Arvixe vs FatCow – The VPS Hosting Comparison

Arvixe vs FatCow – The VPS Hosting Comparison

Aug 2, 2016

Based on our market research, we have found that many webmasters regard the VPS hosting providers of Arvixe and FatCow as their first considerations, especially when they are looking for the quality VPS hosting solution to achieve the proper running of their website. In this post, we are going to make an Arvixe vs FatCow comparison, with which you can have the deep insights of their offered VPS solution. Thus, you can make the right selection between them.

Actually, we have to admit that both of them are the high-quality hosting companies. Between them, Arvixe was founded in the year of 2003. With the fast growth, this hosting provider now has received several industry awards from the trustworthy authorities just like Inc Magazine. As for FatCow, this web host was born in 1998. With the more than 15 years of experience, they exactly know how to serve you well.

Rating Arvixe FatCow
Prices 5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Speed 5 of 5 stars 3.5 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Feature 5 of 5 stars 3.5 of 5 stars
Technical Support 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
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Arvixe vs FatCow – How Can They Perform In Common

Firstly, we have to mention that both Arvixe and FatCow ensure the high price values for their VPS hosting packages. This means their provided plans are of the rich features and only charge you at an affordable rate. In addition, they all promise you the managed VPS hosting service. In this case, if you are the new VPS hosting user, you can be worry-free with either of these two options.

Both Achieve the High Price Value for the Plans

According to our research, we can conclude that the charges set by both Arvixe and FatCow for their managed VPS hosting are surely within the moderate level. The only difference is that Arvixe allows you to choose between 2 plans while FatCow allows 3 packages.

With Arvixe, you can enjoy a 30% discount via this exclusive promotional link. This means you can sign up with this VPS hosting provider starting at $40 for each month with the annual billing cycle. Surely, you can also choose the monthly and the quarterly billing totally based on your needs.

As for the server resources, you can get enough allocation undoubtedly.

  • VPS Class – There are 50 GB of space, unlimited bandwidth, 2 IP addresses, 4 CPU cores and 1.5 GB of server memory available.
  • VPS Class Pro – There are 100 GB of space, unlimited bandwidth, 2 IP addresses, 8 CPU cores and 3 GB of server memory available.
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With FatCow, you can enjoy the default 20% discount that is valid for the first term. With this discount, you can get their VPS hosting by purchasing starting from $19.99/mo to $79.99/mo. Surely, the server resource allocation won’t dissatisfy you.

  • Basic – There are 1 CPU core, 40 GB of storage, 1 IP address, 1 TB of bandwidth and 1 GB of server RAM available.
  • Business – There are 2 CPU core, 90 GB of storage, 2 IP addresses, 3 TB of bandwidth and 4 GB of server RAM available.
  • Optimum – There are 4 CPU core, 120 GB of storage, 2 IP addresses, 4 TB of bandwidth and 8 GB of server RAM available.

Arvixe vs FatCow – How Can They Perform Differently

When talking about the differences between Arvixe and FatCow, we’d like to discuss the aspects of page loading speed, hosting security, uptime, technical support and free add-on features.

Page Loading Speed – Arvixe Performs Faster

In order to figure out which of them helps you perform in a faster way, we have monitored our sample sites that have been hosted by them for months. According to the monitoring result reported by Uptime Robot, we have got the conclusion that Arvixe ensures the faster hosting speed than FatCow. You can check the following comparison chart to know the detailed statistics.

As for how can Arvixe performs in a faster way, we have summarized some aspects as below.

  • Arvixe hosts all of their DELL servers at the cutting-edge data centers. This great combination ensures the solid base of the effective hosting performance.
  • In order to further optimize the hosting speed, this web host offers the CloudFlare CDN and the SSD drives for free.
  • To protect you away from the sudden traffic spikes happened for your neighboring websites, Arvixe ensures the strict resource isolation with their advanced Hyper-V segregation technology.
  • You can choose the server location to make your server much closer to you and your visitors.

Hosting Security – Arvixe Pays Much More Attention

Surely, both of them spare some of their efforts to the aspect of hosting security. However, as compared with FatCow, Arvixe seems to ensure the higher level of hosting security with the below features.

  • SSL certificate – Arvixe offers a free SSL certificate for you. This way, you can have all the data transferred between your site and your readers???computers fully protected and encrypted.
  • R1 Soft backups – This service will start the full backup for the entire VPS on a weekly basis, which is the advanced version for the normal backup solution.
  • Email security – In order to protect your email messages, Arvixe offers the secure POP3 and IMAP, email spam blocker, smapcop checker and many more.
  • SSL support – This feature can greatly protect the web browsing, faxing, emailing and messaging.
  • Server adjustment – All the Arvixe servers are pre-configured with technologies of the firewall and the brute force attack detection.

Hosting Uptime – Arvixe Achieves the Better Uptime Record

In most cases, the hosting uptime achieved by a web host largely depends on the utilized server quality and the data centers. Here, we need to admit that both Arvixe and FatCow have done great for these aspects.

However, after starting the online tests, we have found that the uptime record of Arvixe is around 99.96%.

The record of FatCow is a little bit worse, which is about 99.95%.

Technical Support – Arvixe Ensures the Better Service

Actually, they all have their own dedicated support team that ensures the 24/7 technical support. In order to give you the easy and convenient support solution, both of them offer multiple channels so that you can choose your preferred one. The widely used support channels include the live chat, help-desk, email, ticket system and the hotline calling.

However, the difference is that Arvixe seems to ensure the much more effective support than FatCow based on our personal experiences. Especially, the live chat support of Arvixe is really impressive. No matter when we start the online conversation, they can always give us the prompt reply in 3 seconds. In addition, even if we ask some VPS and server related questions, their support staffs simply give us the great answers.

Additional Features – Arvixe Offers More

It is true that you can get all the required tools and services from Arvixe and FatCow, such as the cPanel, all the advanced programming languages and databases, website builders, the script installer and many more. However, when talking about the add-on features, Arvixe offers more. For instance, they ensure you the $200 advertising credits, the free SSL certificate and the free domain name that is valid for life.


Surely, both Arvixe and FatCow are the cost-effective VPS hosting providers. However, if you are looking for the faster speed, better support service, more secure and reliable VPS hosting and more add-on features, Arvixe is undoubtedly better than FatCow.

In addition, Arvixe offers the 60 days money back guarantee. In this case, you can sign up with them without the worry. You can check the below chart to learn their customer reviews as well.