iPower VS GoDaddy on VPS Hosting

iPower VS GoDaddy on VPS Hosting

Jul 24, 2015

iPower and GoDaddy both have been in this industry over ten years. They develop various products to satisfy the needs of different clients, which can be individuals, small business, developers or enterprises. Nowadays, here comes a discussion about which company offers better VPS hosting. We make the iPower vs GoDaddy to reveal the answer.

iPower Prevails over GoDaddy

Cheap VPS Hosting Plans

iPower now releases a 20% discount for three VPS hosting solutions, and that is valid for the first term. That allows webmasters to purchase a VPS hosting plan less that $20/mo. It is budget-friendly service indeed.

Price Basic Business Optimum
Regular $24.99/mo $59.99/mo $99.99/mo
Discount 20% 20% 20%
Now! $19.99/mo $47.49/mo $79.49/mo

The price information mentioned above is valid for the monthly billing terms. More discounts are available for the 12-month and 24-month subscriptions, which make the price down to $16.99/mo.

As for GoDaddy, there are 5 VPS hosting packages coming with a wide range of discounts and prices. All solutions are classified with the allocation of RAM.

  • Plan with 1GB RAM ???With 16% discount, the plan is pricing at $24.99/mo. The renewal is $29.99/mo.
  • Plan with 2GB RAM ???With 25% discount, the plan is pricing at $29.99/mo. The renewal is $39.99/mo.
  • Plan with 3GB RAM ???With 30% discount, the plan is pricing at $34.99/mo. The renewal is $49.99/mo.
  • Plan with 4GB RAM ???With 28% discount, the plan is pricing at $49.99/mo. The renewal is $69.99/mo.
  • Plan with 8GB RAM ???With 28% discount, the plan is pricing at $99.99/mo. The renewal is $139.99/mo.

Free Domain Registration

iPower waives the domain registration fee to enable more benefits for customers. However, if there is a need to register a new domain name on GoDaddy, webmasters are required to pay $9.99/yr for the first year and then $14.99/yr.

Live Chat Support

Both companies allow phone and email for the contact of their support staffs. iPower also offers live chat support and keeps online to chat with users for any requests. That is an effective method to communicate with support staffs and ask for help. GoDaddy does not support this communication method.

GoDaddy Prevails over iPower

Scalable VPS Server Resources

iPower has three levels of VPS hosting solutions, coming with up to 4 CPU cores, 8GB RAM, 120GB storage and 4TB bandwidth. The CentOS6.5 is available for all solutions. That can satisfy the basic needs of most websites. For some enterprise-class sites with heavy content, they may have a demand of more resources. GoDaddy VPS hosting is an optimal choice in that case.

GoDaddy launches 5 VPS hosting packages and each includes a certain collection of server resources. This company allows up to 8GB RAM, 240GB storage and 8TB bandwidth. In addition to CentOS6, GoDaddy also enables Windows operating system for each VPS hosting plan.

High Level of Reliability

iPower utilized two US-based data centers. Both are powered by 100% wind energy as well as equipped with 24×7 security system and N+1 power supply. That allows each server to access a hosted site once receiving a request thereby ensuring fast page loading speed and reliable hosting environment. Here comes the iPower uptime.

GoDaddy also utilizes US-based data center and invests a lot on infrastructures maintenance. This company recruits a group of professional technicians to monitor all facilities around-the-clock. Once detecting any issues or potential threats, they would take measures to settle a matter in real time. According to a 30-day uptime monitoring, GoDaddy delivers excellent uptime to each website.

Fast Page Loading

In addition to web hosting reliability, we also make a test on the server response time of both companies. The statistics shown as below indicate that GoDaddy consumes less server response time than iPower.

What’s in Common?

As what we’ve mentioned above, each company has its own merits on VPS hosting. There are a lot in common between iPower and GoDaddy and that are shown as below.

Powerful Control Panel

Both companies integrate each VPS hosting solution with cPanel so as to enable an easy manner for server configuration. Also, some advanced features are included in this powerful control panel, like spam assassin, mailing list, IMAP, web mail, etc.

Rich Resources and Skills

iPower Help Center includes a large number of knowledgebase articles, user guides and tutorials. The experts keeping releasing new guides to help webmasters set up their accounts, create websites and make an improvement on security with ease.

GoDaddy Garage is where to search for some hosting resources, in terms of the way to choose a great domain name, tips on how to run an efficient blog, basic knowledge on website security, and so on. The latest news and newly updated blogs are all included in the GoDaddy Newsroom.

Final Thought ???Who Offers Better VPS Hosting?

iPower and GoDaddy both utilize the most powerful control panel to guarantee good user experience. They also deliver a large number of hosting skills to new beginners. Besides that, each web host has its own advantages and disadvantages. For some webmasters planning to look for a perfect VPS hosting company, the two companies may be less than satisfactory. In this case, the following recommendations can be taken into consideration.