InMotion Hosting VS GoDaddy on VPS Hosting Product

InMotion Hosting VS GoDaddy on VPS Hosting Product

Mar 20, 2016

InMotion, as a notable web hosting brand, sets its goal to thrill every webmaster with quality and affordable products. GoDaddy, known as a worldwide domain name registrar, has endeavoured to gain its market share by providing diversified web hosting service.

To assist you in making a sensible choice between InMotion and GoDaddy, we would like to compare the VPS hosting service of the two companies in below. In the further, we will focus on some of great importance points, such as price, features, support and performance, etc.

Rating InMotion GoDaddy
Overall 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Features 5 of 5 stars 3.5 of 5 stars
Loading Speed 4.5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Uptime 4.5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Technical Support 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
In-depth Review InMotion VPS review GoDaddy VPS review

Packages & Pricing

When it comes down to prices and packages, InMotion has launched three managed options – VPS-1000S, VPS-2000S and VPS-3000S ???which are fixed from $29.99/mo regularly. However, this web host grants a considerable discount for each plan and cuts the starting prices down to $14.99/mo which is 50% off the regular rate. Note that the mentioned special offer is accessible through this promotional link.

To cover webmasters’ needs as possible, GoDaddy so far has released up to five VPS hosting solutions which are built on both Linux and Windows operating systems. For the managed Linux plans, this company charges for a minimum of $29.99/mo which is much higher than that of its rival. Although it offers self-managed options at the cost of only $19.99/mo, there are extra $5/mo and $10/mo hosting fees for the availability of Plesk and cPanel control panels.

Control Panels & Features

InMotion VS GoDaddyControl Panel is deemed as a vital element especially for some beginners and non-technical people. At this rate, InMotion takes advantage of the commonly-used cPanel which is attached with a number of beginners’ tutorials that direct users how to use it. On top of that, this web host provides a quick and easy installation of popular scripts through the one-click app installer stored in cPanel.

As is noted, GoDaddy refuses to offer any control panel for free in the self-managed solution. To top it off, the provided cPanel is said to fail in supplying an access to the useful features that teach starters how to use the control panel.

In this section, let’s move to the built-in hosting feature aspect which is one of the significant differences lying between InMotion and GoDaddy. Note that we make out a well-designed graph below to show the edges that InMotion have over its competitor. More details are available as follows.

Feature InMotion InMotion GoDaddy
Plan in Review VPS-1000S VPS-2000S 1 GB RAM
Operating System CentOS CentOS CentOS
Monthly Bandwidth 2 TB 3 TB 1 TB
Disk Storage 60 GB 130 GB 40 GB
Dedicated Memory 4 GB 6 GB 1 GB
Dedicated IPs 2 2 1
Free SSDs Yes Yes No
Pre-Installed Firewall Yes Yes No
Free Site Backups Yes Yes No
Regular Price $29.99/mo $49.99/mo $29.99/mo
Discount 50% 50% N/A
Sale Price $14.99/mo $24.49/mo $29.99/mo
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Stability & Performance

As is advertised, both of InMotion and GoDaddy guarantee ultra-reliable and fast web hosting performance. To test the real uptime and loading speed of the two companies, our monitoring team has kept track of their systems and networks for the last several months. Note that we exclude some server maintenance downtime during the entire process.

As a result, the actual uptime of InMotion and GoDaddy is well above 99.9%. However, the former is reported to be 231% faster than that of the latter one, which is clearly displayed in the following performance chart.

To be frank, the uptime and hosting performance achieved by InMotion Hosting can be rated with the A+ level when comparing them with almost all the popular web hosts in the market. To ensure the fast and stable VPS hosting solution, this hosting provider has done a lot of efforts as we have discussed in the following.

  • InMotion Hosting uses DELL branded server machines for all the hosted websites. As these web servers are coming with the solid state drives, sufficient server resources, RAID 10 arrays and many other advanced specifications and proper configurations, so you can be ensured with a high level of overall reliability.
  • As the page loading speed will vary based on the ISP, this web host offers the Max Speed Zone technology with two cutting-edge data centers, each of which features with the 20 gigabits for online connectivity, multiple layers for overall redundancy, advanced network from Brocade and many more.
  • In order to prevent the utility failure of the facility and machines, InMotion Hosting adopts the N+2 power system that comes with the redundant power sources and batteries.
  • In the case of the hardware losses, this web host adopts the BGP4 network.
  • The CloudFlare CDN service is available for all the customers, with which you can have your website static files and pages stored in multiple web servers. Once people send the requests to check your website, they can be responded quickly from the nearest machines. This service can be enabled using the control panel, and is powerful enough to improve your speed and uptime.

Customer Support

InMotion VS GoDaddyTo help clients one hundred percent concentrate on what’s important for their businesses, InMotion provides 24×7 phone call, email ticket and on-site chat support. Plus, this web host takes credit for informative support as its customer support team is composed of specialists who have over 10 years’ web hosting related expertise. More importantly, it values customer satisfaction and promises to respond any query in a polite and responsible manner.

Comparatively, GoDaddy claims responsive support through email ticket and phone call ways. By all counts, to submit a ticket, whether through email system or address, is time-consuming and inefficient especially for urgent issues. What’s worse, the provided call-in support is attested to be busy and inaccessible most of the time. In the meantime, the absence of live chat support is a fatal flaw of this web host.

In addition to the real-person technical support, these two web hosts also have set up the special knowledge base that contains a large number of useful tutorials for your self-learning. InMotion Hosting, in particularly, categories these tutorials into multiple groups in a clear manner, so you can find out your wanted information with ease.

Conclusion ???InMotion Hosting Is more Recommendable

From our comprehensive comparison above, we can arrive at the conclusion that InMotion is more recommendable for webmasters who are in need of a feature-rich, high performance and efficient VPS hosting solution at a reasonable price. In below, we can see this company also enjoys high customer endorsement, which is the most convincing proof for its high-quality service.