Linode VS A2Hosting on Best Cloud VPS Hosting

Linode VS A2Hosting on Best Cloud VPS Hosting

Aug 1, 2014

Linode and A2Hosting are two companies offering reputable and quality VPS hosting service. However, many people have no mind when making a choice between two giants. This Linode VS A2Hosting comparison is written for helping clients have clear understanding about two companies and know their commons and differences.

We mainly contrast them on pricing, features, technologies, performance, and technical support. By revealing the differences and similarities, we help customers thoroughly learn about two companies and simply choose the right provider.

Linode VS A2Hosting ???Overview

To show the overall situation of two companies, we have listed their basics and ratings for pricing, technologies, flexibility, controllability, performance and support. Check out detailed information in the below table.

Rating Linode A2Hosting
Reputation rating 3.5 rating 4.5
Price rating 3 rating 4
Technologies rating 3 rating 4
Performance rating 4 rating 4.5
Technical Support rating 3 rating 4.5
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Linode is a powerful web host launched in June 2003. Focusing on cloud hosting service initially, the company continues to be a leader in the field, with 250,000 customers underserved worldwide.

Established in 2001, A2Hosting is a historic company that delivers a series of quality and fast web hosting services. At present, it has 2 data centers and over 300 employees to serve for hundreds of thousands of clients.

In the below part, we compare Linode VS A2Hosting on the advanced Cloud VPS hosting service.

Pricing & Plans – A2Hosting Wins!

Linode offers 8 unmanaged Cloud hosting plans based on the memory amount. It supports Hourly Billing payment that all services are charged automatically at the end of each month. The basic plan is priced for $10/mo, including 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 24 GB disk space, 2 TB bandwdith. See detailed price in the following.

Linode Price

With unmanaged service, the company doesn’t provide any help for backups or technical support, but charges for the backups according to the plan selected.

On the other hand, A2Hosting provides 3 custom Cloud VPS hosting. Customers can flexibly choose the operating system, disk space, bandwidth, CPU, memory and server options as they need. In the other word, they pay only for what they use. Starting for $15/mo, the basic plan includes 2 CPU cores, 512 MB RAM, 2 TB bandwdith, and 10 GB disk space. Plus, customers can click through this exclusive promotional link to apply 34% discount, which makes the cloud VPS effective for $9.9/mo.

A2Hosting Price

Both Linode and A2Hosting offer affordable Cloud VPS hosting. However, Linode charges for additional $100 if you need managed service. Customers can have flexible and affordable options on A2Hosting.

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Feature & Technologies – Both Win!

To ensure the best performance for the Cloud VPS hosting, both companies utilize the blazing fast SSD storage. Instead of using the traditional drives, the State Solid Drives are 300% faster. In addition, Linode offers simple and comfortable control panel that allows customers to deploy, resize, clone and boot in a few clicks. Besides, it takes use of Lish, Linode API, CLI, and StackSript to give users a flexible way to manage the server.

In addition to SSDs, A2Hosting also uses a series of advanced technologies to power the service. The A2 QuickInstaller enables users to auto-install the most famous developer software in few clicks. Besides, it also offers SSH, cPanel control panel, Full Root Access, Full Network Control, and more.

Performance – A2Hosting Wins!

performanceTo keep the hosting service with high performance, both Linode and A2Hosting devotes enormous effort to build robust facilities. Linode builds 9 datacenters on Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. By utilizing branded servers and solid networks, the company delivers a very fast server response speed.

A2Hosting has 2 dedicated data centers on USA and Europe and gives users the flexibility to choose which they want to reply. The data center is SSAE 16 certified and equips with 300kVA UPS uninterrupted power, 750kVA Cummins Diesel Generator, 15 air conditioning units, and static-free flooring.

Besides, the company utilizes clean energy to power the server and offers entirely green hosting service. As we minitor its server, the average responding time is nearly 397 ms, much faster than competitors in the field.

Technical Support – Both Win!

Considering the technical support is an important part of cloud hosting, two companies both offer considerate 24×7 support to help customers. Linode builds an online forum on the official site and encourages people to communicate with each other. Besides, it is also available for email, ticket, phone, and chat on IRC for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With rich experience and clearly understand the demands of cloud users, A2Hosting provides managed support for 24×7. No matter when customers have questions or problems, they can get practical and instant support from experienced staffs. As well, the supports are valid via telephone, live chat and emails.

In addition, the company also creates a Knowledgebase, Community Form and Blog on the official site. So customers can freely search for helpful tutorials and content as they need.

Conclusion ???A2Hosting is Recommended!

As the above comparison, both Linode and A2Hosting are excellent for Cloud VPS hosting. However, we recommend A2Hosting for customers who need managed support and flexible choice. Besides the reputable service, the company also earns a good reputation among communities and customers. As we collect 107 verified customer reviews, nearly 99% are satisfied with this service.