InMotion Hosting vs Network Solutions – VPS Hosting Comparison

InMotion Hosting vs Network Solutions – VPS Hosting Comparison

May 25, 2016

When considering the worthwhile VPS hosting provider, InMotion Hosting and Network Solutions can be the hot choices. These two web hosts now support hundreds of thousands of websites at a global level, coming with various types and sizes. In addition, both of them achieve a good industry reputation that contributes to their large user base.

In the following, we have made an InMotion Hosting vs Network Solutions comparison that discusses their VPS hosting based on several core aspects you may think about, such as the charges, usability, performance, extra offers and technical support. If you want to get a brief introduction of their VPS solution, you can check the below rating chart in the very beginning.

Rating InMotion Network Solutions
Prices 5 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars
Speed 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Feature 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Technical Support 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
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What They Have Done In Common

In fact, no matter you are looking for the shared, VPS or even the dedicated service, the hosting reliability must be the first thing you should review and consider. In this case, when comparing these two companies, we firstly target this aspect and surprisingly find that both of them have done a good job by achieving at least 99.9% uptime.

Here, to test how reliable their VPS hosting can be, we have made a self-started uptime testing. To get the precise result, our sample websites are content rich and are hosted by their popular packages. After continuing the monitoring for about 6 months using the tool of Pingdom, we have found that Network Solution achieves a 99.96% uptime averagely, and InMotion Hosting even ensures no downtime at all.

You can check the great report achieved by InMotion Hosting in the following.

To be frank, due to the constantly happened web attacks, routine server updates, operating system upgrades and security patches, it can be hard for most web hosts to achieve no downtime. InMotion Hosting, however, gives you this promise by perfectly combining the best-quality web servers with the advanced infrastructures of hardware clusters that coming with the full redundancy.

What They Have Done Differently

As for the differences, we have discussed a lot of points in the following, and InMotion Hosting seems to get more scores than Network Solutions.

Prices for the Packages – InMotion Hosting Is Much Cheaper

Firstly, let’s discuss the hosting charges. InMotion Hosting ensures 3 VPS hosting plans for you to pick up. Initially, the prices of these plans are set ranging from $29.99/mo to $74.99/mo. Personally speaking, this level of charge is pretty affordable in this industry. Moreover, with the release of the 50% discount, you only need to pay starting at $14.99/mo for the first month by purchasing via this special link, no matter which billing cycle you prefer.

InMotion Promotion Link Activation

The price of Network Solutions VPS service, however, can be pretty costly for many common webmasters. They only have two packages available, but charge you at the prices of $40/mo and $580/mo. Even, there is hardly any promotional activity offered by this web host.

Server Resources & Free Offerings – InMotion Hosting Provides Much More

In addition to figuring out whether the hosting charge can meet your budgets, you also need to make sure that the allocated server resources and features can ensure the stable website running.

Here, InMotion Hosting ensures at least 4 GB of RAM along with burstable allocation during the high traffic period, 2 TB of premium monthly bandwidth, 60 GB of disk space that is fault tolerant and unlocked CPU cores.

As for Network Solutions, however, even their costly Professional plan only provides 1 GB of RAM, 2000 GB of bandwidth and 50 GB of space.

In addition to the basic resource allocation, InMotion Hosting also offers much more free extras than Network Solutions. For instance, they ensure more dedicated IP addresses, the snapshots functionality, free marketing vouchers, free site builder, free backup, 300+ free supported applications and many more.

Furthermore, as InMotion Hosting provides the 90 days money back guarantee, Network Solutions merely allows 30 days.

You can have a look at the below chart to get the vivid comparing information.

Features InMotion Network Solutions
Disk Space 60 GB 50 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 2 TB 2000 GB
Charges $14.99/mo $80.00/mo
How to Claim Promotion Link Not Recommended

Real Person Technical Support – InMotion Hosting Is Better

When evaluating the quality of technical support offered by your web host, you need to consider three aspects – support channels, reply speed and staff professionalism. After comparing them, we have found that InMotion Hosting does a better job in all of these three points than Network Solutions.

  • Support Channels – With InMotion Hosting, you can get the real person support by sending the mail messages, clicking the live chat button, calling the hotline and leaving questions on the Q&A community. With Network Solutions, however, you can only get the phone support for the VPS hosting. You can ask for the email support only when you purchase their e-commerce related services and SSL.
  • Reply Speed & Professionalism – We only compare their phone support for these two aspects. According to our personal feeling after trying their services, we have found that InMotion ensures the better professionalism and efficiency.

Hosting Convenience – InMotion Hosting Is More Usable

When it comes to the usability of the VPS hosting solution, you should focus on the control panel. Here, InMotion Hosting provides you with the advanced cPanel control panel for free, which is valued $200 for each year. With its simple interface, you can manage everything related to your files, domains, database and many more with the great ease.

Besides, this web host now offers an exclusive dashboard for the monitoring of resources, with which you will be informed of a number of special graphs and charts for the usage of server resources and the allocations of your partition. This way, you can easily control and monitor the usage on a daily basis.

In addition, InMotion Hosting clearly indicates that their VPS hosting solution is the managed service with advanced server optimization. In this case, you will not be bothered by the server management tasks and can focus your attention on the website running only.

Network Solutions also ensures you the functional control panel that is Parallels Plesk branded. Personally speaking, this control panel is pretty suitable for some experienced webmasters who are looking for the rich features. As for the ease of use, the Plesk one is not as good as the cPanel one.

Hosting Speed – InMotion Hosting Is Much Faster

Again, we’d like to rely on the real-world report for this aspect after testing the hosting speed of these two web hosts. Based on the statistics, InMotion Hosting wins the game one more time by ensuring 237 ms only for each server response.

Actually, to keep this super-blazing speed, InMotion Hosting has adopted a variety of technologies as listed in the following.

  • SSD Drives – This is a kind of hard drive that ensures you the 20 times faster loading speed, handles 95% more disk requests and pushes 65% more data than the traditional HDD.
  • Network Technologies – This web host gives you the access to the super-fast Gigabit network that can be expandable, along with the GBP4 routine and on-demand premium bandwidth.
  • CloudFlare CDN – This is the widely adopted CDN service that has a large number of caching points all over the world. As tested, this special technology can ensure at least 6 times faster speed.

Service Variety – Network Solutions Offers More

This is the only aspect for Network Solutions to edge over InMotion Hosting. After all, unlike InMotion Hosting that is a hosting-focused service provider, this web host can be multi-functional, offering a broad range of services related to SSL, e-commerce, web design, email, marketing, domain and some others.


It is clear that InMotion Hosting is better than Network Solutions in almost all the aspects. Even, they have gained a great customer satisfaction. Based on our online survey, it seems that all of their customers get a positive impression of their VPS hosting.