HostMonster vs WebHostingPad – Which Is the Better VPS Hosting Company

HostMonster vs WebHostingPad – Which Is the Better VPS Hosting Company

Jul 18, 2017

Both HostMonster and WebHostingPad are the quality VPS hosting providers. This time, while many of you may feel hard to choose between them, we have made a HostMonster vs WebHostingPad comparison that discusses their VPS hosting solution only.

Founded in 1996, HostMonster is an experienced hosting company that knows what the high-quality VPS hosting is. Their service is the fully managed solution that is suitable for newbies. Also, the root access is available so that advanced users can get the full access to the CentOS. WebHostingPad is a relatively new company that was started is 2005. They have a veteran team and stick to the concept of customer comes first. Since now, they are one of the CNET certified companies.

Rating HostMonster WebHostingPad
Prices 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Speed 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Feature 5 of 5 stars 3.5 of 5 stars
Technical Support 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
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The Pros and Cons of HostMonster VPS Hosting Solution

Frankly speaking, HostMonster gives us a great experience when it comes to their VPS hosting solution. They do not charge you too much, but achieve the truly reliable and high-performing hosting solution. Surely, there are a few cons of their VPS hosting. However, for most common webmasters, these drawbacks do not matter actually.


  • Cheap hosting charges. HostMonster now provides the 34% discount via this exclusive promotional link for their VPS hosting. With it, you only need to purchase starting at $19.99/mo instead of the normal charging of $29.99/mo. As compared with WebHostingPad whose initial charging is $29.95/mo, HostMonster offers the affordable hosting solution.
  • HostMonster Promotion Link Activation
  • Fully managed VPS. HostMonster provides the fully managed VPS. In this case, you just need to pay attention to your website, without the need to spare the extra efforts to finish the complicated server tasks.
  • Rich server resources – HostMonster provides the rich allocation of server resources, starting with 2 GB of server RAM, 30 GB of web space and 1 TB of bandwidth. While WebHostingPad only allows at least 20 GB of space, 100 GB of bandwidth and 1 GB of RAM, HostMonster can meet your needs better.
  • Great hosting performance – HostMonster surely is the reliable VPS hosting provider that maintains the fast hosting speed. Their web servers are configured with the high-level specifications and the robust components. And their data centers are the cutting-edge options. Backed by a lot of advanced technologies, HostMonster succeeds in achieving the 99.98% uptime and the fast page loading speed that is less than 3 seconds.
  • Helpful support – HostMonster provides the mature hand to help you deal with any issues you may meet when running your website. The support is available 24/7. And you can ask for help via the methods of live chat, phone, email and ticket.


  • No anytime refund any more. Initially, this web host allows the anytime money back guarantee. But now, there is only the 30-day full refund policy available.
  • Only Linux system with the CentOS 6.5 available. While HostMonster provides the fully managed service, they will pre-install the cPanel and the CentOS in advance. In this case, if you want some other options, you might be disappointed.

The Pros and Cons of WebHostingPad VPS Hosting Solution

The VPS hosting offered by WebHostingPad is not bad. However, when comparing their service with HostMonster, we have to say that HostMonster does the better job in many aspects.


  • Sufficient plan selection. As different people may have different requirements on the feature allocation and the budgets, WebHostingPad provides up to 6 plans in total.
  • Free features – This web host provides some free features besides the common hosting features, including the free cPanel/WHM control panel, setup service, website migration, firewall configuration and dedicated IP addresses.


  • Short billing cycle. WebHostingPad only allows the monthly-based billing cycle. The longest billing is 6 months. In this case, if you want to purchase the yearly billing, this web host does not allow that.
  • Fake unlimited features. This web host claims to provide unlimited cPanel accounts, domains, sub-domains, email accounts, email sending, MySQL databases and FTP accounts. But actually, if you overuse this unlimited policy, you will be punished.
  • Slow support speed. It is true that WebHostingPad allows you to get the support via the phone, email and live chat. However, after trying their support service, we have to say that this web host fails to ensure the same level of support efficient as HostMonster.

HostMonster vs WebHostingPad – Price Value

After comparing their VPS hosting plans, we have found that HostMonster achieves the better price value than WebHostingPad with more features at the cheaper hosting charges.

Features HostMonster WebHostingPad
CPU Cores 2 5
Disk Space 30 GB 20 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 1 TB 100 GB
Free Domain Yes No
Free Managed VPS Yes Yes
Advertising Credits Yes No
Free SSD Yes No
Promo Link Not Recommended

HostMonster vs WebHostingPad – Speed and Uptime

As we have mentioned, HostMonster achieves the great hosting speed and the reliability due to their quality servers and data centers. In fact, this web host also achieves the guaranteed server resources with the cloud technologies and replaces the HDD drives with the SSD ones. These practices can better improve the hosting performance.

WebHostingPad also makes some efforts on their VPS hosting performance. But according to the testing results we have made in the real world, they lack behind HostMonster.

HostMonster – 99.98% Uptime

WebHostingPad – 99.47% Uptime

Server Response Speed – HostMonster Is Faster


Now, if you have to choose between HostMonster and WebHostingPad for their VPS hosting, we recommend you to try HostMonster. Their service is fast and reliable, their technical support is 24/7 available and replies you rapidly and their hosting plans are cost-effective.