How to Install cPanel on Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

How to Install cPanel on Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

Aug 5, 2014

install cpanel unmanaged vpsAs unmanaged VPS hosting is under the control of its users, you need to take care of all things on the server, such as application installation, site backup, uptime monitoring, server maintenance, and many more. Actually, all those tasks can be fulfilled with the help of a control panel, which should be the first consideration taken into account.

In this post, we focus on how to install cPanel on your unmanaged VPS hosting because cPanel has been recognized as the most powerful and popular control panel in the market. Frankly, it is not a big mess for you to finish the installation by following the guide as below.

In some cases, cpanel is not free to customers. You need to pay around $200/year for it from resellers. However, there are some reliable cPanel VPS hosting providers offering cPanel for free, which can help you svae a lot of budget.

Additional Step – Install Perl

Before installing cPanel on the server, you need to configure Perl at first. You can fulfill the Perl installation by following the command displayed as below.

install cpanel on vps

For cPanel is particular about domain name, you need to make sure that your domain name is fully qualified and type it with the command “hostname your FQDN”.

Install cPanel

Generally speaking, there are several steps of cPanel installation but it may take a few hours to complete, which depends on the hardware specification. First of all, you need to install a screen with this command:

install cpanel on vps

This program is very useful to ensure that the whole installation can proceed smoothly even if there are any issues caused by intermittent internet. And then, follow the command “screen” to start a new session.

You can install cPanel with WHM or a DNS only version of cPanel, which is based on your own needs. Each option has a specific command. For WHM, you need to use the command ” wget -N” while the command ” wget -N” is used for the DNS only version of cPanel.

Have the installation done, you should start to run the script with the command “sh latest”. It may take around two hours to complete.

To detach the screen, you can type the command “Cntrl-a-d”. By using the following command, you can reattach the screen.

install cpanel on vps

Once finishing the installation, you can log into the cPanel with your IP address: 2087 or domain: 2087. The command will be:

install cpanel on vps

From there, we find that installing cPanel manually is difficult for some newbies who lack hosting skills, and also, it is really time-consuming and energy-consuming. Thus, we suggest you to choose managed VPS hosting, which comes with enhanced control panel, managed support and many other advanced features. In this case, you don’t need to take too much effort to configure a control panel or many other applications.

In fact, there are many outstanding companies provide reliable managed VPS hosting services, such as BlueHost, JustHost, InMotionHosting, and so on. Here, we list the highlights of the 3 best VPS in the following table.