GreenGeeks vs Arvixe – the Better VPS Hosting Provider

GreenGeeks vs Arvixe – the Better VPS Hosting Provider

Oct 9, 2016

When it comes to the VPS hosting solution offered by GreenGeeks and Arvixe, the core impressions for most webmasters are affordable, quality and reliable. After all, both of them are the professional and experienced hosting companies that know the secrets of this industry, thus being able to serve you with the best service.

Now, the confusion is that which of them achieves the better VPS solution. To find the right answer, we have started a GreenGeeks vs Arvixe comparison as below, which discusses their hosting security, cost-effectiveness, customer service, overall reputation and hosting performance mainly. Thus, you can pick up the more suitable service to get your website up and run smoothly and properly.

GreenGeeks vs Arvixe – The General Comparison

Firstly, we have to admit that both GreenGeeks and Arvixe have some self-owned highlights and drawbacks. In this case, instead of pointing out which one is the better VPS hosting provider, you’d better choose one that is suitable for your website the most.

In the following, you can check the general editorial rating to have a brief impression about their plan charges, page loading speed, hosting uptime, package features and technical support. Here, we’d like to mention that all the star ratings are based on the real-world experiences and the online testing of our reviewers, along with the feedbacks and opinions searched on Google and from their customers.

Rating GreenGeeks Arvixe
Prices 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Speed 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 2.5 of 5 stars
Feature 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Technical Support 5 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars
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Similarity for GreenGeeks and Arvixe

When it comes to the similar respects of their hosting solutions, we have to mention the affordability and feature-richness of their VPS plans. We not only compare these two web hosts, but also compare them with many other providers online. After analyzing carefully, we can conclude that both GreenGeeks and Arvixe ensure the more cost-effective plans than most service providers in this industry.

The VPS Hosting of GreenGeeks

This web host offers plenty of packages, each of which is surely affordable if you sign up through this beneficial promotional link, getting them at the prices starting at $39.95/mo effectively. In addition, to achieve the proper working of your site, they allocate sufficient server resources for every plan, ensuring at least 1 GB of RAM, 4 cores, 1,000 GB of premium monthly bandwidth and 25 GB of storage.

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The VPS Hosting of Arvixe

You can choose between two VPS hosting plans from Arvixe, which are charged at the prices of $40 and $70 for each month. As for the resource allocation, you can get at least 1.5 GB of RAM, 2 free IP addresses, 4 cores and 50 GB of storage. In addition, this web host does not restrict the usage of monthly bandwidth.

Differences Between GreenGeeks and Arvixe

In the following parts, we’d like to introduce some differences between GreenGeeks and Arvixe, with which you can learn their highlighted points, thus make a choice easily.

Money Back Guarantee – Arvixe Is Better

When choosing a web host, you need to check their money back guarantee to figure out whether they can ensure the worry-free service for you. In this case, we have searched their Terms and Conditions pages and have found that Arvixe allows the longer money back period that is up to 60 days. The valid refund period of GreenGeeks is only half of that of Arvixe.

Hosting Packages – GreenGeeks Is Better

Personally speaking, the more packages your web host offers, the more freedom for plan selection you can get. In this case, GreenGeeks allows up to 5 plans that come with the suitable prices and features. Therefore, you can feel free to take one that can fully support your site and does not cost you too much.

As for Arvixe, however, there are only 2 plans available.

Hosting Security – GreenGeeks Is Better

The hosting security is another core aspect to consider when choosing a VPS hosting provider. After all, although the web host claims to provide the virtually dedicated server, you actually still share the same server machine with many other webmasters, which means you still have the chances to face the dangers brought by them. In this case, both GreenGeeks and Arvixe offer some security features to ensure the risk-free hosting environment.

  • Nightly Backup – Both of them offer the free service of website backup, which gets you covered in the event of any unexpected disasters.
  • SSL Certificate – This technology can protect all the data and files that are transmitted between your website server and your readers.
  • Firewall – They all have their web servers set up with the advanced firewall to prevent some suspicious ports and attacks.

In addition to these, GreenGeeks also offers some enhanced security features such as the Mod Security, CSF and LFD. Even, their servers are built in advanced Apache configurations and optimizations for the safer hosting environment.

Uptime Record – GreenGeeks Is Better

In fact, the VPS hosting offered by both of them is the reliable option, which means you do not need to worry about the downtime that will negatively affect your website running, SEO and traffic. To compare this part in a clear manner, we have tested their VPS service with two identical sample websites. According to the monitoring statistics, we have found that GreenGeeks achieves a better record that is about 99.98% for the past months.

To ensure the great uptime record for all the customers, GreenGeeks adopts the well-adjusted web servers that are connected to the tier-1 provider for bandwidth and are on the RAID 10 array and the SSD storage. In addition, being supported by the advanced data centers, GreenGeeks makes sure that your website can be hosted by these quality machines all the times.

As for Arvixe, this web host also utilizes the authority certified data centers and branded web servers to ensure the great hosting reliability. As compared with GreenGeeks, however, Arvixe is not so excellent, coming with the 99.75% uptime.

Hosting Speed – GreenGeeks Is Better

In fact, both of them allow you to enable the CloudFlare CDN service to better improve the hosting speed. However, when monitoring the performance of their VPS solution, GreenGeeks achieves the faster speed than Arvixe.

Check the below chart to figure out the detailed statistics.

Technical Support – GreenGeeks Is Better

To ensure the convenient technical support, both of these two companies offer the 24/7 support that can be got via multiple methods, including the online discussion board, live chat, ticket system, phone and email.

To compare their support quality, we have tried personally. Here, we have to admit that they all ensure the fast service for phone support and the professional service for email and ticket support. As for the live chat, we think GreenGeeks ensures the better service, with which we can ask any kind of questions and get a fast reply. With Arvixe live chat support, however, we can only discuss some general inquiries.

In addition, after interviewing their customers, we have found that almost all the GreenGeeks customers are quite satisfied with their support service. Arvixe, however, receive a lot of complaints.

Arvixe Support Review


Now, you must have the clear understanding of these two web hosts. Therefore, when choosing between them, we highly recommend you to choose GreenGeeks, especially if you want the green VPS hosting with the peak performance, no downtime, rich features, great support at affordable charges.