iPage vs WebHostingBuzz – The Cheap VPS Hosting Comparison

iPage vs WebHostingBuzz – The Cheap VPS Hosting Comparison

Mar 28, 2017

This iPage vs WebHostingBuzz comparison is mainly about their VPS hosting solution. Both of these two companies provide the high-quality VPS hosting service. The former one aims at the fast hosting and the great support service, while the latter one ensures the rich package selection and the cheap price. Now, if you want to choose between them, you can have a look at the below content.

Here, iPage was established in 1998. With the continuous efforts, they now host over 1 million websites and provide hundreds of free website templates. WebHostingBuzz is a little bit younger that was founded in 2002. At present, they grow to have more than 250 web servers that are located in 3 different data centers to host your website.

Rating iPage WebHostingBuzz
Prices 4 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Speed 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Feature 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Technical Support 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
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iPage vs WebHostingBuzz – What They Are In Common

Both iPage and WebHostingBuzz are the budget-friendly VPS hosting providers. In this case, if you care about the affordability, you can choose either of them.

iPage VPS Hosting – Starts at $19.99/mo

There are three VPS hosting packages available from this company, including the Basic, Business and Optimum package. These three plans regularly are priced starting at $24.99 for each month, which can be afforded by most of you. Now, you can even get a 21% discount via this exclusive promotional link, which allows you to purchase starting at $19.99/mo.

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WebHostingBuzz VPS Hosting – Starts at $14.95/mo

WebHostingBuzz does not provide any discount since now. However, their starting price is already budget-friendly, which starts at $14.95/mo effectively.

iPage vs WebHostingBuzz – What They Are In Different

Based on our personal hosting experiences with the, we have found a lot of differences between these two hosting providers.

Easy VPS Hosting – iPage Is Better

When discussing their usability, we have to say that iPage promises the best convenience. With this web host, you can get the fully managed VPS hosting. This means you can get the free help with the server configurations, control panel installation, software update and many other complicated issues.

WebHostingBuzz, however, provides the self-managed service by default. Surely, you can ask for the managed service. But to get the help, you need to pay additional $50. And the installation of the cPanel and the Softaculous installer needs extra $10.

Package Features – iPage Provides More

Based on the package charges, iPage offers the different allocations of server resources for you. The started allocation includes 1 GB of RAM, 1 CPU core, 1 TB of bandwidth and 40 GB of storage. In addition, you can also get a free domain name, 1 free dedicated IP address, the free license for cPanel control panel, the free advertising for the main search engines, the free service of personalized email and many more.

WebHostingBuzz provides all the hosting features you may need to start your website properly. However, as compared with iPage, their features are not that rich. With them, you can get 1 CPU core, 1 GB of RAM, 20 GB of disk drives and 250 GB of bandwidth. And there are almost no free extras available.

Features iPage WebHostingBuzz
CPU 1 core 1 core
Memory 1 GB 1 GB
Storage 40 GB 20 GB
Bandwidth 1 TB 250 GB
Free IP Address 1 1
Free Domain Yes No
Advertising Credits Yes No
cPanel Free $8
1-Click Installer Free $2
Fully Managed VPS Free $50
Cloud Storage 1 GB No
Promo Link Not Recommended

In addition, iPage even allows the following advantages that edge over WebHostingBuzz.

  • The optionally root access
  • The instant provisioning of server resources
  • The seamless options for migration
  • The pre-installed scripts and languages – CGI, Python, Ruby on Rails, Perl, PHP and many more

Hosting Freedom – WebHostingBuzz Is Better

WebHostingBuzz provides 7 plans in total. In this case, you can have enough freedom to sign up with your most suitable package. In addition, even if you choose to get the fully managed service, you can choose not to install the default cPanel, but install the one you like on your own. Also, there are 7 choices for the operating system.

iPage does not give you too much freedom. You can only choose among three fully managed VPS packages and use the CentOS 6.4 as the operating system.

Technical Support – iPage Provides the Better Assistance

The technical support provided by iPage is impressive. The 24/7 availability allows you to contact their support team whenever you want. In addition, according to our real-world trying, their support staffs are really professional and patient. No matter we call them, chat with them instantly or send them the email messages, they can respond us quickly and perfectly.

The support service of WebHostingBuzz is not that convenient. When meeting some emergent issues, you cannot talk to them directly, for they will prioritize the live chat support over the hotline service. In addition, after trying their ticket system, we fail to the get the satisfactory experience.

Hosting Performance – iPage Achieves Better

As tested, iPage succeeds in achieving the 99.95% uptime and the 559 ms of server response speed. WebHostingBuzz, however, causes the downtime for two times and their server response speed almost doubles that of iPage.

The reasons that lead to the differences are listed in the following.

  • iPage ensures the guaranteed server memory to handle the traffic spikes effectively.
  • iPage configures their quality servers with the mirrored SAN storage that comes with the high speed.
  • The servers and data centers used by iPage are all in the industry-level, which are the basic foundation of the reliable and fast hosting service.


Now, we can conclude that the VPS offered by iPage can ensure more advantages than that offered by WebHostingBuzz. Especially, when considering the features, support and hosting performance, iPage does great. Even, this web host allows the 30 days money back guarantee for their VPS hosting.