BlueHost vs MyHosting on VPS Hosting Service

BlueHost vs MyHosting on VPS Hosting Service

Aug 16, 2016

This VPS hosting comparison is between the hot options of BlueHost and MyHosting. To come out it, we have searched the related information online, tried their solutions for three months, started the testing for comparison and many more.

  • BlueHost – Surely, this is the leading hosting provider that starts their service since the year of 2003 in Utah. With the continuous efforts for ensuring the top-level hosting, this web host now empowers more than 2 million websites worldwide. Also, with the fast growth, BlueHost now is a large company that has more than 750 of employees.
  • MyHosting – This hosting provider was founded in 1997. With the dedication for the truly affordable and superior hosting service, MyHosting now has more than 60,000 customers in over 140 countries. Especially, this web host focuses much of their effort on the VPS hosting.

Now, you can check the BlueHost vs MyHosting comparison in the following. With it, you can learn about their strong and weak points with ease.

Rating BlueHost MyHosting
Prices 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Speed 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Feature 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Technical Support 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
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How Can MyHosting Win Over BlueHost

Here, we have to admit that MyHosting is a professional VPS hosting provider. With them, you can get enough freedom and more options for the VPS solution than you can get from BlueHost.

  • Custom VPS – This is the base option that is proper for the common webmasters. With this category, you have the service options of Linux VPS and Window VPS.
  • Developer VPS – If you are looking to work with the coding stuff, you can choose this category. Likewise, this option allows you to pick up between the choices of Linux Virtuozzo based VPS and Hyper-V cloud based VPS.
  • Business VPS – This option is for business owners. With it, you can get the Plesk powered VPS or the SharePoint VPS hosting solution.
  • Reseller VPS – If you want to start the VPS hosting business, you can select between the Linux reseller and the Windows reseller.

As compared with MyHosting, the VPS hosting offered by BlueHost is limited. With this hosting provider, you can purely get the Linux based VPS hosting with the CentOS operating system.

How Can BlueHost Win Over MyHosting

Here, we need to mention that we mainly compare the Linux VPS hosting between this two web hosts. According to the result, we have found that BlueHost edges over MyHosting in several aspects.

BlueHost Is Cheaper than MyHosting

With BlueHost VPS hosting, you need to spend from $29.99/mo to $119.99/mo in the regular cases to get their 4 hosting plans. Now, if you purchase via this promotional link, you can enjoy a 50% discount for the initial month. This discount cuts the charge down to $14.99/mo effectively. Note that this promotional campaign is valid for all the billing cycles and VPS plans.

BlueHost Promotion Link Activation

As for MyHosting, we can rarely find any discounts or promotional releases from them. In this case, if you choose to get their VPS, you will be charged starting at $23.15 per month.

BlueHost Offers More Features than MyHosting

In addition to the cheaper prices, BlueHost also ensures the better package value by offering more hosting features.

  • The server resources offered by BlueHost start with 1 TB of bandwidth, 2 GB of RAM, 1 dedicated IP and 30 GB of storage.
  • The server resources offered by MyHosting start with 300 GB of bandwidth, 512 MB of RAM, 1 dedicated IP and 20 GB of storage.
Features BlueHost MyHosting
Memory 2 GB 512 MB
Storage 30 GB 20 GB
Bandwidth 1 TB 300 GB
Promo Link Not Recommended

In addition, BlueHost also ensures a lot of free extras for the additional package values.

  • BlueHost offers the cPanel and 1-click installer for free. MyHosting, however, charges you at $10.75 and $4 respectively.
  • The free SSL is available for all the BlueHost VPS packages, but MyHosting only allows it for the most expensive plan.
  • BlueHost ensures the anytime money back while MyHosting only offers the 30 days refund.
  • BlueHost also offers the free domain and the free advertising credits, which are not available from MyHosting.

BlueHost Ensures the Better Technical Support than MyHosting

It is true that both BlueHost and MyHosting ensure the 24/7 available technical support. And the contact methods include the live chat, email and hotline dialing. However, based on our real experiences, we have found that BlueHost does the better job than MyHosting for the below aspects.

  • We have tested their support at the midnight and at the busy working hours. Personally speaking, the response speed achieved by BlueHost is much faster.
  • The support staffs of MyHosting generally will reply you for some basic questions on live chat and phone. If you ask some advanced questions, you have to use the email support. With BlueHost, however, you do have this kind of worry.

BlueHost Achieves the Better Uptime and Speed than MyHosting

As for these parts, we have reviewed the information of their servers and data centers. Frankly speaking, both of them adopt the state-of-the-art facilities and well-developed web servers. In addition, BlueHost also ensures the complete resource segregation, SSD drives and CDN service to better improve the speed and uptime.

As tested, BlueHost ensures the 100% uptime all the times.

MyHosting is not that competitive, which achieves a 99.93% uptime.

As for the hosting speed, BlueHost also performs faster than MyHosting.


Now, it is clear that BlueHost ensures the better VPS hosting solution than MyHosting, especially for the aspects of charges, speed, features, money back and uptime. In this case, if you are the common webmaster, we highly recommend you to try the VPS service offered by BlueHost.