HostPapa VS BlueHost – Which Company Offers Better VPS Solutions

HostPapa VS BlueHost – Which Company Offers Better VPS Solutions

Apr 3, 2015

HostPapa is a privately-own company which was founded in 2006. Based in Canada, the company has already served more than 200,000 small businesses and individuals. Besides, the company provides multiple web hosting plans including VPS and reseller hosting.

As for BlueHost, it is a well-known company which was set up in 2003 in America. With more than 700 employees, the company has run business worldwide and gained a large group of users.

This comparison is going to figure out the differences between HostPapa and BlueHost so that you can make a wise decision between the two companies’ VPS hosting solutions. To begin with, we have made a rating comparison about HostPapa and BlueHost. And details about price, feature, performance and customer service will be presented below.

JustHost BlueHost
Price rating 3 rating 4.5
Features rating 2.5 rating 4.5
Page Loading rating 3 rating 5
Reliability rating 3.5 rating 4.5
Support rating 3.5 rating 5
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For HostPapa, the company offers three choices for VPS hosting namely VPS-PLUS, VPS-PRO and VPS-PREMUIM with the normal price at $49.99/mo, $79.99/mo and $149.99/mo respectively. Comparing to its counterparts, HostPapa is more expensive. Although the company supports $9.99/mo, $39.99/mo and $109.99/mo for the first month, it is based on annual payment. Therefore, it won’t be helpful to reduce your’ budget burden.

BlueHost provides four packages named Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate with price at $29.99/mo, $59.99/mo, $89.99/mo and $119.99/mo regularly. Recently, customers can enjoy 50% discount for the first month through the promotional link below.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

In addition, BlueHost supports 30 days money back while HostPapa doesn’t give such promise for its VPS plans. Besides, HostPapa only accepts Visa, MasterCard and PayPal for payments while BlueHost offers more methods.


Usually, plans with affordable price and powerful features are more attractive for customers. Thus, this part will take cost performance into consideration so as to find out which company is worthy of a try. In this part, we are going to compare VPS-PLUS from HostPapa with Enhanced from BlueHost because both plans are relatively primary ranges.

Feature HostPapa BlueHost
Plan In Comparison VPS-PLUS Enhanced
RAM 1.5 GB 4 GB
Storage 50 GB 60 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited 2 TB
CPU 4 Cores 2 Cores
IPs 2 2
Control Panel cPanel/WHM cPanel
Free Domain No 1
Price $49.99/mo $29.99/mo
Conclusion Not Recommended Recommended

From the table above, you can notice that BlueHost is more affordable by total price because the company offers one free domain while HostPapa charges $14.99/yr for this service. Although BlueHost offers less CPU cores, the company is far more powerful for basic resources. In addition, BlueHost provides users enhanced cPanel which enables special tools for VPS management. Overall, BlueHost outweighs HostPapa in features.


HostPapa has one data center in Toronto and owns many backup facilities in North America. Besides, the company has also invested a lot in other infrastructures such as backup power system and climate control systems. In addition, the company has established partnerships with multiple network providers and keeps its network under 24×7 monitoring.

Theoretically, HostPapa users are free from worrying about speed. However, users have pointed out that the company’s network is not reliable and sometimes it can be very slow to load pages.

BlueHost, however, is competitive in speed. Except for their state-of-the-art infrastructures, the company has an industry-leading team of engineers, which enables users far more stable and fast connection than the industry-average speed.

As for reliability, the two companies give 99.9% uptime guarantee. But HostPapa doesn’t give any refunds if that promise is broken. According to customer reviews about HostPapa uptime, about 35% of those comments are negative simply in 2015 while BlueHost seems to be more favorable.

Customer Service

Both companies promise to provide 24×7 customer support and are available with live chat, email and phone support. Besides, the two companies have also built their knowledgebase. But the quality of their services varies a lot.

According to feedbacks, BlueHost, in general, is quicker in response and their support team is more professional comparing to HostPapa. After all, BlueHost has better reputation than HostPapa in the market.


Apparently, BlueHost is more trustable because the company is able to provide better service with affordable price. Therefore, you are suggested to go to BlueHost for the better VPS hosting service.