JustHost vs WebHostingBuzz – Which Ensures the Better VPS Hosting

JustHost vs WebHostingBuzz – Which Ensures the Better VPS Hosting

Dec 15, 2016

At present, JustHost and WebHostingBuzz have got the great online reputation and the large user base for their VPS hosting solution. Both of them offer the affordable VPS hosting solutions, along with the rich features. Even, the technical support is ensured all the times. Now, to clearly clarify the similarities and differences between them, we have made a JustHost vs WebHostingBuzz comparison in the following, concerning about their VPS hosting only.

Rating JustHost WebHostingBuzz
Reputation 5 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Feature 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Speed 5 of 5 stars 3.5 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Technical Support 5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
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JustHost vs WebHostingBuzz – How Can They Be Similar

In fact, the package charges set by both JustHost and WebHostingBuzz are surely affordable. Here, JustHost releases 4 VPS plans. Initially, you are required to pay at least $29.99/mo. However, you now can enjoy the great discount that is up to 50% via this exclusive promotional link. This means JustHost VPS hosting can be got from $14.99 per month only.

JustHost Promotion Link Activation

The plans offered by WebHostingBuzz are more than JustHost. You can choose among 7 options that charge you starting at $14.95/mo only.

JustHost vs WebHostingBuzz – What Are Their Differences

As for their different aspects for the VPS hosting, we mainly concern about their technical support, hosting features, overall performance and the easy hosting.

Technical Support – JustHost Does the Better Job

JustHost sets up their own technical support team that has the experienced gurus. Whenever you need their help to resolve your issues, you can contact them by calling the phone number, sending the email, clicking the chat button and the opening the ticket. Note that you can do this based on your needs and convenience. The support is available all the times.

As for WebHostingBuzz, this hosting provider allows the live chat, phone and email support at any time as well. However, we fail to find their hotline number from the Support page. Also, they clearly state that at the peak times, they prioritize the live chat support over the phone support, which may not be convenient for all the users.

Hosting Features – JustHost Offers More

When it comes to the hosting features, the server resources allocation is the first aspect you should pay attention. For this part, JustHost is a little bit better.

  • JustHost provides at least 1 TB of monthly bandwidth, 2 GB of RAM, 30 GB of disk space and dual core.
  • WebHostingBuzz provides at least 250 GB of bandwidth, 1 GB of RAM, 20 GB of disk space and a single CPU core.
Features JustHost WebHostingBuzz
Disk Drives 30 GB 20 GB
Free Domain Yes No
CPU Dual Cores Single Core
Free Advertising Yes No
Bandwidth 1 TB 250 GB
Instant Provisioning Yes No
Promo Link Not Recommended

In addition, JustHost also offers some other add-on features that WebHostingBuzz lacks. For instance, you can get the free domain name, the management for multiple accounts, the instant provisioning and the guaranteed server resources.

Overall Hosting Performance – JustHost Is Better

We have searched on the web to learn their industry reputation. Frankly speaking, JustHost gets the great reputation for their achieved hosting performance. Almost all of their customers feel satisfied. Here, we have personally tested their uptime and speed. You can check the amazing statistics achieved by them in the following.

As for WebHostingBuzz, this VPS hosting provider operates 4 data centers that are carrier grade and are located in the North America. As researched, each data center is advanced enough to host their server machines. Here, we need to admit that the VPS hosting offered by WebHostingBuzz is reliable and effective. However, as compared with JustHost, their service is not that excellent.

JustHost, to be honest, has done a lot to make sure the smooth and fast VPS hosting for all of their hosted websites.

  • All the web servers used by JustHost are the branded ones. In this case, your site is ensured to run in the smooth, secure and stable environment. Also, the servers are configured with the SSD storage.
  • The data centers used by this hosting provider are the cutting-edge ones. Equipped with the advanced facilities, all the machines can run properly without the need to worry about the power outage, fire, water, high temperature and many more.
  • They offer their VPS solution based the Cloud technology. This can give your website the guaranteed growth path and room.
  • The server resources given to you can be available all the times by making use of the KVM hypervisor virtualization.
  • They provide the CloudFlare CDN for free. You can activate this great tool from the cPanel.

Easy Hosting – JustHost Ensures the Better Result

The VPS hosting can be hard to use for some common webmasters. After all, this hosting type requires you to maintain and to configure your virtually private servers. JustHost, however, offers the fully managed solution to handle all the server-side tasks automatically. This gives the much convenience for newbies.

WebHostingBuzz also offers the managed hosting. However, to get the service, you have to pay additional $50. Even, if you want to use the cPanel and the Softaculous, you need to pay extra $10.

Hosting Freedom – WebHostingBuzz Allows More

WebHostingBuzz offers more VPS plans than JustHost. Even, they give you multiple options for the operating system, such as the FreeBSD, Gentoo, CentOS, Debian, Fedora and many more.


According to this comparison, we highly recommend you to choose the VPS hosting offered by JustHost instead of WebHostingBuzz. This web host keeps everything the top-level options so as to ensure the stable and fast running for your site. Even, the anytime money back is a great promise for you.