GreenGeeks vs HostMonster – Which Offers the Better VPS Hosting

GreenGeeks vs HostMonster – Which Offers the Better VPS Hosting

Jun 29, 2016

GreenGeeks and HostMonster are two of the reliable VPS hosting providers, with which you can get the fine-tuned virtually private servers without the need to pay too much. Among them, GreenGeeks is a famous eco-friendly hosting provider that pays much attention to the plan flexibility. With more than 35,000 customers and over 300,000 hosted websites, this web host gets a great reputation online for their VPS hosting solution. As for HostMonster, this web host is a little bit older than GreenGeeks that has been founded since 1996. While focusing on the hosting quality only, HostMonster now helps a large number of site owners run the high-powered web.sites at the affordable costs.

This time, we’d like to come out the GreenGeeks vs HostMonster comparison by discussing their similarities and differences. In this case, you can choose between them easily after learning their own highlights and benefits brought to you.

Rating GreenGeeks HostMonster
Prices 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Speed 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Feature 4.5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Technical Support 5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
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GreenGeeks vs HostMonster – Their Similarities

We have tried their VPS service for around 3 months and have found that both of them are the great options when it comes to the hosting reliability and the technical support.

Hosting Reliability

The hosting reliability directly decides whether you can run your website smoothly without any serious and frequently-happened downtime. In this case, both GreenGeeks and HostMonster have spared most of their efforts to achieve the high level of hosting reliability.

GreenGeeks pre-configures all of their VPS containers with the RAID-10 array for the ultimate tolerance of the hardware fault, along with using the DELL branded server components to achieve the most reliable hosting environment and allocating enough server specifications so that you can build and expand your site without any worry.

In addition, there are 4 locations for the global data centers of GreenGeeks. All of these spaces are coming with the advanced security system, raised floor, detection system, UPS, monitoring and many more.

GreenGeeks claims for the 99.9% uptime. According to our personal monitoring, they have achieved the 99.98% uptime for the past three months.

When it comes to HostMonster, this web host achieves the same level of hosting reliability as that of GreenGeeks. They also choose to host all the websites using the branded server machines and locate these machines at multiple data centers, each of which is of the high quality and the advanced facilities.

In addition, after testing and monitoring their VPS hosting, we have found that they even achieve the same uptime record as GreenGeeks, which is 99.98% on average.

Technical Support

The VPS hosting is a little bit more complicated than the widely used web hosting, especially for newbies. Therefore, the 24/7 available support service is necessary for resolving all the possible issues. Luckily, both of these two hosting providers have done great in this aspect.

  • Firstly, they all ensure that the support team is not an outsourced one. Instead, the team is composed of their well-trained staffs who can resolve all the hosting related problems effectively and greatly.
  • In addition, they make sure that whenever you contact their support team, you can always talk to someone no matter using any method. The service is available 24/7.
  • The contact channels include phone, ticket system, live chat and email. In this case, if one of these methods is not convenient for you, you can choose another.
  • As we have tried their contact methods, we have found that both of their support representatives can ensure the fast response speed along with the clear answers.

In addition to the real-person support service, they also offer a lot of useful articles in the knowledge base, with which you can learn something about the VPS hosting and can resolve the general issues on your own.

GreenGeeks vs HostMonster – Their Differences

As for the differences of GreenGeeks and HostMonster VPS hosting solution, they mainly lay on the hosting prices, server response speed, security level and features.

Hosting Charges for the VPS Plans – HostMonster Is Cheaper

After comparing these two hosting companies, we can conclude that HostMonster is surely the cheaper option than GreenGeeks.

With HostMonster, the VPS hosting price starts at $29.99 for each month, which is in the affordable level of the whole industry. At present, if you purchase via this promotion link, you can get a 50% discount for the initial month, which means the starting charge is down to $14.99/mo only.

HostMonster Promotion Link Activation

As for GreenGeeks, this web host only allows the monthly billing for their VPS service. With this special promotion link, you are charged starting at $39.95 for each month. Frankly speaking, all the VPS packages of GreenGeeks are more expensive that those of HostMonster.

GreenGeeks Promotion Link Activation

Server Response Speed – HostMonster Is Slightly Faster

In fact, both GreenGeeks and HostMonster can be regarded as the fast hosting provider. After all, with the great web servers and data centers, the hosting performance is surely guaranteed. In addition, they also leverage some advanced technologies for the further optimization of the hosting speed.

  • The SSD drives are used to replace the common HDD drives. With the highlights of fast access and the low latency, this special drive can boost the page loading at least 6 times faster.
  • The CloudFlare CDN service can store your website data in multiple servers and cache it from the nearest point if your readers send the requests. As tested, this service achieves the 150% faster server response speed.

However, when we compare these two web hosts in the real-world testing, we have found that HostMonster is slightly faster than GreenGeeks during the monitoring period. You can check how they perform from the below chart.

Hosting Security Level – GreenGeeks Is Higher

It is true that the VPS achieves the more secure hosting environment than the web hosting by offering the virtually dedicated servers. However, the security issue still exists. In this case, both of these two companies provide some related features to improve the security level, such as SSH, SSL, the daily backup service, the firewall service and the server segregation technology.

However, as compared with HostMonster, GreenGeeks does more for this aspect.

  • They will scan all of their IPs and remove the blacklisted ones regularly.
  • They utilize the CSF and LFD firewall and set up their Apache servers with the mod security in advance.

Hosting Features – HostMonster Offers More

As for the hosting features, we can conclude that HostMonster offers more than GreenGeeks. Here, let’s start at the server resources. With HostMonster, you can get at least 1 TB of bandwidth, 30 GB of space and 2 GB of RAM. With GreenGeeks, however, the allocations include at least 1,000 GB of bandwidth, 25 GB of storage and 1 GB of RAM.

Features GreenGeeks HostMonster
Memory 1 GB 2 GB
Storage 25 GB 30 GB
Bandwidth 1000 GB 1 TB
Promo Link Promo Link

In addition to the server resources, HostMonster also offers more add-ons, such as the free domain registration, free dedicated IP addresses, free advertising credits and the KVM virtualization service. Even, as GreenGeeks only allows the 30 days money back guarantee, HostMonster is much better by ensuring the anytime refund policy.


According to this comparison, both GreenGeeks and HostMonster have done something better than each other. In this case, instead of picking up the better option ultimately, we are much more likely to recommend you to choose the web host based on your real needs.