Hosting24 Review ???Is Hosting24 VPS Hosting Worth Choosing?

Hosting24 Review ???Is Hosting24 VPS Hosting Worth Choosing?

Jan 8, 2016

Hosting24 is an old brand in the web hosting industry, which has been established around 11 years. This company has developed various hosting types to satisfy a wide range of needs. The Hosting24 review is made to help webmasters decide whether Hosting24 VPS hosting is worth choosing. The detailed analysis of each VPS hosting package, performance and support service is included in this review.

Overview of Hosting24

Hosting24 VPS Hosting OverviewHosting24 is a part of Hostinger International Ltd. Also, it is an ICANN accredited registrar. Since 2004, Hosting24 began releasing the first hosting products, and now this company has become one of the leading providers in this field. The commitment of Hosting24 is to actively take customers’ advices and make all services better.

Having browsed over 200 Hosting24 customer reviews, we find that this company has received mixed evaluation. Some typical reviews are selected as below.

  1. Poor Support Service ???The support team answers requests pretty late, especially in weekends. Customers cannot get valid answers in time.
  2. Unstable Server Response Time ???The scarce data center’s capacity makes everything unstable. Since a large number of websites are hosted on a single server, the sites are more likely to suffer slow page loading speed.
  3. Worst Uptime ???Most customers complain about Hosting24 poor uptime. Once suffering downtime issues, they have to wait for a long time to get access.
  4. User-Friendly Control Panel ???Each solution comes with cPanel that makes anything much easier.

Continue with the following comprehensive analysis and decide whether this company is worth trying or not.

What’s in the Deal?

Hosting24 develops powerful and resourceful VPS hosting to meet the needs of all customers. Multiple choices come with full flexibility, which leave enough room for website building and development.

How Much Should You Pay for Each VPS Hosting Solution?

Hosting24 VPS hosting is further divided into 8 levels, coming with a range of prices and resources. Each solution is valid for the 1/3/6/12-month billing cycle. Note that, there is an up to 27% discount available for the longer subscription. Customers can complete the payment by using PayPal or credit card.

The detailed price information is shown as below:

Billing Cycle VPSx1 VPSx2 VPSx3 VPSx4
1-Month $14.84/mo $22.68/mo $44.52/mo $59.36/mo
3-Month $13.28/mo $26.56/mo $39.84/mo $53.12/mo
6-Month $11.97/mo $23.95/mo $35.92/mo $47.89/mo
12-Month $10.87/mo $21.55/mo $32.33/mo $43.1/mo
Billing Cycle VPSx5 VPSx6 VPSx7 VPSx8
1-Month $74.2/mo $89.04/mo $103.88/mo $118.72/mo
3-Month $66.4/mo $79.68/mo $92.96/mo $106.24/mo
6-Month $59.87/mo $71.84/mo $83.81/mo $95.79/mo
12-Month $53.88/mo $64.66/mo $75.43/mo $86.21/mo

Those plans are great for both small websites and enterprise-level websites. Customers are encouraged to purchase a solution for over 1 year thereby saving more budgets. In this way, it is much easier to find a suitable VPS hosting solution with reasonable price.

What’s in Each VPS Hosting Package?

Each VPS hosting solution includes a certain amount of resources. Once purchasing a solution, customers can get at least 1 CPU core, 1GB memory, 10GB disk space, 1TB bandwidth and 1 IP address. Also, multiple OS templates are available here, including CentOS6+, Ubuntu10+ and Debian6+.

Below is the server resources allocation of VPSx1, VPSx2, VPSx3 and VPSx4. Those VPS hosting packages are created for small and medium websites.

Feature VPSx1 VPSx2 VPSx3 VPSx4
CPU Speed 1 Ghz 2 Ghz 3 Ghz 4 Ghz
Memory 1GB 2GB 3GB 4GB
Storage 10GB 20GB 30GB 40GB
Bandwidth 1TB 2TB 3TB 4TB
Connection 30 Mb/s 40 Mb/s 50 Mb/s 60 Mb/s
IPs 1 2 3 4
Price $14.84/mo $29.68/mo $44.52/mo $59.36/mo

The advanced solutions, including VPSx5, VPSx6, VPSx7 and VPSx8, are great for websites with a high demand of server resources. More details about those plans are included in the following table.

Feature VPSx5 VPSx6 VPSx7 VPSx8
CPU Speed 5 Ghz 6 Ghz 7 Ghz 8 Ghz
Memory 5GB 6GB 7GB 8GB
Storage 50GB 60GB 70GB 80GB
Bandwidth 5TB 6TB 7TB 8TB
Connection 70 Mb/s 80 Mb/s 90 Mb/s 100 Mb/s
IPs 5 6 7 8
Price $74.20/mo $89.04/mo $103.88/mo $118.72/mo

Honestly, Hosting24 is capable of allocating sufficient resources to each hosted website. The fully scalable VPS hosting services can fit all needs.

cPanel Is Available for Paid Users

Each VPS server includes the most user-friendly cPanel that helps webmasters install scripts within a few clicks. Also, the intuitive interface makes any operation much easier. However, customers are required to pay extra money for cPanel license and that depends on where customers purchase it. Undoubtedly, a certain amount of additional costs are added to every payment.

Review on Technical Support

Hosting24 Technical SupportHosting24 has a professional support team which answers all questions via ticket system and live chat. The support service is available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Live Chat Support

To verify whether the Hosting24 technical support is as bad as customer say, we contact the support team via live chat. Surprisingly, the support staff gives us a reply within a few seconds and then helps us solve the problem. That is responsive live chat support indeed.

Ticket System

In a non-emergency situation, webmasters can ask for help via ticket system. That is a great method to get detailed analysis of a problem. Webmasters just need to enter the personal information and then select a department that will offer solutions. Type the subject and a brief description about the question. Finally, send the request to support team.

Community Forum

Hosting24 sets a forum for any discussions on various hosting products, pre-sales questions, server & network issues, and so on. Besides that, the News and Updates board displays the latest information of Hosting24.

Review on Uptime and Speed

Hosting24 utilizes multiple web servers that are privately owned in Immedion data center. Those servers are located in Dallas and Asheville NC, all of which are powered by fully redundant and flexible Tier 1 Internet access platform. Also, by cooperating with some premium Internet providers, Hosting24 guarantees no power outage.

To check if Hosting24 makes good on the promise of excellent uptime, we have monitored its server uptime for 30 days. Below is the result. Obviously, this company fails to host websites in a reliable hosting environment.

Hosting24 Uptime Report

Verdict ???Hosting24 Is not an Ideal Option

Hosting24 offers multiple VPS hosting solutions to websites in different levels. That enables full flexibility and advanced features to each webmaster. However, the poor uptime makes it hard to develop a site smoothly. To help readers select a trust-worthy VPS hosting provider, we list the following companies as reference.