InMotion VPS Hosting Review & Discount

InMotion VPS Hosting Review & Discount

Nov 5, 2013

It is widely known that InMotion VPS hosting is very popular with VPS users. To figure out why, our editors have reviewed InMotion VPS Hosting in the following aspects: price, discount, important features, reliability, speed, technical support, and customer reviews.

We have been hosting a WordPress website on InMotion VPS platform for a fairly long time, and kept monitoring the site closely with a 5-minute interval. So this review on the VPS service quality is promised to be impartial.

InMotion VPS Price & Discount

InMotion offers three VPS plans called VPS-1000s, VPS-2000s, and VPS-3000s, the regular price of which starts from $29.99/mo, $49.99/mo, and $74.99/mo respectively. Now a 50% discount is valid for visitors through this promotional link with which the three VPS plans are purchasable at a much more affordable price of $14.99/mo, $24.49/mo and $37.49/mo. Price details are in the table below.

Billing Cycle VPS-1000s VPS-2000s VPS-3000s
1 Month $39.99/mo $69.99/mo $89.99/mo
6 Months $17.49/mo $29.99/mo $39.99/mo
12 Months $14.99/mo $24.49/mo $37.49/mo
InMotion Promotional Link Activation

InMotion VPS-1000s is the best choice for customers who want to build new website or upgrade their shared web hosting plans for more server resources and better performance, because this plan can certainly meet their needs with the minimum costs. When a website grows beyond the resource limitation, the owner can easily upgrade the plan to VPS-2000s or VPS-3000s. In this way, both the cost and risk are reduced.

InMotion VPS Features

InMotion allows users to have multiple websites hosted under one account with separate domain names, because unlimited hosted domains are offered to customers. Besides, with InMotion VPS hosting, users can get sufficient server resources including memory, disk space, and bandwidth, easy-to-use cPanel control panel, and some other tools. The amounts of server resources and some other features are listed in the following table.

Feature VPS-1000s VPS-2000s VPS-3000s
OS CentOS 6.4 CentOS 6.4 CentOS 6.4
RAM 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB
Disk Space 60 GB 130 GB 200 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 2 TB/mo 3 TB/mo 4 TB/mo
Dedicated IP(s) 2 2 3
Adv. Firewall Yes Yes Yes

InMotion VPS Reliability

InMotion is a reliable web host, providing 99.9% hosting uptime guarantee and good service in effect. The company only uses Commercial-Grade equipment from its world’s leading hardware partners including Dell and Cisco. Besides, BGP4 Smart Routing technology is used in their data centers, so the hosted websites can get far away from many connectivity problems and interruption caused by the bandwidth providers immediately and intelligently.

InMotion VPS Hosting Speed

Powered by sufficient network redundancy, multiple data centers, strong servers, and advanced technologies, InMotion VPS hosting has been the fastest among all the VPS hosting services we have reviewed so far.

In addition, InMotion offers both dedicated memory and burstable memory with which if a website has a sudden traffic surge, the burstable memory can handle it as a buffer reserved on the server without influencing the performance of the website.

With InMotion VPS, it is fast for customers’ websites and emails to deliver contents to visitors nearby without travelling thousands of miles just because InMotion has two data centers on both East Coast and West Coast of America, and allows customers to choose either one of them according to their visitors’ location.

Technical Support

Free 24x7x365 US based technical support is offered by InMotion. Their support staffs are very professional, patient and friendly. There are 5 ways to get issues resolved – phone, live chat, email, online tutorials and community based Q &A.

  • First, they take care of all the challenges users come across 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter how difficult they might be.
  • Second, from the beginner buying their first domain to the experienced and professional purchasers, they speak to all levels of experience.
  • Third, if there is a person who uses hosting for the first time, their new account specialists are there to point him or her in the right direction.
  • Fourth, users can get powerful self-help solutions because thousands of how-to’s, tips, tricks, and tutorials have been authorized by their customer community team.
  • Fifth, if a user asks a question between 8am to 9pm on weekdays, their customer community team will be sure to give the answer within one minute.

There has been more than 11,000 customer compliments so far in 2013 for the satisfactory technical support, which proves that the company really owns good technical support that makes users be at ease.

Customer Reviews

Most of the InMotion VPS hosting customers truly believe it is the best hosting they’ve tried, especially for the technical support, because when they ask a technical question, even a dumb question, at any time, the technical team is always very responsive and gets the right answer for them.


With affordable price, satisfactory uptime, fast speed, excellent value and really good technical support, InMotion VPS Hosting is actually a good choice for majority of hosting purchasers. And it really deserves to be highly praised and recommended.