Linode vs InMotion Hosting on VPS Hosting Service

Linode vs InMotion Hosting on VPS Hosting Service

Nov 10, 2015

This Linode vs InMotion comparison is mainly for their managed VPS hosting based on the aspects of prices, page loading speed, technical support, hosting features and reliability. In fact, both of these two companies are award-winning VPS hosting providers, with which you can get the top-notch service at a budget-friendly charge. Therefore, if you feel difficult to choose between them, this comparison can help you make the right decision based on your ultimate requirements.

The below chart demonstrates the editorial rating about them. Based on our personal hosting experience, InMotion Hosting surely achieves a better impression than Linode.

Rating Linode InMotion
Reputation 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Feature 3 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Speed 3 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Uptime 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Technical Support 3 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
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Their Common Aspect for VPS Hosting

As the experienced and trust-worthy VPS hosting providers on the web, both Linode and InMotion Hosting have done great in terms of the hosting reliability, achieving the constant website availability for all of their customers.


Linode leverages the latest advanced Intel E5 processors along with the solid server components to guarantee the stable running of all the hosted websites. In addition, to deal with the traffic spikes and to achieve the optimal hosting performance, they also adopt the SSD disk storage and 40 Gbps of redundant networks.

Besides, this web host rents 8 data centers that are located at Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. All of them are coming with advanced infrastructure and facility, which are powerful enough to ensure the proper running of the robust server machines.

According to our online monitoring with this web host, our tested site is 99.99% online on average.

Linode Uptime

InMotion Hosting

InMotion adopts the industry-standard DELL servers that are 100% factory tested and developed. With the rock solid server machines, the hosting reliability can be guaranteed without any worry. In addition, InMotion Hosting has all the virtually private servers provisioned with RAID 6, with which your data can be stored on multiple disks for the better tolerance of fault. Therefore, if one of your hard drives stops working, the server machine continues to serve your website.

In addition, this web host also rents multiple data centers for the proper server running, each of which is equipped with the uninterrupted facility monitoring, redundancy for power supply and network, automatic climate control and many more.

Based on our real-world testing, InMotion Hosting has achieved a 100% uptime during the past a few months for our sample site.

InMotion Uptime

Besides, according to the Terms and Services of this web host, you can receive the compensation if you fail to enjoy a 99.9% uptime within a month.

Aspects of InMotion Hosting Wins Over Linode

Based on our comparison, InMotion Hosting is better than Linode when it comes to the cost-effectiveness of VPS packages, hosting speed and technical support.

More Cost-Effective VPS Hosting Packages

InMotion Hosting offers 3 plans in total that charge you at the price of $29.99/mo, $49.99/mo and $74.99/mo regularly. At present, however, this company releases a special promotional link, with which you can enjoy a 50% discount that reduces the hosting charges down to $14.99/mo effectively.

As for the server resources, you can get at least 4 GB of RAM, 60 GB of storage, 2 TB of bandwidth and 2 dedicated IP addresses.

InMotion Promotion Link Activation

Linode offers 9 plans in one time, but we only compare the first 3 options that are widely used by webmasters. These 3 plans will cost you $10/mo, $20/mo and $40/mo respectively, which are the same affordable as the plans offered by InMotion Hosting.

However, when it comes to the allocation of server resources, Linode is not as generous as InMotion, only offering 1 GB of RAM, 24 GB of storage and 2 TB of bandwidth for the basic VPS plan.

Check the below comparison table to have a vivid impression.

Prices & Features Linode InMotion
Plans Linode 1GB VPS-1000S
Storage 24 GB 60 GB
Bandwidth 2 TB 2 TB
Promotional Price $10/mo $14.99/mo
Discount N/A 50%
How to Claim Not Recommended Promotional Link

Faster Hosting Speed

After monitoring their server response time for about 3 months with the help of Uptime Robot, we have found that both of them are fast VPS hosting provider, but InMotion Hosting wins slightly. You can check the detailed statistics from the following screenshot.

Linode vs InMotion on Speed

It is true that both of these two web hosts pay much attention to their servers and data centers to guarantee the peak performance. InMotion Hosting, however, also adopts the solid state drives, the CDN service offered by CloudFlare and some large ISPs to better boost the hosting speed.

Better Technical Support

InMotion Hosting is famous for their Premium Support service, with which you can be assisted 24/7 via multiple channels including the phone call, live chat, Q&A forum, email and ticket system. Besides, based on our real experience, their support representatives are all professional and knowledgeable, giving us a response in an efficient manner.

Linode, the VPS focused hosting provider, also has done a great job in this aspect. However, they fail to offer the live chat support, which may be inconvenient when you require the instant help.

Aspects of Linode Wins Over InMotion Hosting

Unlike InMotion Hosting that offers a wide range of hosting service, Linode only provides the VPS hosting, so can offer something more comprehensive. For instance, InMotion only supports the CentOS 6, but Linode also allows Debian, Fedora, Arch, Ubuntu and many other distributions.

Besides, Linode also offers some additional features that InMotion Hosting lacks, such as the Node Balancers for the intelligent distribution of incoming traffic over multiple linodes, Longview analytics to better keep track of your website running and the rescue mode to bring your site back from critical errors.


According to this comparison, we personally recommend the VPS hosting offered by InMotion, for it is faster, more cost-effective and comes with the more responsive technical support. Besides, with the 90-day money back policy, your purchase can be 100% risk-free.