Arvixe VS JustHost ???Fully Managed VPS Hosting Similarities & Differences

Arvixe VS JustHost ???Fully Managed VPS Hosting Similarities & Differences

Oct 9, 2016

Arvixe and JustHost are selected in this VPS hosting comparison because of their high popularity and well-received hosting services. The real intention of the Arvixe vs JustHost is getting VPS hosting similarities and differences across. That makes it clear on which VPS hosting provider brings more benefits to webmasters.

Similarities of Arvixe and JustHost

Arvixe and JustHost share the same goal on VPS hosting development, especially in the aspects of experience accumulation and resource allocation. Check more details as below.

Rich VPS Hosting Experience

Arvixe is a US-based hosting company, located in San Luis Obispo, CA. Since 2003, this company has severed thousands of sites, covering individual sites, blogs, business sites, enterprise sites, etc. With over 10-year hosting experience, Arvixe knows well on what webmasters really want thereby releasing trust-worthy web hosting solutions continually.

But now, this web host is going a downhill, especially for the aspects of uptime and technical support.

Arvixe Bad Reviews

JustHost is a member of Endurance International Group and starts with web hosting service since 2008. This company sticks to the words to launch satisfactory products with competitive price and unmatched performance. In fact, JustHost makes good on this promise. With a collection of real customer reviews, over 90% customers think highly of this company.

Server Resources Allocation

Arvixe and JustHost allocate enough resources to each server so as to leave sufficient room for the development of a website. Both utilize user-friendly control panel to enable easy configuration of email accounts, website statistics, domain management, etc. More similarities are shown as below.

  • cPanel with 1-click installer for an easy installation of multiple apps
  • At least 2 CPU cores, up to 2 IP addresses, over 1GB RAM
  • Sufficient bandwidth, at least 30GB disk space
  • Full access to CentOS, instant provision

What the Differences Between Arvixe and JustHost

Here comes a list of differences between Arvixe and JustHost, showing the strong points and shortcomings of both companies clearly. That is just about an in-depth comparison of VPS hosting service affordability and performance.

VPS Hosting Affordability

Arvixe offers two plans in total, including VPSClass and VPSClass Prom which are introduced as below.

  • VPSClass ???Start at $40/mo, valid for 1-year billing cycle. For 6-month and 1-month plan, the solution is pricing at $45/mo and $50/mo.
  • VPSClass Pro ???Start at $70/mo, valid for 1-year billing cycle. For 6-month and 1-month plan, the solution is pricing at $75/mo and $80/mo.

Each package comes with $100 Google AdWords Voucher and $100 Yahoo! Bing Voucher. The domain registration and SSL certificate is free of charge for life.

For JustHost VPS hosting, there are four plans available for websites in difference levels. And now, all VPS hosting solution are on sale and only starting at $14.99/mo. The special link activation is used to activate an incredible 50% discount and purchase the service at an affordable price of $14.99/mo. Each solution includes one free domain name.

JustHost Promotion Link Activation

It follows that JustHost enables more boon for customers and fixes a lower price for its VPS hosting service.

Page Loading Speed

High server performance is a big concern of quality VPS hosting, which takes a huge effect on page loading speed. Arvixe fully managed VPS hosting solutions are CloudFlare CDN ready thereby getting a great improvement on speed. JustHost integrates each server with advanced technologies so as to deliver fast loading speed to each hosted site. Check the evidence as below.

It follows that JustHost achieves faster server response time than Arvixe.

Uptime Record

Both companies invest a lot on data center maintenance so that they can guarantee the great uptime. They recruit a group of technicians to keep monitoring all facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once detecting any issues or potential threats, the technicians work out solutions for problem handling immediately.

The fully redundant data center power and uninterrupted power supply are used as effective solutions for a power outage. That gets all infrastructures power up ceaselessly. To find out the truth, we’ve tested the uptime of Arvixe and JustHost and get a final result as below.

  • Arvixe Uptime ???99.75%
  • JustHost Uptime ???99.99%

The following chart shows JustHost uptime in the past 30 days.

This one is for Arvixe.

Arvixe used to be reliable. But now, their achieved uptime is not as good as that of JustHost.

Real Experience on Their Technical Support

When we ask for help from JustHost support teams via live chat, they answer our requests within 30 seconds. The support staffs patiently answer all our questions one by one until we are satisfied with the solution. Besides, we also test the responsiveness of other communication methods, including phone, email and ticket system, and get valid solutions effectively as well.

When testing with Arvixe, however, things are not great. We always need to wait for a relatively long time for getting the response. And the live chat support is not convenient at all.

Verdict ???Who is Worth Going?

As for company reputation, server resources allocation, technical support, hosting reliability, VPS hosting affordability and performance, JustHost surely has done a better job than Arvixe. Even, their ANYTIME money back guarantee gives you the sense of risk free.