements of VPS hosting. Many customers suffer no downtime and regard Arvixe as a superb web hosting company. They also appreciate the efficiency of technical support.

DreamHost receives multiple positive reviews from customers. Most of them think highly of this company, especially for the release of new features and helped support. Some customers appreciate DreamHost fast speed and perfect uptime. They are develop their websites smoothly.

Who Offer the Best Value?

Arvixe VPS Price

Arvixe divides the VPS hosting into 3 classes, which are designed for both individuals and enterprises. Those plans are starting at $20/mo for one-year billing cycle. Each package includes one free domain for life, free SSL certificate for life, $100 Google Adwords Voucher and $100 Yahoo!Bing Voucher.

Some extra services, like extra space ($10/mo), R1 Soft Remote Backup ($25/mo), Additional RAM per GB ($20/mo) and Priority Support ($20/mo), enable more possibilities for webmasters. Check out this exclusive link to purchase the service.

Arvixe VPS Hosting Exclusive Link

DreamHost VPS Price

There are 4 VPS hosting solutions offered by DreamHost, starting at $15/mo, $30/mo, $60/mo and $120/mo. The new domain registration is pricing at $11.95/mo and $100 Google AdWords Credits is available here. Webmasters are able to complete payment by using credit cards.

What’s in the Hosting Packages?

Arvixe VPS Server Resources

The VPS Class Lite is an unmanaged VPS solution not integrating with cPanel. The VPS Class and VPS Class Pro are fully managed as well as include rich server resources as below. The 3 solutions support CentOS 6 operating system.

Arvixe Server Resources

The Softaculous Script Installer Pro is included in the managed VPS hosting solutions and that simplifies the process of software installation. Besides, Attracta is ready for both managed VPS solutions, which is the largest SEO service in the world. The Cloud CDN makes a big difference on the improvement of server performance.

DreamHost VPS Server Resources

Each VPS solution of DreamHost is fully managed and comes with sufficient allocation of RAM, storage, bandwidth, etc. This company enables SSD storage that performs much faster than the standard disk drives.

DreamHost Server Resources

The web-based control panel makes it easy to control multiple servers. By featuring Node.js 1-Click Install, it allows users to install various applications via control panel. All virtual private servers support Ubuntu LTS, which is the most popular Linux distro allowing a higher level of security.

Reliability ???Arvixe is Slightly Better

Arvixe and DreamHost locate data centers in US with advanced technologies equipped. The supply of fully redundant power and uninterrupted power supports all facilities incessantly. Professional technicians keep working around-the-clock and troubleshoot all facilities in case of a power outage. We’ve tested the uptime of two companies for 30 days and display the statistics in the following charts.

Arvixe Uptime

DreamHost Uptime

Surely, Arvixe is better than DreamHost in the aspect.

Speed ???Arvixe Performs Faster Than DreamHost

Arvixe and DreamHost both attach great importance on server performance and try every means to enable fast speed for each hosted site. During the past month, we’ve also run a test on the server response time of the two companies and get a conclusion as below. Accordingly, Arvixe achieves higher performance than DreamHost.

Technical Support ???Arvixe is Better

As what we’ve mentioned at the start, webmasters care a lot about the technical support and give mixed reviews to the customer service offered by Arvixe and DreamHost. To verify those mixed reviews, we make a comprehensive analysis on the technical supported offered by Arvixe and DreamHost. Note that, both companies’ commitment is 24/7 in-house support.

Communication Channels

Arvixe DreamHost
Live Chat Yes Yes
Phone Yes No
Ticket System Yes Yes

Other Resources to Get Help

Arvixe launches a support center, which includes knowledgebase, news, beginner’s guides, tutorials and FAQs to grow users’ knowledge on web hosting. That should be in terms of domain registration, the use of control panel, mail settings, and so on. A discussion board allows visitors to ask or answer questions if needed.

DreamHost has made a wiki page including a large number of frequently asked questions, popular articles and advanced tutorials. The DreamHost forum leaves enough room for webmasters to exchange experience with experts.


As for VPS hosting server resources, price value and reliability, both companies are all at that could be desired. However, considering the hosting performance and technical support, Arvixe has done a better job.