BlueHost VS FatCow on Linux VPS Hosting

BlueHost VS FatCow on Linux VPS Hosting

Oct 1, 2015

BlueHost is one of the largest hosting companies with a wide range of hosting products while FatCow is also favored by numerous webmasters. The BlueHost vs FatCow is mainly about an in-depth Linux VPS hosting comparison between the two popular web hosts. That is mainly about Linux-based VPS hosting price, detailed information of each plan, and the server performance.

BlueHost VS FatCow ???What’s in Common?

As two of the most popular web hosts in this field, BlueHost and FatCow have a lot in common, especially in the aspects of hosting usability, support service and server control.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

All solutions of BlueHost and FatCow are integrated with cPanel. This control panel is commonly used by a large number of webmasters worldwide thanks to its high usability and advanced features. cPanel enables a simple way for files creation, edit and management. Also, it is great for domain and account management.

Besides, the control panel includes 1-click installer. It is easy to install multiple applications on the website. That allows customers to create any sites according to personal needs.

Free Domain Name

For the customers of both BlueHost and FatCow, they don’t need to pay extra money for domain registration. Each VPS hosting solution includes one free domain name.

Cloud-Based Technology

All VPS servers are built on cloud technology that guarantees flexible control and increased power to each hosted website. Both companies promise to get VPS servers provisioned instantly. Customers just need to wait for a few seconds to run the VPS server.

First-Class Support Services

BlueHost and FatCow support the fastest support methods for the convenience of contact. The live chat support is great for users who are in urgent need of a solution. The ticket system and email make it possible to get the detailed explanation for a question. As for phone support, it is suitable for webmasters who speak the same language with the support staff.

Both companies set Help Center to publish numerous help articles. Those helpful resources are perfect for webmasters who lack understanding of web hosting, site building, domain registration and website maintenance.

BlueHost VS FatCow ???What’s in Difference?

The differences between BlueHost and FatCow listed as below indicate that each company has its merits. Also, some disadvantages of both web hosts are included in the following analysis.

1. VPS Hosting Price ???BlueHost Enables More Benefits

BlueHost VPS Hosting Plans and Price

BlueHost now launches 50% discount for each VPS hosting plan, making the price down to $14.99/mo. Check more details in the following list. Readers are encouraged to activate such exclusive discount by going through the promotional link shown as below.

  • Standard – Regularly starting at $29.99/mo, now the plan is pricing $14.99/mo.
  • Enhanced ???Regularly starting at $59.99/mo, now the plan is pricing at $29.99/mo.
  • Premium ???Regularly starting at $89.99/mo, now the plan is pricing at $44.99/mo.
  • Ultimate ???Regularly starting at $119.99/mo, now the plan is pricing at $59.99/mo.
BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

FatCow VPS Hosting Plans and Price

There are three levels of VPS hosting solutions available for FatCow customers. Those are perfect for both small businesses and enterprises. And now, a 20% discount is available for the first billing term. The regular price and discounted price are shown as below.

  • Basic – $19.99/mo (20% off the regular $24.99/mo)
  • Business – $47.99/mo (20% off the regular $59.99/mo)
  • Optimum – $79.99/mo (20% of the regular $99.99/mo)

Those are valid for the monthly billing cycle. More benefits are available for the 12-month and 24-month billing terms. Also, the account setup is free of charge.

2. VPS Hosting Resources ???BlueHost Offers More Possibilities

In the following, we make a resources allocation comparison between BlueHost Standard plan and FatCow Basic plan. Both are the elementary VPS hosting packages with fewer resources than other plans.

Feature BlueHost FatCow
Plan in Comparison Standard Basic
CPU Cores 2 1
Storage 30GB 40GB
Bandwidth 1TB 1TB
IP Address 1 1
Control Panel cPanel Plesk
CentOS6 Yes Yes
Price $14.99/mo $19.99/mo

It follows that BlueHost allocates more resources to each VPS server than that of FatCow. Besides that, BlueHost VPS is much more affordable than FatCow VPS.

3. VPS Hosting Uptime ???BlueHost Achieves Higher Level of Reliability

BlueHost guarantees 99.99% uptime. Having tested the BlueHost uptime for 30 days, we find that this company achieves a high level of reliability beyond all expectations. By using outstanding data centers with redundant power supply, there is almost no power outage happening. Check the evidence as below.

BlueHost Uptime Report

FatCow data center is built on state-of-the-art technologies. All facilities are supported by completely redundant Internet connections and power supply. Also, the new gigabit network connections make a big difference on server performance improvement. The following uptime record indicates that FatCow delivers averagely 99.95% to each hosted site.

FatCow Uptime Report

4. VPS Server Performance ???BlueHost Achieves Faster Server Response Time

Since hosting speed is of great concern, we also look into the server response time of both web hosts. BlueHost is well known for the excellent uptime and fast speed. On this occasion, this company does not disappoint its customers, which only consumes 320ms server response time in average. That is much faster than FatCow server response time.

Who Is the Better Option for You?

Without any doubt, BlueHost has done a better job than FatCow, in terms of VPS server performance, uptime and resources allocation. Also, BlueHost provides customers with the more attractive discount and makes each solution more cost-effective. Especially, this company is rewarded in many review websites with terrific customer votes, such as these customer reviews.

In conclusion, BlueHost VPS hosting should be taken into consideration.