JustHost vs FatCow on VPS Hosting

JustHost vs FatCow on VPS Hosting

Aug 4, 2016

Looking to make a wise selection between the VPS hosting offered by JustHost and FatCow? This time, we have made a JustHost vs FatCow comparison after collecting the feedbacks from their real customers, carrying out the online tests and trying their VPS solutions personally.

Note that this comparison mainly talks about the aspects of technical support, reliability, hosting charges, overall performance and features. After learning what they have done similarly and differently, you can make the choice between them with much ease.

To begin with, we simply recommend you to check the below rating chart to get the overall and general impression.

Rating JustHost FatCow
Prices 5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Speed 5 of 5 stars 3.5 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Feature 5 of 5 stars 3.5 of 5 stars
Technical Support 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
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JustHost vs FatCow – Similar Aspects for Their VPS Hosting

Frankly speaking, after comparing them in a detailed manner, we have found that the biggest similarities between JustHost and FatCow are their affordable hosting charges and sufficient server resources. This great combination achieved by these two web hosts ensures the high price value for their packages.

Affordable Hosting Charges – Both Are Great

With JustHost, there are 4 VPS hosting plans available. Initially, these packages are set with the charges ranging from $29.99 to $119.99 per month. To be honest, for the fully managed VPS hosting solution, these prices are at the proper level. At present, moreover, this web host ensures a 50% discount for the first month via this special promotional link. This means your overall charges can be cut $15, $30, $45 and $60 for one time. And the hosting charge starts at $14.99/mo effectively.

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FatCow offers 3 plans only. Regularly, their packages are charged at the prices from $24.99 to $99.99 per month. But now, this hosting provider offers a 20% promotional discount to cut the initial charge to $19.99/mo only.

Sufficient Server Resources – Both Are Satisfactory

As reviewed, we need to admit that both JustHost and FatCow offer the enough server sources for you. With JustHost, you can get at least dual VPS cores, 2 GB of server RAM, 1 IP address, 1 TB of bandwidth and 30 GB of storage.

With FatCow, the allocation is also satisfactory, which includes at least 1 CPU core, 1 GB of server RAM, 40 GB of disk space and 1 TB of bandwidth.

Features JustHost FatCow
Bandwidth 1 TB 1 TB
Space 30 GB 40 GB
CPU Cores Dual Single
Free IP 1 1
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In addition, they all offer the required features, such as the cPanel, instant provisioning, root access, required programming languages and some others. However, the difference is that JustHost also offers some add-on features, such as the free domain name, Cloud technology, $200 ad credits and the full partnership with the MOJO marketplace.

JustHost vs FatCow – Different Aspects for Their VPS Hosting

Surely, JustHost and FatCow have done something in different. In the following, we’d like to summarize the key points, which include the money back guarantee, page loading speed, technical support and the hosting uptime.

Money Back Guarantee – JustHost Ensures the Better Refund Policy

The availability of the money back guarantee generally gives you a sense of worry-free when making the online order. Luckily, both JustHost and FatCow promise the 30 days money back guarantee. In this case, if you want to stop your hosting account within these days, you can ask for the full refund.

Moreover, JustHost also offers another two refund options for you to choose.

  • You can get the refund for both the domain name and the hosting solution by terminating the hosting before the first 3 days.
  • You can get the pro-rated refund by cancelling the account after the 30 days.

Page Loading Speed & Uptime – JustHost Ensures the Better Result

Page loading speed and uptime are really crucial for the hosting solution quality. In this case, both JustHost and FatCow have spared much effort and attention in these aspects. For instance, in order to achieve the strong base of the fast and reliable hosting, they all use the branded and high-quality server machines to host the websites. In addition, the data centers that are used to locate these web servers are multiple, which come with the cutting-edge equipment and facilities.

However, JustHost also adopts the additional services and technologies to better improve the overall performance. For instance, you can enjoy the SSD drives for free, enable the CloudFlare CDN using the cPanel and benefit from the server isolation technology to avoid the situation that your website running is affected by some others using the same server machine.

As tested, JustHost is around 90% faster than FatCow for their VPS hosting solution.

As for the uptime, JustHost promises the 99.99% record.

And FatCow only ensures the 99.95% uptime.

Technical Support – JustHost Ensures the Faster Support Response

In fact, you can get the 24/7 support with both of them via multiple support methods. For instance, you can contact their support team even at the midnight by giving them a free call, clicking the Chat Now button, sending an email and many more.

However, as the response efficiency cannot be ignored, we have tried their support service in the real world and have found that the support team of JustHost achieves the responsive and prompt reply, which is 30% faster than that of FatCow.


Based on this comparison, it is clear that JustHost is the better VPS hosting provider than FatCow. Especially, if you care about the hosting speed, uptime and technical support, JustHost will not disappoint you.