FatCow VPS Review – How About FatCow VPS Hosting?

FatCow VPS Review – How About FatCow VPS Hosting?

Jul 1, 2014

Now, VPS becomes the first choice for many middle-sized and fast growing websites. Following this trend, more and more web hosts offer VPS services, and FatCow is one of them. However, as a young company, is FatCow really worth trying?

In order to figure out the true condition of this company, our editors write the FatCow VPS review based on its price, features, performance, as well as technical support. Bear it in mind that all the results are objective, and come from customers???review and real world testing. In the following, we are going to present an overall rating chart at first to help readers have a brief impression of this company.

FatCow VPS Review

  • Reputation
    rating 4 of 5
  • Features
    rating 3.5 of 5
  • Speed
    rating 3 of 5
  • Reliability
    rating 4 of 5
  • Support
    rating 3 of 5
  • Price

Price & Discount

FatCow comes with three VPS packages including Basic, Business, and Optimum. The prices of them are ranged from $24.99/mo to $99.99/mo initially. To be honest, the price is neither expensive nor cheap in the market. Good for all the customers, the company claims to offer a 20% discount for all the plans, which lower the price down to $19.99/mo, $47.99/mo, and $79.99/mo.

However, don’t hurry to purchase a plan for the discounted price because the discount only available for the first term, which means if you want to renewal your package, you need to pay the original price. To be honest, as there are many cheap VPS hosting, why bother to choose FatCow?

Price Basic Business Optimum
Regular $24.99/mo $59.99/mo $99.99/mo
Sales 20% 20% 20%
Discounted $19.99/mo $47.99/mo $79.99/mo

Apart from price itself, payment methods and money back guarantee are two important components of price. FatCow performs well in this regard for it offers multiple channels for customers to pay money including credit cards and PayPal. Besides, to make sure the purchase safe and worry-free, the company promises to offer 30 days money back, but the policy is only valid for credit-card payments only. To be honest, the policy is not fair at all.

Features & Resources

All the VPS packages provided by FatCow are rich featured with unlimited domains, subdomains, POP3 accounts, MySQL, as well as FTP accounts. Besides, the packages are also equipped with many advanced features like CGI, Python, SSI, Cron, Perl, optional root access, as well as Ruby on Rails.

Features Basic Business Optimum
Disk Space 40GB 90GB 120GB
Bandwidth 1TB 3TB 4TB
CPU 1-Core 2-Core 4-Core
Free Domain Yes Yes Yes
cPanel Yes Yes Yes
SSH No No No
Optional Root Access Yes Yes Yes
Money-Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days

Apart from those necessary features, FatCow also takes ease of use features into account. It offers the user-friendly cPanel that is one of the first standards to choose a hosting package, which makes it a cPanel hosting. Usually, there is a 1-click installer comes with cPanel, which can help users install many practical scripts with several mouse clicks.


Usually, performance is divided into uptime and page loading speed. FatCow is very confident to promise at least 99.99% uptime for utilizing quality servers and building a world-class data center that is equipped with all the advanced technologies such as standard power supply, cooling system, and 24×7 monitoring.

In order to give an objective and accurate judgment of FatCow hosting speed, we firstly collected some reviews from real customers, and then setup a new website hosted with this company for a month. During this time, we keep record for its page loading speed all the time and, as a result, its average server response time is 695ms in the past 30 days.

To be honest, the achievement of 695ms is not bad for it is less than a second. However, when compared it with some reputable and experienced web hosts, BlueHost for example, FatCow is everything but fast.

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Customer Service

Knowing that after-sale service is an essential component of company responsibility, FatCow attaches much importance on this part. All the customers can get quality technical support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week through multiple methods including free phone calls, email, live chat, as well as knowledgebase. All the supporting staffs are experienced experts in this field; thus, they are able to offer practical and professional solutions to various problems in a short time.


According to what we have reviewed above, it is undeniable that FatCow is a reliable and trustworthy VPS hosting provider. However, there is nothing special and outstanding when compared with some excellent VPS hosting packages listed in the following chart. They offer reasonable price, rich features, excellent performance, and responsive customer service.