HostMonster vs MochaHost – Managed VPS Hosting Comparison

HostMonster vs MochaHost – Managed VPS Hosting Comparison

Jun 20, 2017

With the growth of your website, most of you might be looking for the VPS hosting solution to handle more traffic and web content of your site effectively. However, as you get used to the simple shared web hosting, the proper utilization of the VPS hosting can be a chore for many of you. After all, unlike web hosting that only requires you to focus on your website, the relatively advanced VPS hosting also requires you to do something on your virtually private servers. Now, there are a lot of VPS hosting providers available, and only some of them will handle the server-side tasks with the managed VPS hosting. This time, we’d like to make a HostMonster vs MochaHost comparison. Both of them ensure the high-quality managed VPS hosting solution.

Rating HostMonster MochaHost
Prices 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Speed 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Feature 5 of 5 stars 4.5 of 5 stars
Technical Support 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
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HostMonster vs MochaHost – Their Similarities

Both of these two hosting providers ensure the fully managed VPS hosting solution. In this case, they will initiate the OS setup and customization, set up the firewall and security system, tune your servers regularly, install the control panel, scan and maintain the servers, carry out the OS updates and patching and many more.

This way, you can focus all your attention on your website, without the need to spare extra time and energy on the server related tasks.

In addition, they all set the affordable charges for their hosting plans. As compared with many other VPS hosting providers online, they leave you almost no financial burden.

HostMonster provides 4 VPS hosting plans. These plans regularly charge you from $29.99/mo to $119.99/mo. Now, you can sign up via this special promotional link to get a 34% discount to cut the price down to $19.99/mo effectively.

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MochaHost provides 8 VPS packages in total. Now, there is a 50% spring discount available, with which the price is down to $7.89/mo only.

The Highlights of HostMonster Managed VPS Hosting Solution

HostMonster is a truly reliable VPS hosting provider. They have been in this field for tens of years and they know what you may need when running your website. In this case, they try their best to ensure the best job for the following critical hosting aspects.

The Rich-Featured VPS Hosting Plans

HostMonster includes a long list of features into all of their 4 plans. With these useful and competitive features, you can set up, run and manage your website easily.

  • The sufficient server resources that start with 2 GB of RAM, 30 GB of disk space and 1 TB of monthly bandwidth.
  • The free domain name and at least 1 dedicated IP address.
  • The cPanel control panel and the script installer for hundreds of user-friendly scripts and applications.
  • The programming languages that are offered with the latest version, such as PHP, Perl, MySQL, Ruby on Rails and Python.
  • The $100 ad credits for Google and another $100 for Bing.

MochaHost also provides a lot of competitive hosting features. With them, you can get at least 6 GB of RAM, 4 CPU cores, 250 GB of server storage and unlimited bandwidth. Also, for the basic features to easily start and control your website, this web host also allows the enough offerings just like HostMonster. However, they still lack behind HostMonster for the following reasons.

  • No marketing credits for search engines.
  • No free control panel. The Plesk control panel requires $4/mo and the cPanel/WHM control panel requires $5/mo.
  • No free website builder. The Parallels SiteBuilder charges you $30 per month.

The Excellent Hosting Performance

Both HostMonster and MochaHost ensure the truly fast and reliable VPS hosting. However, after comparing their hosting performance by starting the real-world monitoring, we can conclude that HostMonster is even the better option. According to the testing results, this web host achieves a 99.98% uptime record and the server response time is 342 ms only on average.

Actually, the data centers used by HostMonster are already SAS 70 Type 2 certified, along with the world-class N+2 redundancy. To make sure that all the server machines are working properly, these centers are equipped with the backup power generators, multiple backbone Internet lines, 24/7 monitoring and surveillance, climate control and many more.

In addition, HostMonster makes use of the cloud technology and the KVM virtualization to ensure the guaranteed server resources for you. This way, you can handle the traffic spikes effectively to avoid the potential downtime.

The Helpful Technical Support

HostMonster allows you to contact their helpful technical support team all the times by sending the emails, opening the tickets, dialing the hotline number or starting the online chat. After testing their support quality personally, we have to say that their support team is really professional enough to achieve the efficient technical support.

MochaHost also promises the 24/7 technical support. However, their live chat support is based on a third party tool that is not easy to use. Their phone support only handles the most basic issues for you and their email support requires you to wait for a relatively long time.

The Highlights of MochaHost Managed VPS Hosting Solution

MochaHost really offers the rich features for each of their hosting plans. In addition, unlike HostMonster that only offers the 30 days money back, MochaHost allows the 180 days money back guarantee for you. Even, besides the Linux based service, you can also purchase the Windows based solution as you want.


Now, we can conclude that HostMonster is the better VPS hosting provider than MochaHost with the managed solution. After all, when comparing between them, HostMonster achieves the better online reliability, hosting speed and technical support quality, which are the key points for any hosting solution.