KnownHost VS HostGator on Managed VPS Hosting

KnownHost VS HostGator on Managed VPS Hosting

Sep 4, 2015

KnownHost is a privately held hosting provider, specialized in managed VPS, managed SSD VPS and managed dedicated servers. Differing from a company dedicated in VPS hosting, HostGator is a comprehensive hosting provider, releasing various hosting types.

Many webmasters are wondering about which company offers the better managed VPS hosting. The KnownHost vs HostGator is made to reveal the answer.

KnownHost VS HostGator ???Data Centers and Networks

KnownHost has three world-class data centers in US

KnownHost locates those three US-based data centers in US Central, East Coast and West Coast. Each data center is equipped with high technologies.

  • Central Data Center is covering 68,000 square feet. This data center is integrated with fully redundant Cisco architecture and dual network feeds. The security cameras, key pads and card readers keep working around-the-clock, which make a great improvement on data center security level.
  • West Coast Data Center is covering 20,000 square feet, which is equipped with true redundant power delivery, redundant 10Gig Tier 1 fiber, temperature controlled system, and other advanced technologies. All facilities are under 24×7 monitoring system.
  • East Coast Data Center is covering 16,500 square feet, equipped with SSAE 16 Type II audited facility. The N+1 power delivery systems, advanced fire detection and temperature control system ensure all servers run smoothly.

KnownHost invests a lot on the maintenance of all data centers. In this case, all websites can be hosted in a reliable environment. Below is the report of KnownHost uptime and server response time.

KnownHost Uptime and Server Response Time

HostGator utilizes two state-of-the-art data centers

HostGator utilizes two top tier US-based data centers located in Houston, TX and Provo, UT. Both data centers are powered by the state-of-the-art technologies.

  • Houston, TX Data Center is covering 300,000 square feet. This data center is featuring UPS battery backup units, Detroit Diesel generators, power distribution units and some other highly redundant systems.
  • Provo, UT Data Center is covering 8,500 square feet, equipped with a unique energy efficient pod design. This data center comes with high-quality redundant infrastructures and advanced cooling system. The CCTV monitoring system works around-the-clock to detect any issues in time.

Such advanced technologies make everything run smoothly. According to an uptime and response time monitoring as below, HostGator can host all websites in a reliable hosting environment as well as deliver fast speed.

What’s in the Deal? ???Plans, Price and Server Resources

* Comparison on Plans and Price

KnownHost VPS Hosting Plans and Price

KnownHost has 7 levels of managed VPS packages, pricing from $25/mo to $120/mo. That is valid for the monthly billing cycle. An extra discount is available for the quarterly and yearly plans. There are three control panels offered to customers, Plesk, cPanel and DirectAdmin. Each control panel charges for $5. Note that, each VPS package comes with 30-day money back guarantee.

KnownHost VPS Plans and Price

HostGator VPS Hosting Plans and Price

HostGator offers 5 managed VPS hosting packages, which are all on sale now. The following promotional link is used to make a 40% discount into effect immediately. With such exclusive promotion, HostGator VPS hosting is now starting at only $11.97/mo. That is valid for 1/3/6/12-month billing term.

HostGator Promotional Link Activation

Some freebies are included in each VPS plan, like dozens of scripts, thousands of website templates, user-friendly site building tool, etc. That saves customers a sum of money.

* Comparison on Server Resources

The comparison on server resources is included in the following table. Two fully managed VPS hosting plans are selected here, including KnownHost VPS-1 and HostGator Snappy 1000.

Feature KnownHost HostGator
Plan in Comparison VPS-1 Snappy 1000
Disk Space 25GB 60GB
Bandwidth 3000GB 1TB
IPs 2 2
Full Root Access Yes Yes
Price $25/mo + $5 (Control Panel) $33.97/mo
Recommended No Go HostGator

It follows that HostGator includes more resources in each VPS server. As for CPU core, HostGator allows 1 CPU core for each hosted site while KnownHost includes 16+ CPU cores in each server and allocates each hosted site with equal share.

Who Offers More Responsive Technical Support?

KnownHost and HostGator both have thorough technical support systems thereby giving webmasters a help in time. They have a group of professional support staffs who keep online and answer all requests via online chat, email, ticket system and phone. Both companies also set forums to allow webmasters to exchange experience with others. Also, a large number of user guides and tutorials are available here.

Verdict: KnownHost VS HostGator ???Which Company is Worth Going?

No matter for VPS hosting affordability or performance, HostGator has done a better job than KnownHost. This company includes more possibilities in each VPS plan but enables an affordable price. As for technical support, both companies make good on the promise.