InMotion Hosting vs Dotster – VPS Hosting Comparison

InMotion Hosting vs Dotster – VPS Hosting Comparison

Nov 3, 2017

On the market are endless web hosts who can meet your need for VPS hosting. InMotion Hosting and Dotster may have your attention due to their own highlights. However, making a right choice requires you to have a comprehensive understanding of the two web hosts. That’s the reason why you should be on the way to look for more details before the purchase. The InMotion Hosting vs Dotster comparison is a right place where you can be close to the truth.

The whole comparison is displayed with an overall rating table and the detailed information. All the information has pointed out that InMotion Hosting should worth your consideration. As a whole, it surpasses Dotster on feature, speed, and support. To start with, we would like to focus on their similarities.

Rating InMotion Hosting Dotster
Price 4.5 of 5 stars 4.5 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 4.5 of 5 stars
Feature 5 of 5 stars 2.5 of 5 stars
Speed 5 of 5 stars 4of 5 stars
Technical Support 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
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InMotion Hosting vs Dotster – Common Points

Both set reasonable hosting fees

As is known to you, VPS hosting is much more powerful and secure than shared hosting. There is no doubt that you are required to pay more for it. InMotion Hosting and Dotster have at total of 3 VPS hosting plans on their own. In the regular time, the starting prices are $54.99/mo and $34.95/mo respectively.

To increase the attractiveness, the two web hosts lower the price to $28.74/mo and $29.70/mo for the 12-month payment in advance. For the monthly payment, InMotion Hosting allows you to get the first month of VPS hosting at a deep discount, only $19.99/mo through the the exclusive promotional link.

InMotion Promotion Link Activation
Price Information InMotion Hosting Dotster
Plan in Review VPS-1000HA-S Standard
Monthly $19.99/mo for 1st mo $34.95/mo
6 Months $32.70/mo
12 Months $28.74/mo $29.70/mo

Both have good uptime records

Uptime has a direct influence on whether they can keep their users, which draws the attention to protect their hosted websites from the disasters caused by downtimes. The efforts result in the good uptime records we have monitored for a long time. However, Dotster still needs more improvement because sometimes issues last for a long time.

InMotion Hosting can minimize the downtime mainly due to the efforts on routine server maintenance. At the same time, it never stops the steps to spend much time exploring the reasons behind the downtimes.

InMotion Hosting vs Dotster – Different Points

InMotion Hosting is more rich-featured

Judging from their basic plan, you can easily draw a conclusion that InMotion Hosting comes with much richer features. We are going to list out the featuring advantages InMotion Hosting has over Dotster.

  • InMotion Hosting includes much more server resources (75 GB disk space, 4 TB data transfer, 3 dedicated IPs, and more).
  • InMotion Hosting offers more free extras, including free SSL, SSH access, SSD drives, cPanel, and more.
  • InMotion Hosting gives you a longer time to check the service quality, 90 days for VPS hosting.
Available Features InMotion Hosting Dotster
Plan VPS-1000HA-S Standard
Websites Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated IPs 3 0
RAM 4 GB 512 MB
Disk Space 75 GB 20 GB
Data Transfer 4 TB 1000 GB
Full Refund 90 Days 30 Days
Control Panel cPanel/WHM cPanel (Option)
Backup Yes Yes
Root Access Yes Yes
Free SSL Yes No
SSH Access Yes No
Free SSD Yes No
Conclusion Recommended Not Recommended

InMotion Hosting delivers faster speed

In fact, both web hosts are capable of delivering fast speed. For those who have high requirements, however, we would like to recommend InMotion Hosting more. To be honest, InMotion Hosting can be the fastest one among VPS hosting providers we have reviewed during these years. The average server response can be as short as 237ms.

The much faster page load speed attributes to the Max Speed Zone, unlocked CPU cores, PHP 7, free SSD drives, advanced routing technology, and more. Thus InMotion is perfect for an eCommerce website which calls on visitors to pay for the service.

InMotion Hosting provides better support

InMotion gives you more options to get technical assistance, including video tutorials, Skype, and Community. However, Dotster brings you the inconvenience when you need video guides, make international calls, and communicate with other users.

In terms of their same methods, we reveal the fact that Dotster lacks responsiveness through live chat and phone calls. In contrast, InMotion Hosting is satisfying to provide quick and professional technical support.

Support Methods InMotion Hosting Dotster
Live Chat Yes Yes
Phone Yes Yes
Ticket Yes Yes
Knowledge Base Yes Yes
User Guide Yes Yes
Video Tutorial Yes No
Community Yes No
Skype Yes No

Conclusion – InMotion Hosting Recommended

On the evaluation of the two web hosts, we advise you to opt for InMotion Hosting due to the ability to guarantee the service quality on VPS hosting. If your website needs upgrading, this web host gives you the room to transfer your website from VPS hosting to dedicated server. However, Dotster lacks the offering of dedicated servers.

If you still lack encourage, we want to make you confirm your choice with the below review chart. The verified users also show a positive attitude towards InMotion Hosting.