HostPapa Review – How About HostPapa VPS Hosting?

HostPapa Review – How About HostPapa VPS Hosting?

Dec 4, 2014

HostPapa is a privately hold hosting company whose target customers are individuals and small business owners. This company is located in Canada and has servers in Canada and US. It is not so popular that many webmasters say that they can rarely find the information they want.

Some webmasters may be curious about its hosting plans and want to know if the company is a trustworthy web host. After all, a web host can either make or break a website. This HostPapa review comprehensively analyzes almost every aspect of the company including its price, features, reliability, technical support and other more. We promise that we make this review objectively and honestly. Note that the HostPapa review is based on its Linux-based VPS hosting.


priceAt present, HostPapa provides three Linux-based VPS hosting plans, including the VPS-PLUS, VPS-PRO and VPS-PREMIUM. According to the sources, space, features and service in each plan, the company prices them differently: the VPS-PLUS is charged for $9.99/mo, the VPS-PRO is rated at $39.99/mo while the VPS-PREMIUM is priced at $109.99/mo.

Perhaps you think these prices are affordable and want to have a try on HostPapa, but you need to note that these extremely low prices are available for the first month only. The truth is that, after the initial month, you have to pay for the three plans at the prices of $49.99/mo, $79.99/mo and 149.99/mo respectively.

To be honest, this pricing level is relatively high in this industry. Take the VPS-PLUS as an example. The company prices it at $49.99/mo but other peers usually price such a basic VPS plan at the range of $20/mo to $30/mo. Therefore, we do not think it is worth trying.


featuresOne key to determining whether a hosting is worthwhile is its features. All VPS hosting plans provided by HostPapa include some same features like wholesale domain reseller, CentOS 6, unlimited hosting accounts, unlimited FTP accounts, hyper V technology dedicated memory and more.

For your convenience, we list crucial features of the three VPS plans in below table.

CPU Power 4 8 8
Server Memory 1.5GB 3.0GB 6.0GB
Disk Space 50GB 100GB 200GB
SSD Drives No No No
Dedicated IP Address 2 2 2
Control Panel cPanel/WHM cPanel/WHM cPanel/WHM

As the feature table shows, their features are relatively limited when we take their prices into considerations. If you want a web host that provides more affordable and rich-featured VPS solutions, we recommend BlueHost, which is a professional and reliable hosting company.


performanceHostPapa has two data centers in Canada and US, but only the one in Canada is its own-managed. It claims that its data centers are enhanced with state-of-the-art diesel backup generator, Cisco-powered network and top-notch infrastructure. But the fact is that it just meet the 99.9% uptime guarantee,which is insufficient for VPS users.

Our monitoring team tests its VPS in recent months and finds that it is unstable especially in peaks. Some customers complain that they encounter several downtimes within months like us. We bravely guess that its frequent downtimes should be attributed to its remote data center in Canada. Also, a shared data center cannot guarantee the security perfectly.

According to the data we collect in recent months, we make a dynamic speed chart as follows:

Technical Support

supportYou can contact the support center of HostPapa via telephone, email/ticket and live chat. HostPapa also provides a knowledgebase, which enables clients to fix their problems independently. Email support is one of the slowest channels to get help since it usually takes over 20 hours to get a response. Its live chat requires information about your company, contact details, but usually we get response within minutes.

Speaking of the phone call support, we are disappointed to find that some of its staffs are not well-trained and have little knowledge about hosting. So even the process procedure of emergent issues lasts for days.

Conclusion – Not Recommended!

From what we mentioned above, we believe you already have a better understanding of HostPapa and its VPS hosting. Its VPS plans are expensive, and performance in uptime and speed is poor. Another downside is its obtuse customer service. For webmasters who desire cost-effectiveness, we highly recommend you go with other reliable and reputable companies as following,