iPage VS FatCow ???Similarities and Differences

iPage VS FatCow ???Similarities and Differences

Jul 9, 2014

iPage VS FatCow is written for people who are confused about making a choice between the two. When it comes to choosing a VPS hosting provider, many people may take iPage and FatCow into consideration. However, as newcomers in web hosting world, many people are not clear about how to make an advisable choice between the two.

Therefore, we write iPage VPS review and FatCow VPS review at first to analyze their VPS hosting service deeply. Then, we conclude their similarities as well as differences on every aspect to help readers understand them thoroughly. Before getting started, we’d like to present all readers an editorial rating table in below to give readers an overall impression of the two hosting companies.

iPage FatCow
Reputation rating 4 of 5 rating 3.5 of 5
Affordability rating 4 of 5 rating 4.5 of 5
Features rating 4.5 of 5 rating 3 of 5
Performance rating 4 of 5 rating 3 of 5
Reliability rating 4 of 5 rating 4 of 5
Technical Support rating 4 of 5 rating 3 of 5
Recommend? Link Activation Not Recommended


As reliable web hosts that are trusted by many people, iPage and FatCow share some important and essential aspects together. In the following, we carefully list out all of their similarities one by one in detail.

Price & Secure Purchase

priceiPage offers three VPS hosting plans including Basic, Business, and Optime, and the original price of them are $24.99/mo, $59.99/mo, and $99.99/mo respectively. However, now the company offers a special 20% discount for all new customers and reduces the price down to $19.99/mo, $47.99/mo, and $79.99/mo. All the customers can get the cheap rice by going through the promotional link. Coincidently, FatCow also provides three plans named as Basic, Business, and Optime and they have the same price with that of iPage.

Besides, both companies accept payments from credit cards and PayPal. The former is the most popular payment method while the latter is recognized as the most secure one. In order to make sure the purchase is worry-free and risk-free, both companies guarantee 30 days money back. In this way, people can get their money back within 30 days once they feel unhappy about the hosting service.

Reliable Uptime

Uptime is a vital factor to decide the success of a website. Knowing its significance, both companies invest a large sum of money in infrastructure construction. For example, iPage builds first-class data centers and equip them with high-quality power supply machines, standard cooling system, and 24×7 monitoring. As a result, both web hosts are capable of promise at least 99.99% uptime.


Although the two companies come with many commons for offering similar hosting packages, they do have different points as two independent hosting providers. In order to help readers know the two hosts thoroughly, we carefully explain their differences in below.

Hosting Features

As the VPS hosting plans in iPage and FatCow come with the same name and price, their VPS hosting features are almost alike in basic ones such as cores, RAM, storage, bandwidth, as well as root access. However, iPage is still a winner for providing blog setup wizard, free online store, as well as photo gallery setup wizard.

iPage FatCow
Plan in Comparison Basic Basic
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
System Linux Linux
Storage 40 GB 40 GB
Bandwidth 1TB 1TB
PHP, Perl, Python Yes Yes
Blog Setup Wizard Yes No
free online store Yes No
MySQL Database Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
Price $19.99/mo $19.99/mo
Website iPage.com fatcow.com

Hosting Speed

Undoubtedly, hosting speed is extremely important in website development. Therefore, we have set about a performance testing about the two companies to get the accurate figure of their hosting speed. After a month, we get the conclusion that the average server response time of iPage is 559ms, and that of FatCow is 695ms. The former is 24% faster than the latter.

Quality Customer Service

Under most circumstance, after-sale service can be regarded as the most essential factor to judge the fame and honesty of a company. Fortunately, both iPage and FatCow take this part seriously and strive to offering the best service in the industry.

customer serviceFor example, iPage puts much money in recruiting experienced supporting staffs that have rich knowledge about website management and at least 6 years working experience in this field. Customers can get the responsive technical support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week through multiple methods including:

  • Hotline – anyone who encounters emergency issues can call their support team and get help immediately.
  • Live chat – this is the best choice for people who have urgent problems, but cannot express themselves orally. Usually, people can get responses within several minutes.
  • Email – customer with unimportant or unhurried problems can choose to get help through this channel.

In order to figure out the true customer service condition of the two companies, our editors have tried the listed three methods one by one. As a result, iPage answers almost 50% faster than FatCow.

Conclusion – iPage is Recommended

Based on all the aspects we have reviewed, both iPage and FatCow are reliable VPS hosting providers. However, when it comes to choosing a cost-effectiveness and high-quality VPS host, we highly recommend iPage for its rich hosting features, efficient customer service, and fast page loading speed.