HostPapa VS HostGator on VPS Hosting

HostPapa VS HostGator on VPS Hosting

Jul 5, 2015

HostPapa and HostGator both call themselves as the best VPS hosting providers and promise to host all websites in a reliable hosting environment. That throws many webmasters into hesitation, especially for someone who lack understanding of the two companies. This VPS hosting comparison is just about an in-depth analysis of the selected web hosts and reveal the answer about which company offers the better VPS hosting service on earth.

Who Achieves Faster Speed and Higher Reliability?

Server performance and hosting reliability are the most critical factors of quality VPS hosting. Those are regarded as reliable indicators to determine whether a VPS hosting solution is quality enough. To make it clear on which company achieves higher performance, we’ve tested the uptime and server response time of HostPapa and HostGator for 30 days.

VPS Hosting Uptime Guarantee

HostPapa equips its data centers with an array of advanced technologies, including climate & temperature control, cooling system, uninterrupted power supply, diesel backup generators, etc. Those make sure that all infrastructures rise superior to the heavy weather as well as keep system from overheating effectively.

Here comes the HostPapa uptime.

HostGator utilizes top-tier data centers and invests a lot on facility maintenance. Both data centers are powered by highly redundant system and high technologies, like power distribution units, UPS battery backup power, N+1 diesel generators, etc. Based on our 30-day monitoring on HostGator uptime, this company achieves 99.99% uptime on average. That has done a better job than HostPapa.

Here comes the HostGator uptime.

VPS Hosting Performance

With cutting-edge technologies and high-performance servers, both companies can guarantee fast server response time. In this way, each hosted website achieves fast page loading speed. To find out the truth, we also test the server response time of HostPapa and HostGator and get a set of statistics in the following chart.

24×7 Security Monitoring

Both companies make use of 24×7 CCTV monitoring system to supervise all facilities incessantly. A group of professional technicians keep online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to resolve any issues once happening on the server.

Who Offers More Benefits? ???VPS Hosting Price & Resources

HostPapa and HostGator release both various fully managed VPS hosting to give webmasters more choices. Here comes an in-depth analysis of VPS hosting price information and server resources allocation.

VPS Hosting Price Comparison

HostPapa has three fully managed VPS hosting solutions, starting at $9.99/mo, $39.99/mo and $109.99/mo. However, such affordable price is only valid for the first-month billing, and then it will renew at $49.99/mo, $79.99/mo and $149.99/mo respectively. The account setup is free of charge, which saves customers a sum of money. For domain registration, an extra $14.99/year fee is required.

HostPapa VPS Hosting Price

HostGator divides its VPS hosting into 5 levels and enables 40% discount for each plan. Among those solutions, Snappy 500 is semi-managed VPS hosting plan, pricing at $11.97/mo. The other four packages are starting at $33.97/mo, valid for 1/3/6/12-month billing term. The following promotional link is used to activate such exclusive discount.

HostGator Promotional Link Activation

In addition to attractive discount and affordable price, HostGator also includes a list of freebies in each solution, like website building tool, website transfer, easy installation for over 50 scripts, and so on.

VPS Hosting Server Resources Comparison

HostPapa allocates sufficient resources (CPU cores, RAM, storage and bandwidth) to each server and utilizes the most popular cPanel. This company also allows full scalability for each VPS hosting solution. It is optional to purchase extra RAM, disk space and remote backup for server resource extension. The price of all add-ons is listed as below.

  • Extra RAM ???at least $10/mo
  • Extra disk space ???at least $10/mo
  • Automated remote backup ???at least $25/mo
  • SSD drives – $120/year

HostGator also has each VPS hosting solution cPanel included and upgrades all packages to stronger VPS than ever. Both semi-managed and fully managed VPS hosting solutions satisfy the best needs of users. With full root access, webmasters are able to install any software on the server if needed. Here, we make a table to display the essential VPS features of both companies. The selected plans are HostPapa VPS-Plus and HostGator Sappy 1000.

Feature HostPapa VPS-Plus HostGator Snappy 1000
CPU Cores 4 1
RAM 1.5 GB 1 GB
Disk Space 50GB 60GB
IPs 2 2
Bandwidth Unlimited 1TB
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
CentOS 6 Yes Yes

Technical Support Comparison

Webmasters are able to communicate with the support staffs of both companies via several channels, including phone, fax, email, live chat and ticket. HostPapa and HostGator recruit multiple experts to answer all requests all day and night long. They also keep publishing web hosting tutorials to deliver useful hosting skills to users.

HostPapa VS HostGator ???Who is the Winner?

According to this comparison on VPS hosting performance, affordability and technical support, we find that HostGator achieves a higher level of reliability and speed. Both companies make good on their promises to offer affordable VPS hosting service and award-winning support. Since uptime and speed are two of the most factors of a VPS hosting plan, we recommend HostGator here.