BlueHost VS Network Solutions on VPS Hosting

BlueHost VS Network Solutions on VPS Hosting

Aug 17, 2015

BlueHost is an old brand in this industry, which has accumulated over 10-year experience in web hosting. In the BlueHost vs Network Solutions, we would like to compare BlueHost to Network Solutions in terms of VPS hosting. That includes the detailed analysis of VPS hosting plans, price, speed and scalability.

What’s in the Deal?

BlueHost is well known for its high-quality hosting products and cheap price. This company enables a special 50% discount for all VPS hosting solutions and makes the price as low as $14.99/mo. Here comes the detailed price information of BlueHost VPS hosting.

  • Standard ???Regularly pricing at $29.99/mo, with 50% discount, this plan is now starting at $14.99/mo.
  • Enhanced ???Regularly pricing at $59.99/mo, with 50% discount, this plan is now starting at $29.99/mo.
  • Premium ???Regularly pricing at $89.99/mo, with 50% discount, this plan is now starting at $44.99/mo.
  • Ultimate ???Regularly pricing at $119.99/mo, with 50% discount, this plan is now starting at $59.99/mo.

You can active this exclusive discount by going through the following promotional link.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

Each VPS plan includes one free domain name, which allows users to register a new domain on BlueHost without paying extra money. The account setup is also free of charge.

Network Solutions has two VPS hosting packages, namely, VPS Essential Hosting and VPS Professional Hosting. The two packages are pricing at $40/mo and $80/mo for the monthly billing cycle. Here comes a certain amount of discount available for the 1/2/3/5/10-year subscription. Check more details in the following table.

Billing Cycle VPS Essential Hosting VPS Professional Hosting
Monthly $40/mo $80/mo
1-Year $33.32/mo $66.64/mo
2-Year $33.32/mo $66.64/mo
3-Year $32.24/mo $64.48/mo
5-Year $31.08/mo $62.16/mo
10-Year $30/mo $60/mo

It follows that customers are encouraged to purchase longer subscription so as to get more benefits.

Network Solutions releases a coupon code to waive the domain registration fee. When purchasing a VPS hosting solution, customers can check the option “Send Me a Coupon” and receive a coupon code via email. And then, use the given coupon code when prompted. There is no setup fee included in each solution.

What’s in Each VPS Hosting Package?

BlueHost VPS Hosting Highlights

BlueHost guarantees instant provisioning, making sure that each VPS server gets up and comes into action in a few seconds. That is much faster than some competitors who take hours to activate a server.

Each solution is integrated with cPanel, which allows full root access to CentOS. This powerful control panel also enables an easy manner for each user on website building and development. The SimpleScripts 1-click installer makes it possible to install multiple apps within a few clicks.

Network Solutions VPS Hosting Highlights

Network Solutions utilizes Plesk control panel, which allows users to monitor server resources with ease. The full root access gives webmasters the power to install any applications as needed and run difference operating system. Once singing up an account, customers can get up to 200 nsMail email boxes. Also, sufficient RAM and disk space are guaranteed.

Who Offers More Possibilities to Customers

The following table displays the server resources allocation of BlueHost and Network Solutions. That makes it clear on which company offers more scalable and resourceful VPS hosting solutions. The selected solutions are Standard and VPS Essential Hosting plan.

Feature BlueHost Network Solutions
Plan in Comparison Standard VPS Essential Hosting
Storage 30GB 10GB
Bandwidth 1TB 500GB
IP Address 1 1
Operating System CentOS CentOS
Control Panel cPanel Plesk
Price $14.99/mo $40/mo

Comparison on Server Performance

BlueHost VPS server is featuring OpenStack and KVM, which guarantees extreme performance. Also, this company utilizes the world-class data center with state-of-the-art components. That delivers perfect uptime to all hosted websites. According to our monitoring on BlueHost uptime and server response time, we get a result as below.

BlueHost Uptime and Server Response Time Report:

Network Solutions uses industry-leading data centers to guarantee redundancy, reliability and speed. The security systems make sure that everything keeps running well all time. The unparalleled networks deliver premium performance to each customer. Before making this comparison, we have also tested the uptime and speed of Network Solutions VPS hosting.

Network Solutions Uptime and Server Response Time Report:

Network Solutions Uptime and Speed

How About Their Technical Support?

In the following table, we display the communication methods supported by BlueHost and Network Solutions. The support teams of two web hosts stay online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Technical Support BlueHost Network Solutions
Live Chat Yes No
Phone Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes
Ticket Yes No

Besides the online support, both companies set Support Center to deliver anything useful to webmasters, like account setup user guide, FAQs, advanced tutorials, and so on.

Verdict: BlueHost Wins

No matter for VPS hosting affordability or technical support, BlueHost has done the better job than Network Solutions. Also, this company has the ability to deliver fast speed and perfect uptime to each hosted site. BlueHost is recommended here.