JustHost vs IXWebHosting – Which Offers the Better VPS Solution

JustHost vs IXWebHosting – Which Offers the Better VPS Solution

Dec 5, 2016

When talking about the quality VPS hosting providers, JustHost and IXWebHosting must be mentioned. These two web hosts all have the long VPS hosting history and satisfy the hosting requirements for a large number of webmasters around the world. Here, to give you the easy selection between them, we have made a JustHost vs IXWebHosting comparison in the following.

In fact, JustHost is a truly cost-effective hosting provider. They ensure the low hosting charges but do not sacrifice the hosting quality for saving the budget. In addition, as the sister brand of some famous hosting providers like BlueHost, this company guarantees you the great hosting performance without any downtime worry.

As for IXWebHosting, this web host offers the VPS hosting based on both the Windows and the Linux platforms. In addition, they aim at the more hosting freedom with multiple options of operating systems and control panels.

Rating JustHost IXWebHosting
Prices 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Speed 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Feature 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Technical Support 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
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How Can JustHost Win Over IXWebHosting

In fact, according to this comparison, we have found a lot of aspects that JustHost edge over IXWebHosting. Especially, for some key aspects of charges, technical support, hosting performance and features, JustHost does the pretty good job.

JustHost Charges Lower than IXWebHosting

Firstly, JustHost gives you multiple selections when it comes to the VPS packages. Here, you can choose among 4 options that are priced ranging from $29.99 to $119.99 per month regularly. Now, you can get a special 50% discount via this exclusive promotional link, cutting the hosting charges down to $14.99 only for each month.

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IXWebHosting also offers 4 plans. Two are for the Linux VPS hosting and another two are for the Windows VPS hosting. To maximize the user benefits, they also offer some attractive discounts. However, even their discounted charge is higher than that of JustHost, which are ranging from $54.95/mo to $104.95/mo.

JustHost Promises the Better Technical Support than IXWebHosting

In fact, we have found that the 24/7 technical support is ensured by both JustHost and IXWebHosting. Even, you can contact their support team by sending the private emails, calling the hotline number and clicking the live chat button.

However, as researched online, it seems that customers who love the support service of JustHost are much more than that of IXWebHosting. Even, as tried personally, we feel that JustHost support team can give us the better and quicker technical support all the times.

JustHost Ensures the Better Refund Policy than IXWebHosting

Both JustHost and IXWebHosting allow you to take you money back if you cancel your hosting account before the first 30 days since the account registration. This can give you the great sense of security and worry-free.

Moreover, JustHost also allows the pro-rated refund that is available for anytime. This great offering is not available from IXWebHosting refund policy.

JustHost Is Faster and More Reliable than IXWebHosting

JustHost really has done an amazing job when talking about the hosting speed and uptime. As tested, their average server response speed is 366 ms only and they maintain the great uptime record that is about 99.99%.

These great statistics are not the occasional things. Instead, JustHost tries their best to achieve and promise the great hosting performance with the following listed efforts.

  • They design, develop, test and adjust the VPS servers on their own. This can break any potential barrier and cover all the happened issues effectively.
  • Also, this web host utilizes the advanced and Cloud based technologies such as KVM and OpenStack, all of which are good for the enhancement of hosting speed.
  • Their guru group constantly optimizes and upgrades the web servers to have them be ahead of the curve all the times.
  • Even, the data centers of this web host are cutting-edge.

As for IXWebHosting, they also pay attention to their servers and data centers. However, this web host locates all of their web servers at a single data center. In addition, they fail to utilize some additional technologies like JustHost for the further enhancement of the hosting performance. Frankly speaking, their testing results are just in the common standard.

JustHost Offers Much More than IXWebHosting

In fact, they all ensure the sufficient server resources for each package. This means you do not need to pay for the extra resources if you choose the right plan. With JustHost, you can get at least 2 GB of server RAM, a free IP address, 1 TB of monthly bandwidth and 30 GB of disk space.

As for IXWebHosting, their allocation includes at least 50 GB of storage, 2 free IPs, 1,500 GB of data transfer and 768 MB of RAM.

However, JustHost also offers plenty of free extras that IXWebHosting does not. For instance, you can get a free domain name, free website builders, $100 bonus for Google ad credits, $100 bonus for Bing ad credits and many more.

How Can IXWebHosting Win Over JustHost

IXWebHosting has no obvious highlights to win over JustHost. However, they give multiple hosting freedom. For instance, you can choose to sign up with the Linux hosting or the Windows hosting, utilize the CentOS or the Debian OS and install the cPanel or the Plesk one.


Clearly, JustHost is the better option than IXWebHosting when it comes to the VPS hosting solution. With them, you do not need to pay too much and can get the most reliable and fast hosting, along with the helpful assistance and rich features.