HostMonster vs 1and1 on VPS Hosting

HostMonster vs 1and1 on VPS Hosting

Jul 7, 2016

When considering the reliable and the high-quality VPS hosting providers, HostMonster and 1and1 can be viewed as two of the great choices. After all, both of these two hosting providers have a large user base, rich experiences and a group of hosting guru to achieve the trustworthy hosting service.

This time, to help you learn more about them, we have made a HostMonster vs 1and1 comparison here, which mainly discusses their VPS hosting solution based on several points such as the server resource allocation, package charges, add-on features, technical support, hosting security, page loading speed, uptime record and many more.

Here, you can firstly check our editorial rating for HostMonster and 1and1. It is true that they all have some great strong points, but in general, HostMonster seems to be better than 1and1.

Rating 1and1 HostMonster
Prices 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Speed 3 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Uptime 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Feature 2.5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Technical Support 3 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
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Similar Points for HostMonster and 1and1 VPS Hosting Solution

To begin with, we have to mention that both HostMonster and 1and1 are the reliable VPS hosting providers that can guarantee the great uptime record and almost no downtime for your website. They all claim that they are 100% reliable to ensure at least 99.9% uptime. After testing their hosting performance personally, we can draw the conclusion that both of them have fully kept this promise.

Based on the testing report, the uptime record of HostMonster is around 99.98%.

And the record of 1and1 is about 99.97%.

In fact, the server machines and the data centers have a large impact on the hosting reliability achieved by the web hosts. In this case, both HostMonster and 1and1 have paid much attention to them.

  • Server machines – All of their web servers are of the rock-solid components. HostMonster, in particular, adopts the DELL branded components and the solid state drives to make each server machine fault-tolerant.
  • Data centers – They all have multiple data centers to locate their web servers properly. As these spaces are used to ensure the unceasing and effective working of the machines, all the essential facilities are available to ensure the proper data center climate, uninterrupted electricity supply, accident detection and infrastructure monitoring.

1and1 Wins Over HostMonster

Now, it is time to talk about their differences. Firstly, we have to admit that 1and1 is the cheaper option than HostMonster and offers more hosting freedom for you to choose.

Cheaper VPS Hosting Charges

If you choose HostMonster, you will be charged ranging from $29.99/mo to $59.99/mo regularly. Frankly speaking, as the VPS hosting offered by HostMonster is the managed option, their hosting charge can be affordable as compared with many other service providers. In addition, HostMonster now offers a 50% discount for the first month of subscription. In this case, if you sign up via this promotional link, the hosting rate can be cut down to $14.99/mo effectively.

HostMonster Promotion Link Activation

As for 1and1, their VPS hosting plans are really budget-friendly, which start at $4.99/mo only. However, we need to mention that their service is the unmanaged option and the cheap rate is valid for the first 6 months only. In this case, if you choose to sign up for the monthly billing or the yearly billing, you need to pay the regular charge of $12.99 for each month.

More Hosting Freedom

HostMonster only offers the Linux based VPS hosting with the pre-installed operating system of CentOS 6.5. In this case, if you are looking to use the ASP.NET based scripts or want to use some other operating systems, HostMonster cannot meet your needs.

1and1, however, ensures a higher level of hosting flexibility. With them, you can choose among 8 operating systems that are either Linux based or Windows based. Even, you can determine whether to install the Parallels panel in advance and choose among the HDD based disk space and the SSD based disk space freely.

HostMonster Wins Over 1and1

After comparing them, we actually have found a lot of aspects that HostMonster wins over 1and1. Just check the details from the following.

More Hosting Features

When comparing their hosting plans, we firstly have checked the volume of allocated server resources and have found that HostMonster offers more.

  • HostMonster offers at least 2 GB of RAM, dual CPU core, 1 TB of monthly data transfer, 1 dedicated IP address and 30 GB of SSD drives.
  • 1and1 offers at least 1 GB of guaranteed RAM, 1 core, unlimited monthly traffic and 25 GB of SSD drive.

Here, we need to mention that the unlimited bandwidth offered by 1and1 is simply a marketing trick, and we are much more likely to trust the exact 1TB volume ensured by HostMonster.

Features 1and1 HostMonster
Memory 1 GB 2 GB
Storage 25 GB 30 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited 1 TB
Not Recommended Promo Link

In addition, HostMonster also offers a lot of free extra features that you cannot get from the VPS hosting plans of 1and1.

  • The free certificate of the enhanced cPanel control panel.
  • Instant VPS provisioning for the quick starting of your website.
  • Easy management for multiple accounts via a single login.
  • Guaranteed usage of server resources achieved by the KVM hypervisor.
  • Free advertising credits that are valued $200 for all the major search engines.
  • The full integration with Mojo Marketplace for more than 100 open-source tools.
  • The free domain name and up to 2 free dedicated IP addresses.

Better Technical Support

HostMonster has a professional support team. Each support staff is of the rich experiences and undergoes the comprehensive training for the hosting solution. As tried personally, we can conclude that all your issues and questions and be dealt with and answered greatly.

In addition, their support service is 24/7 available, which means no matter when you are in trouble, you can get the resolution promptly. To contact their support team, you can choose to send an email, click the live chat button and call the phone number.

1and1 also offers the all-time-available support service. However, their technical support is less convenient that is only available for the email and hotline support. Even, as compared with the support team of HostMonster, we personally think their support representatives are less professional.

Faster Hosting Performance

To check this part, we have carried out the performance monitoring for these two web hosts with two same sample sites. Based on the testing result, we have found that HostMonster is around 120% faster than 1and1. You can check the following comparison chart to figure out how they perform during the previous three months.

In fact, according to the customer reviews of HostMonster, we have found that this VPS hosting provider satisfies their customers a lot for the aspect of hosting performance. After all, they use the DELL servers to ensure the guaranteed hosting speed and replace the HDD drives with the advanced SSD drives to largely boost the speed of your website running. Even, the CloudFlare CDN is available for you to activate, with which you can run your website and emails at least 3 times faster.

In addition, with the KVM technology, you can be perfectly isolated from your server neighborhoods so as to reduce your chance to be negatively influenced by them for the hosting performance.


Frankly speaking, we think HostMonster is the much better VPS hosting provider you can choose than 1and1. With them, you can be ensured with the fast hosting speed, rich beneficial extras, massive allocation of server resources and the professional support service. Even, you can get the 30 days full refund along with the anytime prorated refund easily.

Although HostMonster is a little bit more expensive than 1and1, their great VPS hosting is totally worth the money. Check the below review chart to learn more about HostMonster.