DreamHost VS Linode on Pricing, Server, Speed, Uptime & Support

DreamHost VS Linode on Pricing, Server, Speed, Uptime & Support

Nov 10, 2014

DreamHost, set up in 1997 in a room of college dormitory, is a web hosting provider which deals with shared, WordPress, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. Up till now, it declares to have more than 400,000 global customers ranging from developers and small businesses to designers and entrepreneurs.

Comparatively, Linode, born in mid-2003, is a web hosting brand which is focusing on Linux VPS hosting service all the time. To cover various demands and needs, this web host offers a wealth of services. And among all products, its VPS hosting and cloud hosting are the most popular solutions.

In the following, we will make a fair and in-depth comparison on DreamHost and Linode VPS hosting service from several important aspects, including pricing, features, speed, uptime and support. At the very beginning, there are editorial ratings on the two web hosts.

Rating DreamHost Linode
Reputation rating 4.5 rating 2
Price rating 4 rating 2.5
Features rating 4 rating 2
Performance rating 4.5 rating 2
Technical Support rating 3.5 rating 2.5
DreamHost Review Linode Review

Plans & Pricing

In regards to VPS hosting plans, DreamHost offers webmasters three upgradable packages altogether. This company has a strategic pricing, which depends on built-in features. To be more specific, it prices the plans from $15/mo to $120/mo. And a 97-day money back guarantee is available in the meantime.

In comparison, Linode generously offers webmasters up to nine alternative plans, which is rarely seen in the current web hosting market. When it comes to price, Linode is a much cost-effective choice than its rival and it only prices the plans from $10/mo.

However, it needs to point out that this price is only the starting price, and there are additional hosting fees for some important even basic features “well-prepared” for uninitiated people. What’s worse, Linode only supports a 7-day money back guarantee, which is much shorter than average length.


As is known, hosting feature is regarded as the most convincing factor in choosing an excellent VPS hosting service. At this respect, DreamHost and Linode both have their own edges and limitations.

featuresTake DreamHost as an example, this web host supports a bundle of advanced and essential features, including SSL certificate, Ruby on Rails and PHP5 programming language, full CGI access, unlimited bandwidth and domain hosting, etc. Also, each solution includes at least 1GB RAM and 30GB storage. The bandwidth and hosted domains are offered to customers without limitation.

On the other hand, Linode advertises its products by utilizing two-factor authentication, IPv6 support, DNS manager, rescue mode technologies, etc. However, don’t be blindfold by tricky ad. According to Linode customers’ feedbacks, this company makes use of custom control panel, which is proved to be not so user-friendly. Hence, think twice before subscribing.


As for reliability, DreamHost claims to use redundant power supply and 24×7 network monitoring to keep site running successfully without bugs and issues. Since we have run a uptime test on DreamHost servers for 30 days, we get a result as below.

performanceIn fact, both of them are great in the aspect of reliability. However, when it comes to page loading speed, DreamHost lacks behind its competitor of Linode. In many social forums and communities, many users express that their sites are extremely slow and even remain unresponsive sometimes with DreamHost.

As for Linode, they are locating six data centers in three different regions ???Asia, Europe and North America, thus provide satisfying performance. In this case, Linode is a better choice if you want to waste brain and money.

Tech Support

Here comes to the technical support from DreamHost and Linode. In terms of support ways, both of the two web hosts make customers have the ability to seek help through live chat and email ticket. However, only the latter supplies phone support service which is deemed to be more efficient.

Over the Internet, many users speak out that they can get a timely repose from DreamHost ticket system. The support staffs are professional and friendly. The answer all requests in time. However, a regular Linode user puts it that the poor support is one of the reasons that force him to stay away from Linode.


Summing up all points above, DreamHost has done great for uptime while Linode has done great for the hosting performance. In this case, if you are looking for the reliable web host that does great for speed, price, features and support in one time, you can consider the following options.