InterServer VPS Hosting Review &Rating

InterServer VPS Hosting Review &Rating

Jan 15, 2015

Firstly appearing in 1999 in New Jersey, InterServer has faith in setting itself apart and getting customers’ online businesses flourishing. Till in 2006, this web host opened its data center and started to draw attention from a wide range of people right from individual freelancers to Fortune 500 companies. It sets customers’ need as the core principal and has been dealing in shared, reseller and VPS hosting as well as dedicated servers.

However, InterServer has its own limitations and shortcomings that you should notice before moving. For instance, this company has less-than-average 99.5% network uptime guarantee and sets strict limits on server resources. Here, we will have an all-rounded review on this web host’s VPS hosting service both from the positive and negative sides. More useful details are displayed in below.

InterServer VPS Review

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    rating 3 of 5
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    rating 4 of 5
  • Speed
    rating 3 of 5
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    rating 3 of 5
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    $6/mo no discount available!

Pricing & TOS

Speaking to the range of VPS products, Interserver has been second to none by proving up to 16 solutions ranging from intro-level to elite-level. For pricing policy, this company makes the most basic plan available at the cost of $6/mo, while it charges up to $96/mo for the highest plan. In below, there is a screenshot for its pricing.

interserver pricing & tos policy

According to the TOS, InterServer promises to pay back clients with full amount if they cancel their accounts within the initial 30 days after registration. For payment portals, it grants PayPal, Credit Card and check order options, which makes buyers feel comfortable in dealing with online trade.

On the downside, InterServer supports the software to be installed through its control panel but it has no obligation to support any third-party software like forums and blogs. And there is no auto backup service in this so-called “fully-managed VPS service” and customers are required to back up their files by themselves.

Server Resources

What makes this company a different service from most web hosts is its various operating systems, including Archlinux, Windows 2008, Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, CentOS, Suse, Scientific and Fedora, etc. Pay attention that InterServer offers Direct Admin and cPanel in Linux VPS, while it refuses to offer any kind of control panel in Windows system.

In general, the allotted server resources vary along with different plans. To make things straightforward and clear, we select some of the plans and compare them from those essential features including data transfer, memory and storage. Detailed differences are showed in below.

Resources No.1 Slices No.2 Slices No.3 Slices No.4 Slices
Storage(GB) 25 50 75 100
Memory(MB) 1024 2048 3072 4096
Data Transfer(TB) 1 2 3 4
Price $6/mo $12/mo $18/mo $24/mo

Note that each plan is included with one free public IP address and customers can add up to five additional IP addresses. On the other side, they are allowed to purchase additional IPs at the cost of $1/mo for per IP.

Uptime Guarantee

As is mentioned above, InterServer only guarantees 99.5% network uptime, which is much less than most web hosts out there. In some cases the network availability is not up to 99.5%, this company compensates clients with a different amount of credits, which depends on specific case basis and is limited not to beyond 50% of the monthly fee.

interserver uptime guaranteeAnother aspect that needs to mention is that the uptime guarantee is only applicable to network infrastructures like switches and routers, and it doesn’t include software and service running on the customers’ servers. Plus, to claim credit or compensation, people need to submit a trouble-explaining ticket within one week of the outage.

InterServer locates its servers at a global scale and has a total of six VPS locations including Paris, France and Hong Kong, China. However, to our surprise, there is no clue or information regarding the technologies and facilities applied in data centers. Thus, whether for the real condition of its network uptime or performance, it still remains a question.

Customer Support

InterServer takes pride in its industry-leading customer support with in-house directors and managerial staffs. As a matter of fact, it is just the other way around. According to clients’ voices, the so-called “informed support employees” always beat around the bush without coming to the point.

Even worse, InterServer has no back-up means of communication, and there is no human or tech support to talk with when they go down. Besides, its “emergency reboot server” only leads you to a repeated and irritating mechanical voice. Even later, don’t expect someone to respond to your message on said machine.

Final Judgement

From the InterServer VPS hosting review above, we can make the final judgement that InterServer indeed has rich features. However, it is definitely not a perfect choice for people who desire an ultra-reliable and fast web host. Instead, we prefer recommending you going with the following VPS solutions.