DreamHost VS HostMonster – Comprehensive VPS Hosting Comparison

DreamHost VS HostMonster – Comprehensive VPS Hosting Comparison

Oct 24, 2014

VPS – Virtual Private Server is getting more and more popular with its affordable price and high performance. VPS enables webmasters to get superuser level access to their operating system, which is a quite appealing for many people who want to control websites freely.

This DreamHost VS HostMonster includes comprehensive analysis of the two hosting providers???VPS hosting plans, focusing on pricing, features, reliability and technical support. Besides, in order to increase the credibility of this comparison, our monitoring team has personally monitored DreamHost and HostMonster for months and now presents actual statistics in this comparison. Also, DreamHost Review and HostMonster Review are included.

Plans & Price

priceHostMonster provides a full range of options for VPS demanders. It releases four VPS hosting plans, including Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate. Prices of the four plans are closely related to their resources, space, services and other factors: $29.99/mo for Standard, $59.99/mo for Enhanced, $89.99/mo for Premium and $119.99/mo for Ultimate. Customers can select the most suitable according to their budgets and needs.

HostMonster offers discounted price for the first month, so you can get the four plans at the prices of $14.99/mo, $29.99/mo, $44.99/mo and $59.99/mo. Get the discount from below promotional link.

HostMonster Promotion Link Activation

DreamHost has 4 VPS hosting packages available. The 4 packages are rated at $15/mo, $30/mo, $60/mo and $120/mo respectively. To be honest, the price range is reasonable. Each plan includes $100 Google AdWords credit and a list of features.


Pricing is just one aspect that we need to pay attention. While feature is the most fateful factor for the smooth running of websites. HostMonster is famous for its rich-featured hosting. As is often the case with its other hosting, all HostMonster VPS plans are enhanced with sufficient features. We list some essential features in feature table below.

Feature DreamHost HostMonster
Plan Start Here Standard
Storage 30 GB 30 GB
Bandwith Unlimited 1 TB
IP(s) 1 2
Control Panel Custom cPanel
Price $15/mo $14.99/mo
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As you can see, each plan is tailored for specific groups of users. Both companies allocate sufficient resources to each user thereby making site building much easier. HostMonster utilizes the most popular cPanel that includes 1-click installer for the installation of multiple apps. While DreamHost uses its custom control panel instead of some popular control panel like Plesk and cPanel, which may take users some time to master it.


performanceHostMonster utilizes a state-of-the-art data center to ensure stable and excellent performance. All servers in that data center are equipped with high performance Quad Opteron and mirrored storage. UPS power backup, diesel generator and other power-supply and security features are also used, which gives users worry-free and risk-free hosting experience.

DreamHost shares a general data center with other companies. It is not convincing to make a conclusion before having a full understanding of its performance. So we make comparison chart of the two companies based on the data we collect.

It is clear that HostMonster is more stable, fast and reliable than HostMonster. If you take high-speed and stability as core concerns, it is a wiser decision to go with HostMonster.

Technical Support

supportHostMonster provides professional in-house customers service, and it gives multiple contact channels like email, live chat and phone call. Customers can reach its help center anytime when in need.

As for DreamHost, though it provides chat support, forum and wiki, its technical support is not very good. For new customers, they need to finish a complex signup process before reaching staffs. It also means that customers need to give private information even if they just want to know more about the products. Besides, after purchasing its service, you need to pay extra $14.95/mo to get a call-back service because DreamHost has no free phone call support at all.

Conclusion – HostMonster Is More Recommended

Perhaps now you have a better understanding about many aspects of HostMonster and DreamHost. In fact, DreamHost does need some improvements in performance and support. Therefore, we’d recommend HostMonster more if there is a need for rich server resources and powerful control panel.