JustHost VS InMotion Hosting on VPS Hosting

JustHost VS InMotion Hosting on VPS Hosting

Mar 8, 2016

JustHost has run business in the market for seven years and has already gained a large group of loyal users all over the world. The company offers many options for web hosting such as shared, VPS and dedicated hosting.

InMotion Hosting has been providing hosting services in the industry for over ten years. And there are over 300,000 domains under their management. For its excellent service, InMotion Hosting is now a famous brand.

Every company has its own advantages and weaknesses, but which one is the right one for VPS hosting? To help you get an answer to this question, we have done a comparison between JustHost and InMotion Hosting in price, feature, performance and customer service. The following table is some ratings about them. You may have a glimpse at it and get some basic ideas about the two web hosts.

Editorial Rating

Before everything, we highly recommend you to check the below editorial rating chart to have the brief impression of the VPS hosting services offered by these two web hosts. To come out the precise and objective results for each aspect, we have finished the below tasks.

  • Check their VPS hosting plans and compare them one by one mainly for the aspects of hosting charges, free extras, ease of use, necessary hosting features and server resources.
  • Have two sample sites hosted with them and check the overall running of these two sites for around 3 months, with a view to checking their reliability and page loading speed.
  • Gather the online reviews and feedbacks from real customers all over the world to figure out their industry reputation.
  • Look for the contact channels of technical support and try them one by one to learn which of them ensures the faster and more professional support service.
Rating JustHost InMotion
Prices 5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Speed 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Feature 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Technical Support 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
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JustHost offers four options namely Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate, pricing at $29.99/mo, $59.99/mo, $89.99/mo and $119.99/mo normally. Recently you can have 50% discount though the promotional link below. Then the lowest price is at $14.99/mo. If there is any dissatisfaction with JustHost, you can get your money back at anytime, which makes you totally worry-free.

JustHost Promotion Link Activation

InMotion Hosting has three plans. The company used to price them at $29.99/mo. But now plans are on sale. Via the link below, you can purchase those products with appealing price at $14.99/mo, $24.99/mo and $37.49/mo. Like its counterparts, InMotion Hosting gives 90 days money back guarantee.

InMotion Hosting Promotion Link Activation


Both companies are leading providers in the industry. In order to provide the latest technologies, they have spent a lot of money on research and development. Let’s see what they have got for you in features. The following table is about main features included in their primary plans.

Feature JustHost InMotion
Plan In Comparison Standard VPS-1000S
Storage 30 GB 60 GB
Bandwidth 1 TB 2 TB
CPU 1 Core Maximal
IPs 1 2
Root Access Yes Yes
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Price $14.99/mo $14.99/mo
Visit JustHost Visit InMotion Hosting

From the table above, the two companies are not only budget-friendly but also offer rich and powerful features. Besides features mentioned above, JustHost uses cloud technologies which will offer you more features in the future. In addition, JustHost also gives you one free domain name, which saves about $10/yr. And InMotion Hosting provides free setup and SSH access, SSD drives, unlimited MySQL databases and so on. All in all, JustHost and InMotion Hosting are really worthy of a try.


JustHost has developed its own high performance servers. Through the cloud technologies, the company is able to continuously upgrade and enhance your servers so that they would constantly surprise you with fast speed.

Inside its datacenter in Chicago, there are servers with quad processor operating with UPS power backup generator. Besides, the company promises that there are always technicians on duty monitoring the datacenter and network so as to keep the downtimes at the lowest levels. By average, the company performs 99.99% uptime.

InMotion Hosting has built its redundant (n+1) datacenters on both coasts in America, so that you can choose a close datacenter which can boost your websites with faster speed. In addition, the company uses multiple fiber providers which are all world class companies with good reputation in the market. So for speed, InMotion Hosting has got you back.

As for reliability, the company promises 99.9% uptime. According to tracked data in 2016, the company had no serious outages and performed 100% uptime overall. Although there are a few complaints about its outages, most users are satisfied with its uptime.

Surely, InMotion Hosting is a little bit better than JustHost for both of the uptime and hosting speed. To ensure this level of website performance, they have done a lot of efforts as listed in the following.

  • Their web servers are all of the branded components, plenty of RAM, advanced processors and solid state drives, all are used to ensure the stable and fast website running.
  • There are two data centers used by InMotion Hosting, each of which is well-equipped with advanced facilities for monitoring, machine cooling, security, fire and water prevention, no power outage and many more.
  • To achieve the direct data connection, they have worked with some large ISPs.
  • All the servers are coming with the N+1 settings and RAID 5.
  • They adopt the BGP4 network to avoid the downtime effectively that is caused by the loss of hardware.

Customer Service

First of all, the two companies value customer satisfaction a lot, and that is what makes them today. For general consultation, you can contact them via phone, email and live chat or you can help yourself in knowledgebases. For technical assistance, you can also send tickets if you don’t prefer those channels mentioned before.

In addition, they are also willing to listen to your voice, by which they can make their services much better. In general, their services are appreciated especially for their efficient replies and proactive attitude.


Overall, both companies are reliable VPS providers actually. But if you want to prefer a more experienced company, you may go to InMotion Hosting. If you really want to experience high technologies such as cloud technologies, then JustHost can be a better option.