Linode VS Media Temple – VPS Hosting Comparison

Linode VS Media Temple – VPS Hosting Comparison

Oct 14, 2014

Recently we received letters from our readers asking which might be a better choice for VPS hosting, Linode or Media Temple? It can be a tough decision because their VPS plans are followed by a large number of highly-skilled users and growing businesses.

Linode offers VPS hosting only. By contrast, VPS hosting is just part of Media Temple’s hosting business. That’s what makes this comparison interesting. Both companies offer managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. But this review is limited to unmanaged VPS hosting only. As usual, we will go through all the details relating to price, features, performance and technical support.

Rating Linode mediatemple
Reputation rating 2.5 rating 2
Price rating 2.5 rating 2
Technologies rating 2 rating 2
Performance rating 3 rating 2.5
Technical Support rating 2.5 rating 2.5
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Plans & Pricing

Linode offers 9 VPS hosting plans. The price of each plan is closely related with RAM. For example, Linode 1GB (meaning a plan with 1GB RAM) charges $10/mo, Linode 2GB 20/mo, Linode 4GB $40/mo…in this analogy, Linode 96GB charges $960/mo. Payment can be made only by credit card. A 7-day money back guarantee is available. Users can also choose to get services billed by hour.

Media Temple 
Media Temple offers two types of VPS hosting for different user groups. One is Business-class VPS for growing business, the other is Command-line VPS for developers.

Media Temple PriceBusiness-class VPS is further divided into six plans from Level 1 to Level 6. The price starts from $50/mo and goes all the way up to $1500/mo. Command-line VPS consists of four plans with a price range of $30/mo to $500/mo. Services are billed monthly or annually. Methods of payment include credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, check and money order. Refund is valid within 30 days of purchase.

In this aspect, Linode offers a more competitive price than Media Temple does. While Media Temple offers more diversified payment methods and a longer term of money back guarantee.


Since both companies are oriented to developers, there are plenty of unique features in their VPS plans. For example, all Linode VPS plans include two-factor authentication, rescue mode, scaling, cloning, DNS manager and IPv6 support.

Command-line VPS hosting from Media Temple is featured by full SSH + root access, instant provisioning & scaling, the newest Parallels Containers technology, etc.

Of course, all the plans from both hosts share some core features, such as RAM, storage and bandwidth. But the resources can be very quite different. Let’s take the introductory offer from each company for a clearer comparison.

Host Linode mediatemple
Plan in Review Linode 1GB Command-line 1
Control Panel Linode Manager Parallels Power Panel
Disk Space 24GB 20GB
Bandwidth 2TB 350GB
Price $10/mo ($0.015/hr) $30/mo

From the table, we can say that Linode is overwhelmingly more competitive than Media Temple. But it is a pity that Linode does not offer a web hosting control panel. The Linode Manager can be innovative but it is not really a great helper for website and resource management.


Both companies have invested heavily to deliver scalable and predictable performance. In specific, Linode has located 6 data centers in 3 regions to serve global users. Its facilities are equipped with the best hardware including SSD storage, 40Gbit network, and fast processors. Data are protected with redundant cloud backups. However, this backup service is not free.

PerformanceMedia Temple utilizes SAS RAID-10 disks and enterprises-class equipment with Gigabit Ethernet for fast hosting. It has located two data centers in East and West Coast. The two data centers are connected and staffed with technicians and armed security. To achieve 99.999% uptime, Media Temple uses state-of-the-art servers and keeps them closely monitored. Anything abnormal will be addressed instantly. But it remains unknown whether it keeps its promise.

Customer Support

Multiple support channels are available in both companies. Linode provides help to their customers through emails, tickets, phone and IRC chat all day and every day. Besides, its community forum, blog, guides and tutorials are also very helpful resources.

Media Temple also provides 24/7 technical help via live chat, email and phone. Its staff spend nearly 90% of their work time in supporting their customers. It promises a friendly support experience to all its customers. Self-help resources including forum and knowledgebase are also available.


With all key aspects reviewed, we have come to the conclusion that Linode is a better choice for VPS hosting than Media Temple. Its VPS hosting is relatively more affordable with richer resources and more reliable performance.

However, we have to admit that Linode is not a fit to VPS starters with limited hosting experience or assistance. So we’d like to share with you some cost-effective and handy VPS hosting plans offered by leading hosts. They are BlueHost, InMotion Hosting and HostGator.