GreenGeeks vs InMotion Hosting – Which Is Better for VPS Hosting

GreenGeeks vs InMotion Hosting – Which Is Better for VPS Hosting

Dec 22, 2015

The GreenGeeks vs InMotion Hosting comparison is made for their VPS hosting service, based on the results of our performance testing, the feedbacks collected from real customers and the real-world hosting experiences of our reviewers.

In fact, both of these two web hosts are surely the reliable options that guarantee you the top-notch virtually private hosting environment. GreenGeeks offers up to 5 plans with the green hosting in mind, giving you enough choices to pick up the best one. InMotion Hosting focuses on the fast and rich-featured VPS hosting, along with the budget-friendly hosting charges.

As each of them has their exclusive pros and cons, in the following, we’d like to display a detailed comparison to help you make an ultimately right decision between them.

Editorial Rating on GreenGeeks vs InMotion Hosting Comparison

The below chart featuring the star rating demonstrates how we regard their VPS hosting services based on our personal hosting experiences with them. Clearly, both of them give us a great impression for their uptime and technical support. As for the speed, hosting charge and features, we regard InMotion Hosting as the better option.

Rating GreenGeeks InMotion
Prices 3 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Speed 3 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Uptime 4.5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Feature 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Technical Support 5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
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Why InMotion Hosting is Better than GreenGeeks?

Based on our in-depth reviews and comparison, we have found that InMotion Hosting offers cheaper VPS hosting packages with more features. Besides, according to our performance monitoring, InMotion Hosting achieves the faster hosting speed during the monitoring months.

Charges at the Lower Prices

There are three VPS hosting plans offered by InMotion Hosting. Regularly, you need to spend ranging from $29.99/mo to $74.99/mo for getting these packages. But now, by going through this promotional link, you can be charged starting at $14.99/mo only.

As for the VPS plans of GreenGeeks, there are 5 options for you to choose, charging you starting at $39.95/mo with this promotion link.

Clearly, the VPS hosting of InMotion Hosting is cheaper than that of GreenGeeks. Besides, InMotion allows multiple billing cycles including 1 month, 6 months and 12 months. GreenGeeks, however, only allows the monthly billing.

InMotion Promotion Link Activation

Offers More VPS Hosting Features

InMotion Hosting focuses on offering the rich-featured hosting plans, ensuring you at least 2 TB of monthly bandwidth, 4 GB of RAM and 60 GB of RAID 6 SSD storage. As for the server resources of GreenGeeks, the allocation starts from 1,000 GB of bandwidth, 1 GB of RAM and 25 GB of RAID 10 SSD storage.

In addition, InMotion Hosting also allows some extra features that are not available with GreenGeeks plans, including at least 2 dedicated IP addresses and the ultimate optimization for e-commerce solutions such as Magento and PrestaShop.

Even, InMotion offers the 90 days money back policy while GreenGeeks only allows the 30 days refund policy.

In the following, we have compared the basic plans of these two VPS hosting providers to help you better compare their feature offerings.

Features & Prices GreenGeeks InMotion
Disk Drives 25 GB 60GB
Bandwidth 1,000 GB 2TB
Money Back 30 Days 90 Days
Discounted Prices $39.95/mo $14.99/mo
Promotion Link Promotion Link

Achieves the Faster Server Response Speed

We have set up two sample sites that are hosted by these two hosting providers respectively, coming with the same script and content. Since July of this year, we have added these two sites into our Uptime Robot account to have an uninterrupted monitoring for their hosting speed.

According to the result, the website that is hosted by InMotion Hosting requires an average of 237 ms for responding a single server request during the past months. As for the speed of another sample site, the average server response speed is about 375 ms.

Clearly, InMotion Hosting is faster than GreenGeeks.

As for how can InMotion achieve such a great result for hosting speed, we conclude 5 reasons.

  • They host all the websites using the DELL branded servers and locate these servers at world-class server spaces.
  • As the physical distance between your readers and your web server influences the loading speed greatly, you are allowed to choose the data center based on the location of your target visitors. The selection can be made during the check-out process.
  • All of their servers are coming with the SSD drives instead of the common hard drives, achieving up to 300% faster speed.
  • They also build up the partnership with some top bandwidth providers, and achieve the direct database connection with peering exchanges.
  • The offering of CloudFlare CDN can better benefit your hosting speed with dozens of caching points all over the globe.

Why GreenGeeks is Better than InMotion Hosting

As for how can GreenGeeks win over InMotion, we have summarized the following aspects.

Allows More Hosting Plans

There are up to 5 VPS hosting plans available with GreenGeeks, each of which offers a moderate allocation of server resources based on the hosting charges. Therefore, you can have the enough freedom to choose one package that suits your hosting requirements and the maximum budgets perfectly.

As for InMotion Hosting, there are only 3 packages available.

Allows More Payment Methods

To promise you the convenient and secure process for placing an order, GreenGeeks allows you to make the payment via both credit cards and PayPal. When it comes to InMotion Hosting, however, you can purchase their VPS hosting only via a credit card.

Ensures Instant Provisioning and IP Blacklist

GreenGeeks guarantees you the instant provisioning, meaning that your VPS hosting can be ready right after your order is verified. Generally, the waiting time is no longer than 1 minute. Besides, this web host scans all the IP addresses regularly, making sure that any IPs that are blacklisted can be cleaned and removed before they are provisioned.

With InMotion Hosting, however, these two great features are not available.

What They Are In Common?

In fact, these two web hosts all satisfy us when it comes to the uptime and technical support. Even, both of them guarantee the green hosting by leveraging the renewable energy.

Achieve Reliable VPS Hosting with At Least 99.9% Uptime

A high level of hosting reliability is essential for all the web hosts, so both InMotion Hosting and GreenGeeks pay much attention to this aspect by leveraging the solid server machines and advanced data centers. Also, both of them claim to ensure at least 99.9% uptime.

As tested using Uptime Robot, InMotion Hosting succeeds in achieving a 100% uptime for our sample website.

As for GreenGeeks, they also keep their promise and achieve a 99.98% uptime.

Provide Helpful Technical Support with Various Methods

In addition to offering the managed VPS hosting to deal with all the server-side issues, both of these two web hosts also provide the helpful technical support to assist you whenever you are in trouble.

  • The support service can be asked 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • The support channels include live chat, email, phone, ticket system and Question & Answer section.
  • All the support staffs are well-trained to offer the best resolutions for dealing with your issues.

Offer the Green Hosting

Both InMotion Hosting and GreenGeeks are the eco-friendly web hosts. InMotion Hosting utilizes the green data centers featuring the OAC technology to cut down the cooling costs by about 70% and carbon output by over 2,000 tons a year.

GreenGeeks also adopts the green infrastructure with the renewable energy. Even, they purchase the wind energy credits to wipe out their carbon footprint.


Based on this comparison, both of them are the reliable options with the great customer service. However, as InMotion Hosting offers more cost-effective VPS hosting plans with the faster speed, we highly recommend you to try their service for hosting your website.