JustHost vs Linode on VPS Hosting Solution

JustHost vs Linode on VPS Hosting Solution

Jan 16, 2016

For people who are looking for the quality VPS hosting solution to get the virtually private hosting environment, JustHost and Linode are the top options. Both of them are experienced enough to know how to support you with the best service. Besides, with the large user base, they also achieve the great customer satisfaction rate.

In the following, we’d like to showcase a JustHost vs Linode comparison that explains their pros and cons to help you choose between them effortlessly.

Editorial Rating

Firstly, we’d like to display our editorial rating about the prices, features, support, speed and uptime of these two hosting providers. Personally, we think JustHost is the better option. Even, according to our online research among their customers, JustHost gets more positive feedbacks than Linode.

Rating JustHost Linode
Prices 5 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Speed 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Feature 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Technical Support 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
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JustHost Edges Over Linode for VPS Hosting

JustHost has been in this field for more than 10 years and aims at offering the cheap and fast VPS hosting service. Besides, by utilizing the branded web servers along with multiple cutting-edge data centers, this web host is 100% reliable. Even, instead of outsourcing the technical support department, JustHost chooses to set up their own support team to give you the best technical assistance.

As compared with Linode, JustHost edges for the aspects of cost-effectiveness, hosting performance and the support channels.

Releases More Cost-Effective VPS Hosting Plans

A truly cost-effective hosting plan must come with the rich features and the affordable hosting charge in the same time. As for the cheap prices, both JustHost and Linode offer you the budget-friendly hosting plans that are starting at $10/mo only.

JustHost has 4 VPS packages in total, which charge you starting at $29.99/mo regularly. At present, this hosting provider releases a time-limited promotion link that reduces the hosting prices down to $14.99/mo, already half of the regular charging.

JustHost VPS Hosting Plans

JustHost Promotion Link Activation

As for Linode, this web host offers 9 plans in total, but in this comparison, we only discuss their first 4 plans that are widely adopted by webmasters. To get them, you are charged ranging from $10/mo to $80/mo.

Linode VPS Hosting Plans

Clearly, both of these two web hosts are surely affordable. As for the features, however, JustHost is more generous.

  • With JustHost, you can get 2 GB of RAM, 30 GB of storage, a free domain name, hundreds of advertising credits, free cPanel license, and many more.
  • With Linode, however, you get 2 GB of RAM, 48 GB of storage and 3 TB of bandwidth, without the free marketing vouchers and many other free extras.

In the following, we have compared the Standard plan of JustHost with the Linode 1 GB plan of Linode using the vivid comparison table.

Features JustHost Linode
Disk Drives 30 GB 48 GB
Bandwidth 1 TB 3 TB
Free Domain Yes – $14.95/year valued No
Advertising Credits Yes – $250 valued No
Installed cPanel Yes – $425/year valued No
Discounts 50% N/A
Prices $14.99/mo $20.00/mo
How to Claim Promotion Link Not Recommended

Offers the Better Money Back Policy

With JustHost, you can enjoy the 30 days full money back guarantee and the anytime prorated refund policy, getting the best sense of worry-free and risk-free.

As for Linode, the full refund period of this company is 7 days only. It is true that they also offer the prorated money back, but each refund is subjected to additional $5 service fee.

Allows More Payment Methods

In addition to the commonly used credit card payment method, JustHost also allows you to pay via PayPal, ensuring a high level of security and convenience for making the online deal.

Linode, however, only accepts the credit cards.

Ensures the Better Hosting Uptime

Here, we have to mention that both JustHost and Linode can guarantee you the reliable hosting service with no frequent and serious downtimes.

  • JustHost develops their servers from the ground up using the solid components for breaking barriers and locate these machines at the world-class data centers that are featuring with the advanced technologies to ensure the power supply, temperature control, security monitoring and many more.
  • Linode also utilizes some quality web servers and up to 8 well-equipped data centers that are located at 3 different regions. Even, this web host claims of guarantee the 99.9% uptime. If your site is down for more than 0.1%, you can request for the compensation.

To have a clear impression of their hosting reliability, we have started an uptime monitoring for two identical sites that are hosted with them respectively. Based on more than 3 months of testing, we have found that both of them are reliable enough to ensure at least 99.9% uptime. However, JustHost is even better by achieving almost 100% uptime for the sample site.

Achieves the Faster Hosting Speed

In addition to the better uptime track record, we also have found that JustHost is faster than Linode based on our real-world testing. The sample website hosted with JustHost requires an average of 366 ms for server response, which is only half of the consumption for the site hosted with Linode.

To ensure the fast speed, JustHost not only adopts the quality servers and great server spaces, but also uses some technologies such as I/O segregation, KVW, SSD storage, CloudFlare CDN and OpenStack.

Allows More Channels for the Technical Support

In fact, both JustHost and Linode offer the 24/7 technical support with the effective response to deal with all your VPS hosting related issues. According to our personal trying, they all give us the satisfactory support service.

However, the difference is that JustHost allows you to contact their support representatives via the live chat, email, ticket system and hotline. As for Linode, there is no live chat support available, which may bring the inconvenience to some extent.

Linode Edges Over JustHost for VPS Hosting

Unlike JustHost that offers multiple hosting types, Linode only focuses on the VPS hosting solution. As compared with JustHost, they win over in the following aspects.

  • While JustHost only allows the CentOS 6.5, Linode allows up to 7 distributions.
  • As the professional VPS hosting provider, Linode offers some exclusive hosting features and services such as the IPv6 support, 2-factor authentication, cloning, scaling, rescue mode and many more.
  • Although both of them have the knowledge base, the VPS related tutorials posted by Linode are more professional.


According to the comparison, JustHost wins more scores by offering more server resources and free extras, ensuring faster speed and better uptime, providing more support channels and charging you at the cheaper hosting charges. In this case, when choosing between JustHost and Linode, we highly recommend the former one.