DreamHost VS GoDaddy on VPS Hosting Service

DreamHost VS GoDaddy on VPS Hosting Service

Aug 14, 2014

As an up-rising star in the hosting industry, VPS hosting has been increasingly popular with webmasters who wish to get more hosting resources but have a strict limit on budget. To cope with the demands of those people, many hosting companies, like BlueHost, DreamHost and GoDaddy, have released various VPS hosting plans one after another, making it hard to make a choice.

Based on our investigation on over 50 companies in the market, we finally pick out DreamHost and GoDaddy and make a comparison between them because of their growing popularity among webmasters. Accordingly, readers can get detailed information on every aspect of the two selected web hosts. Firstly, let’s have a quick view on DreamHost and GoDaddy in the following table.

Rating DreamHost GoDaddy
Overall 3.5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Features 3 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Control Panel 2.5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Loading Speed 3 of 5 stars 2.5 of 5 stars
Uptime 4 of 5 stars 3.5 of 5 stars
Technical Support 3 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars

Plans & VPS Features

When choosing a quality VPS hosting solution, the basic elements that webmasters need to consider are Operating System, RAM, storage and bandwidth, which are must-have for developing a successful website. DreamHost VPS hosting includes 4 packages named as Start Here, Most Popular, Go Bigger and Max It Out, while GoDaddy launches 5 VPS plans including Economy, Value, Deluxe, Premium, and Ultimate. In the following, we make a comparison between Start Here and Economy on the basic features.

To give you more references, we also present the features of InMotion, a leading VPS hosting provider.

Price DreamHost GoDaddy InMotion Hosting
Plan Start Here Economy VPS-1000S
Storage 30GB 40GB 60GB
Bandwidth Unlimited 1 TB 2 TB
Control Panel Custom cPanel cPanel
Price $15/mo $24.99/mo $14.99/mo
Conclusion Not Recommended Not Recommended Recommended

In addition to those features we’ve mentioned above, each VPS hosting plan of DreamHost includes optimized MySQL with more enhanced database features. Unlike other hosting providers utilizing some well-known control panels, this company integrates with web-based control panel deployed by its developers, which is easy to use. As thus, for some newbies, there is no need to take too much time to learn it.

GoDaddy provides customers with free rapid setup and 3 dedicated IPs. And also, cPanel is the highlight of its VPS hosting solutions, with which customers are able to deploy their websites easily with the help of numerous features and applications.


DreamHost prices its 4 VPS hosting packages at $15/mo, $30/mo, $60/mo and $120/mo respectively. Besides, this company offers 97 days money back guarantee that is long enough for customers to consider whether the selected solution is quality and suitable.Note that, the money back guarantee is valid for the customers who pay for the service via credit card.

The 5 VPS hosting solutions of GoDaddy are starting at $24.99/mo, $39.99/mo, $59.99/mo, $79.99/mo, and $149.99/mo. Each plan includes 1 year free SSL certificate. GoDaddy allows customers to request a full refund within the first 45 days to make the service risk-free.

Network ???Uptime & Speed

To guarantee the reliability and security, DreamHost utilizes world-class data centers which are powered by uninterrupted power supply and 100% DELL servers, delivering good uptime on the average of 99.9%. For GoDaddy, this company locates its facilities in 14 regions to meet the maximum needs of the websites hosted all over the world. Based on our monitoring, we find that GoDaddy can guarantee at least 99.9% uptime, too.

DreamHost Uptime Report

GoDaddy Uptime Report

We have tested their hosting speed and got the conclusion that neither company performs well in speed. Their server responses are slow, and so do the page loads. To make things clearer, we will present the two companies’ server response time as well that of InMotion.

Customer Service

DreamHost has an in-house support team consisting of many experienced staffs. Webmasters can contact DreamHost support team by submitting tickets. However, those who need support through phone have to purchase the premium support which is priced at $14.95/mo.

GoDaddy allows customers to get a support via phone and email. And also, the technicians have written multiple technique articles including rich hosting experience for reference. Live chat is not offered.

Summary ???Neither Is Recommended

In all conscience, DreamHost and GoDaddy do a good job on offering cost-effective VPS hosting solutions. But when it comes to performance and technical support, neither of them is excellent enough. There are many better and cheaper choices, and below are some of the leading ones that you can count on.