GreenGeeks vs GoDaddy – Which Offers the Better VPS Hosting

GreenGeeks vs GoDaddy – Which Offers the Better VPS Hosting

Jan 12, 2016

Both GreenGeeks and GoDaddy offer multiple affordable VPS hosting packages with the top-notch hosting service. The former one aims for the fast service with the great technical support service, while the latter one offers a wide range of products to better improve your hosting experience.

Now, as many webmasters feel hard to choose between these two web hosts, we have made a GreenGeeks vs GoDaddy comparison in the following for their VPS hosting, introducing their exclusive pros to edge over each other and the cons that may affect your hosting experience to some extent.

The following chart displays our editorial rating about these two VPS hosting providers. Clearly, GreenGeeks is the better option in the mind of our professional reviewers.

Rating GreenGeeks GoDaddy
Prices 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Speed 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Feature 5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Technical Support 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
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How Can GreenGeeks Offer the Better VPS Hosting Than GoDaddy

In fact, GreenGeeks is the leading hosting provider that focuses on the high-quality hosting service only for tens of years. As for GoDaddy, this company offers various services and products. Even, they pay much attention to their domain service. The spread of focus makes them less professional than GreenGeeks. You can check the detailed information from the below parts.

Offers More Budget Friendly Managed VPS Hosting Service

There are 5 VPS hosting plans offered by GreenGeeks, each of which is coming with the budget-friendly hosting charges that are ranging from $39.95/mo to $159.95/mo effectively with this time-limited promotional link released recently. Note that there are no extra fees required for getting their fully managed VPS hosting.

As for GoDaddy, this web host also provides 5 plans in total. With their default discount that is starting at 15%, you can sign up with them at the prices ranging from $36.98/mo to $145.98/mo. However, these cheap rates are valid for their self-managed and the managed solution. If you are looking for the fully-managed service, you need to pay additional $159 for each month.

Prices GreenGeeks GoDaddy
Discounted Prices $39.95/mo $36.98/mo
Money Back 30 Days 45 Days
How to Claim Promotion Link Not Recommended

Clearly, the VPS hosting offered by GreenGeeks is 100% cheaper than that of GoDaddy. Frankly speaking, as compared with many other VPS hosting providers we have reviewed, GreenGeeks can be viewed as one of the most budget-friendly options.

GreenGeeks Promotion Link Activation

Ensures the Better Hosting Reliability

Both GreenGeeks and GoDaddy know the importance of hosting reliability, thus claim to ensure at least 99.9% uptime for their hosted websites. To figure out whether this is the truth or not, we have searched for the information of their utilized server machines and the facilities of data centers. These two aspects have a huge impact on the reliability achieved by a web host.

In addition, to get the detailed statistics, we have started the online monitoring since the middle of the previous year using Uptime robot.

If you sign up with GreenGeeks, you can be provisioned to the robust servers that are coming with the latest advanced Intel Xeon processors, ECC powered memory, gigabit connectivity, RAID storage with SSD arrays and name-branded server components. Besides, this web host promises that they never oversell their VPS hosting.

As for the data centers, this web host rents multiple SAS 70 certified options, each of which is coming with the dual-city power unit, advanced fire suppression system, automatic temperature control and many more. Even, you can feel free to choose your preferred server location in the checkout process.

As tested, this web host achieves a 99.98% uptime for our sample website.

After searching on Google, we have found that GoDaddy also hosts their websites using the rock-solid server machines and locates them at world-class data centers, coming with the cutting-edge technologies to ensure the unceasing power supply, facility security, climate controlling and the monitoring system.

As for the detailed statistics of GoDaddy, the average uptime is around 99.93%.

We have to admit that both of these two web hosts are surely the reliable hosting providers. However, when comparing them in the real world, GreenGeeks is better.

Achieves the Faster Server Response Speed

In addition to the uptime, their server response speed is also tested. According to the result, the site hosted with GreenGeeks requires about 375 ms for each server response, and the other one that is hosted with GoDaddy already doubles the consumption.

Allows the More Responsive Support Service

GreenGeeks offers the 100% responsive technical support that can be asked whenever you want. You just need to dial their toll-free hotline number, open a ticket, click the online chat button or send an email, all your hosting related issues can be resolved with the best efficiency.

According to the online survey among their real customers, the majority of webmasters are highly satisfied with their support service.

As for GoDaddy, this web host also offers multiple support channels. However, as compared with GreenGeeks, they do not offer the live chat support and do not ensure the time-rounded phone support for all the counties.

How Can GoDaddy Offer the Better VPS Hosting Than GreenGeeks

When comparing their hosting features, we have found that GoDaddy allows more server resources than GreenGeeks for each of the hosting plan.

  • With GoDaddy, you can get unlimited bandwidth and the sufficient storage ranging from 40 GB to 240 GB.
  • With GreenGeeks, the allocation of bandwidth is ranging from 1000 GB to 3000 GB, and that of storage is from 25 GB to 125 GB.
Features GreenGeeks GoDaddy
Disk Drives 25 GB 40 GB
Bandwidth 1,000 GB Unlimited


When comparing them, GreenGeeks surely allows faster speed, lower prices, better support and more reliable service. As for the hosting features, it is true that you can get more monthly bandwidth and storage with GoDaddy. However, the allocation allowed by GreenGeeks is sufficient for the majority of common webmasters.

In this case, if you are confused between them, we highly recommend GreenGeeks. The following chart demonstrates how they satisfy their customers.