Arvixe vs Site5 on VPS Hosting Solution

Arvixe vs Site5 on VPS Hosting Solution

Nov 30, 2015

This Arvixe vs Site5 comparison is mainly for their managed VPS hosting service. In fact, both of these two web hosts are reputable and reliable hosting providers that serve for a large number of webmasters all over the world. Therefore, to figure out which of them is the better option, we have carefully reviewed and compared their hosting solution based on several aspects, including the budget-friendliness, features, hosting performance, reliability and support service.

The below rating chart demonstrates how we view them based on our real hosting experiences with them respectively. Obviously, Arvixe achieves a better impression for us.

Rating Arvixe Site5
Reputation 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Feature 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Speed 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Technical Support 5 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars
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Their Similar Aspects

We have to admit that both of them are reliable hosting providers that can guarantee at least 99.9% uptime for all the hosted websites. As this aspect is largely affected by their server machines and data centers, we have checked the related information from their official site and Google resources.

Arvixe Hosting Reliability

Arvixe only utilizes the cutting-edge web servers that are coming with the solid hardware, SCSI drives, SSD and RAID 10 arrays. Besides, each of these single machines has at least 92 GB of RAM and the Intel processors to achieve the best environment for website running.

As for the data centers, Arvixe rents multiple locations at Asia, Europe and the US, all of which are equipped with the 24/7 facility monitoring, advanced power unit, parallel network and many more.

As tested in the real world with our sample WordPress site, this web host achieves a 100% uptime during the past three months.

Arvixe Hosting Reliability

Site5 Hosting Reliability

Site5 also adopts the rock solid server machines that are coming with the Dual Gainstown, RAID 10 disk space, 24 GB of RAM and 8 cores. Even, each machine offers the 100% dedicated resources, so that you can be ensured that nobody else can have access to your allocated server resources.

In addition, Site5 has more than 20 data centers at present that are located at different continents, each of which is equipped with the advanced technologies to ensure the uninterrupted running for web servers.

According to the monitoring result of Site5 uptime, our sample site is 99.99% accessible online.

Site5 Hosting Reliability

In addition to the reliable hosting, these two web hosts also offer a long list of VPS hosting features to fully meet your requirements.

  • Sufficient memory, dedicated disk space, monthly data transfer and CPU cores
  • Both cPanel and WHM control panel available
  • The latest programming languages including PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Python 3 and Perl 5.8
  • Security measurements including SSL, SSH and malware protection
  • Fully managed VPS service with the root access

Arvixe is better than Site5

Frankly speaking, Arvixe is the leading VPS hosting provider that guarantees the fast hosting performance and premium support service at affordable hosting charges. Site5, however, fails to do a great job for these three aspects.

Arvixe Offers the Cheaper VPS Hosting Plans

Arvixe is well-known for their budget-friendliness. If you sign up with their packages via this promotional link, you can purchase at the prices of $20/mo, $40/mo and $70/mo respectively for getting their VPS Class Lite, VPS Class and VPS Class Pro plans.

As for the VPS packages offered by Site5, this web host releases 10 packages for you to choose, but even the cheapest plan charges you at the price of $55/mo. Besides, the web host does not offer the control panel and the backup service for free. If you need them, you need to pay additional $17/mo.

Arvixe Offers the Better Money Back Policy

Arvixe provides the 60 days money back guarantee, meaning that you can ask for the full refund even after trying their services for 2 months.

Site5, however, only allows the 15 days money back period, which is too short for you to test whether their VPS hosting is great or not.

Arvixe Achieves Faster Page Loading Speed

Arvixe pays much attention to the hosting speed by leveraging the SSD raid arrays and the CloudFlare CDN service. The former one guarantees low latency for data access while the latter one improves your page loading speed greatly by shortening the physical distance for date delivery and server response.

Even, Arvixe utilizes the exclusively technology that is named as Hyper-V, with which you can enjoy a high level of isolation from some bad neighborhoods who may affect your site running negatively.

As tested, our sample site hosted with Arvixe only requires no more than 200 ms to respond each server request, which is much faster than the site hosted with Site5.

Arvixe vs Site5 on Hosting Speed

Arvixe Guarantees Better Support Service

Both of them offer the 24/7 technical support via the hotline calling, email and live chat. However, as we have tried their support service personally, we can conclude that Arvixe has done a better job.

  • Phone Support – The representatives of Arvixe are all US based, who can give us an instant response with the best resolution to deal with our issues. As for those of Site5, they always suggest us to resort to the email support for some technical issues.
  • Email Support – We can always get a fast reply within 20 minutes, along with the truly meaningful information. When sending an email to Site5, however, we need to wait for hours or even days to get the response.
  • Live Chat – We can start an online conversation with Arvixe support staffs at once, but need to wait for minutes to talk to the Site5 representatives.

Site5 is better than Arvixe

First of all, all the VPS hosting packages offered by Site5 are the fully managed one. Arvixe, however, does not ensure a managed VPS service for their cheapest package.

In addition, Site5 has a special promotional campaign that allows you to get the 30 days trial by spending just 1 dollar. This is a great activity for newbies who have no idea about this web host. Arvixe, however, does not launch this kind of campaign.


Obviously, both of them are reliable and rich-featured VPS hosting providers. But when it comes to the speed, support and price, Arvixe is surely the better option for you to choose.