Linode vs HostMonster on VPS Hosting Service

Linode vs HostMonster on VPS Hosting Service

Mar 21, 2016

When it comes to the VPS hosting solution, both Linode and HostMonster can be regarded as the trustworthy options that have been adopted by a large number of webmasters around the world. The former one focuses on the VPS hosting service only and pays much attention to the cost-effectiveness and the overall reliability of the service, while the latter one ensures the fast hosting solution that comes with the great technical support.

Surely, both of these two web hosts have their exclusive advantages and disadvantages so you may feel confused to figure out which of them is the best option for you. In this case, we have made a Linode vs HostMonster comparison in the following, introducing what you can get and what you may suffer from them, along with the similarities and differences between them.

General Rating Chart for Linode and HostMonster

To compare these two VPS hosting providers, we have started the online survey among their real customers for the collection of user feedbacks concerning about the hosting charges, technical support, features, uptime and page loading speed. After analyzing these opinions, we have found that HostMonster succeeds in gaining a better customer satisfaction.

In addition, to get the most objective result along with the detailed statistics of their uptime and performance, we have carried out the uninterrupted online monitoring 3 months ago. Also, we have contacted their support team for testing which of them ensure the more responsive and helpful support service. Based on the personal trying, we again feel that HostMonster satisfies us better.

Check the below chart for the detailed star rating.

Rating Linode HostMonster
Prices 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Speed 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Uptime 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Feature 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Technical Support 3 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
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What They Are In Common

The biggest similarity between Linode and HostMonster is that both of them ensure the 100% cost-effective VPS hosting. This means no matter which one you choose, you can enjoy the rich-featured hosting packages without the need for paying too much.

Linode VPS Hosting

In fact, you can choose from 9 plans available with Linode, but this time, we only focus on the initial 4 options that are widely adopted by common webmasters and online business owners. At present, these 4 plans charge you from $10/mo to $80/mo effectively, along with at least 2 TB of monthly bandwidth, 24 GB of storage and 1 GB of RAM.

Linode VPS Hosting

HostMonster VPS Hosting

If you choose to sign up with HostMonster, there are also 4 packages available, giving you enough freedom to pick up the most suitable one for fully meeting your hosting needs. Initially, you need to pay at least $29.99/mo to enjoy the VPS hosting of HostMonster. At present, however, there is a 50% discount available via this special promotional link, cutting the charge down to $14.99/mo only. Even the most powerful Ultimate plan charges you starting at $59.99/mo effectively.

As for the hosting features, you can get at least 1 TB of monthly bandwidth, 30 GB of storage and 2 GB of RAM.

HostMonster VPS Hosting

It is true that you can enjoy the rich features and affordable charges with both of them. However, when it comes to the performance, uptime, support, security and some other aspects, things can be different. Just check the below differences between these two web hosts.

How Can HostMonster Win Over Linode

In fact, HostMonster can be viewed as the starter option for all the common webmasters due to their fully managed service. In addition, this web host chooses to develop their VPS servers without any barriers for the peak hosting.

As for Linode, their VPS hosting is surely powerful, but is a little bit complicated that is suitable for advanced users mainly.

Easy Starting Process with the Managed VPS Service

When signing up with HostMonster VPS service, the process is pretty easy before you can have your website started. You only need to pick up your preferred plan, fill out the account information, finish the package information, provide your billing information and click the Submit button. That’s it! Nothing extra you are required to do. Even, with the feature of Instant Provisioning, your website can be got up in a few seconds. No need for you to wait for hours or even days.

With Linode, however, things are quite complex. In addition to finishing the sign-up process, you also need to provision your Linode, select the Linux distribution, boot your Linode, connect to the Linode using SSH protocol, find the IP address, install or update software, set up the hostname and many more. Personally speaking, these practices can confuse a large number of new users.

This difference is caused due to the fact that the VPS hosting offered by HostMonster is fully managed so that you can focus on your website running only. Linode, however, offers the unmanaged service by default, requiring you to finish everything on your own.

Surely, you can ask for the managed service from Linode, but the prerequisite is that you need to pay additional $100 on your account per month.

Faster Hosting Speed with Slightly Better Uptime

To compare these two web hosts for uptime and speed, we decide to carry out the online monitoring for we believe that the detailed statistics are much more objective. According to the final result, both HostMonster and Linode succeed in ensuring at least 99.9% uptime. When comparing them, however, HostMonster is slightly better with the 99.98% uptime.

In fact, to ensure this level of hosting reliability, they all focus on the quality of the VPS servers by adopting the DELL branded components, SSD storage and Intel branded processors. Even, HostMonster designs their web servers from the scratch for breaking all the barriers, and Linode claims to give you the pro-rated credit for any 0.1% downtime.

As for the hosting speed, HostMonster also has done a better job with an average of 342 ms for server response, which is 13% faster than the result achieved by Linode. To guarantee you the super-blazing hosting, HostMonster has refined and optimized their server machines for the best running.

Longer Money Back Guarantee

With HostMonster, you can be ensured with the 30 days money back guarantee. To be frank, this 1-month trying is surely enough for you to test whether the hosting service is the right choice for you or not.

With Linode, however, the trial period only has 30 days.

Easier Control Panel

HostMonster offers and pre-installs the advanced cPanel for you to control every aspect of your website. Due to its easy-to-understand interface, you can start using it with much ease. As for Linode, their control panel is a custom one. After trying it, we have to say that the control panel is surely powerful, but is not as intuitive as that of cPanel.

More Support Channels

We have tried their technical support personally and have to admit that both of them can ensure the efficient reply and professional answers via the ticket system, email and phone. However, the difference is that Linode does not have the live chat support that HostMonster offers, and their email support and phone support can only answer you some pre-sales questions and general inquiries.

How Can Linode Win Over HostMonster

To begin with, Linode is better than HostMonster due to the security aspect. They are committed to achieving the ultimate security for all the customers. In this case, they facilitate all of their data centers with multiple layers and put the equipment in the locked cages. In addition, they enforce the strict filtering rule for IP address to prevent the potential attacks. Even, they adopt the KVM technology to prevent other bad users from accessing your resources.

Another highlight of Linode is that they have 8 data centers that are located around the globe. When placing the order, you even have the freedom to choose the data center location based on your real situation. This practice can benefit your hosting performance a lot.


According to this comparison, we can conclude that HostMonster is the better option for all the common webmasters who are looking for the cost-effective package, fast speed, no frequent down and helpful support without the need to worry about any server-side issues. If you also want to know how real customers view their service, you can check the below chart.