iPage vs HostPapa – Which Is the Better VPS Hosting Provider

iPage vs HostPapa – Which Is the Better VPS Hosting Provider

Jun 8, 2017

Looking for the high-performance VPS hosting provider? iPage and HostPapa are two of the widely recommended options. iPage starts their hosting business since the year of 1998. With tens of years of efforts to achieve the high-quality hosting solution, they now become a popular web host that supports more than 1 million websites around the web. HostPapa is another award-winning web host. They are younger than iPage, which was founded in 2006. With the constant efforts for the best hosting, they have got plenty of industry awards. This time, we have made an iPage vs HostPapa comparison to reveal the secrets of their VPS hosting solution.

Rating iPage HostPapa
Prices 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Speed 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Feature 5 of 5 stars 3.5 of 5 stars
Technical Support 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
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iPage vs HostPapa – What They Are In Common

While both of them are the quality VPS hosting providers, they have done something similarly. Especially, their hosting solution is the managed one and their technical support service is great.

The Fully Managed VPS Hosting

Unlike the easy web hosting, the VPS hosting is the advanced hosting type that requires you to maintain the virtually private servers, install the control panel and the needed software, make the regular update and security patches and many more. For most common webmasters, these tasks are hard to do. In this case, iPage and HostPapa decide to provide the fully managed service. This means all the above-mentioned tasks will be finished by the hosting provider. And you only need to focus on your website.

The Truly Helpful Technical Support

iPage and HostPapa provide the 24/7 technical support. You can get the best assistance no matter when you need. The support methods include the free calling, live chat, email and ticket. In addition, with the tutorials you can find from their Help Center and Knowledge Base, you can learn a lot about the VPS hosting service.

In addition, the hosting experts of iPage also will help you with the site loading issues, network problems and the hardware failures.

iPage vs HostPapa – What They Are In Different

We have tested their VPS hosting personally to better figure out their exclusive highlights and drawbacks. Based on the results for various important hosting aspects, we have found that iPage does the better job than HostPapa in many respects.

iPage Offers the Cheaper VPS Hosting

In fact, the starting price after the discount of iPage and HostPapa is the same – $19.99 per month. However, if you think about the renew charging and the valid period for the discounted price, iPage is surely more budget-friendly.

There are three packages you can get from iPage. Regularly, these plans charge you ranging from $24.99/mo to $99.99/mo. Now, there is a special promotional link available. With it, you can get a 20% discount that reduces the charges down to $19.99/mo.

iPage Promotion Link Activation

As for HostPapa, they provide up to 5 VPS hosting packages. There is an up to 85% discount available, which cuts the price from $49.99/mo to $19.99/mo. However, the discounted price is only available for the first month. After that, you should pay for the regular rate.

iPage Provides More Hosting Features

When concerning about their server resources, both iPage and HostPapa allow the rich allocation.

  • iPage provides at least 1 GB of server RAM, 40 GB of storage, 1 TB of bandwidth and 1 CPU core.
  • HostPapa offers at least 1.5 GB of RAM, 50 GB of storage, 1 TB of bandwidth and 4 CPU cores.

In addition, all the required hosting features are also available, including user-friendly cPanel control panel, script installer, Cron Jobs, website builders, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, CGI, SSL and many more.

However, iPage wins over HostPapa by offering a lot of free extras.

  • The free domain name
  • The free marketing credits for the search engine advertising on Google and Bing
  • The personalized email address
  • The free IP address
  • The free security tool of SiteLock
  • The free cloud storage that is up to 1 GB

iPage Ensures the Better Hosting Performance

Based on our online monitoring, we get the statistics that iPage achieves a 99.95% uptime for our sample website.

The uptime record of HostPapa is not that satisfactory, which is around 99.87% on average.

In addition, when comparing their server response speed, iPage is also much faster than HostPapa.

iPage actually has two cutting-edge data centers to locate their quality web servers. Each center is of the 24/7 security and the network runs on the N+1 power for both A/C and D/C. Also, their network consists of the redundant routers with multiple providers via the BGP. In addition, the SSD drives and the CDN service are also available, which are commonly offered by quality hosting providers to better improve the hosting reliability and speed.

HostPapa Allows More Hosting Freedom

HostPapa allows you to choose among 5 VPS hosting plans while iPage only provides 3 options. With more hosting freedom, you can pick up the exact suitable hosting plan that can fully meet your needs and does not leave too much financial burden to you.


Now, we can conclude that iPage is the better VPS hosting provider than HostPapa. With this hosting provider, the uptime and hosting speed are ensured. In addition, you can get the quality technical support and cost-effective hosting plans. Even, the money back guarantee is promised for the first 30 days.