LiquidWeb VPS Review

LiquidWeb VPS Review

Dec 26, 2013

We minutely illustrate LiquidWeb VPS hosting services on price & feature, ease of use, performance, and technical support. Based upon real hosting experience and feedbacks of verified customers, we personally think it’s not a proper choice for customers on account of the expensive price and limited features.

Before we start our deep elaboration, we initially rank LiquidWeb VPS hosting, which shows that the services ranks 3.5 out of 5 overall while the performance ranks 4 out of 5. Please see the following ratings for detailed reference.

LiquidWeb VPS Hosting
LiquidWeb VPS Hosting

  • Reputation
    3.5 out of 5 stars
  • Features
    3 out of 5 stars
  • Speed
    3.5 out of 5 stars
  • Reliability
    4 out of 5 stars
  • Support
    3.5 out of 5 stars
  • Price

Price & Feature

The service designs a plan named as Storm VPS and Storm SSD, which all divided into 8 packages based on the amount of resources. The basic package of former one has 880MB memory, 75 GB disk, 1 GB CPU with 1 Cores. In the below, we show you the specific fluctuation range of each package.


  • OS: CentOS 6.2, Ubuntu 11.10, Debian 6.0
  • Memory: 880 MB included, from 880 MB to 94839 MB
  • Disk Space: 75 GB included, from 75 GB to 1000 GB
  • CPU cores: 1 core incldued, from 1 to 32 cores
  • CPU: 1 GB incldued, from 1 GB to 96 GB
Company LiquidWeb BlueHost
Plans Storm VPS Standard VPS
CPU Cores 1 2
Disk 75 GB 60 GB
Bandwidth 5 TB 2 TB
Prices $ 50.00/mo $24.99/mo

After our exploration, LiquidWeb is much more expensive, especially compared to some top-ranking VPS hosting like BlueHost pricing at $23.74/mo. In the below, we show the detailed prices in a clear chart for your reference.

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Besides, the usage of image, bandwidth and backup will be charged additionally, including:

  • CentOS 6.4 64-bit with cPanel Fully-managed costs $10.00/mo.
  • Backup service is charged at $0.12/mo per 1 GB, or $12.00/mo for quota pricing.
  • Any bandwidth used above 5 TB is priced at $ 0.25/mo per 1 GB.

Ease of Use

LiquidWeb VPS hosting is managed service, which includes awesome features as cPanel and Fantastico, which charges at $10.00/mo. Besides, it provides technical support for hardware, network and virtualization. In the below, we offer you a detailed description of its easy-to-use features.

easy to use

  • CPanel/WHM control panel comes with awesome features on users interface. Customers can use tools to manage domain names, FTP accounts, emails, and files conveniently and efficiently.
  • Fantastico is associated with more than 50 applications so that customers can install them handily.


LiquidWeb has 3 self-owned data centers, which are supported by highly professional engineers. These data centers are designed with redundancy installed at every level to ensure minimal effect by failure at any level. What’s more, they shine with the following bright spots to deliver 99% uptime:

  • Tier-1 Premium Bandwidth guarantees the highest quality Internet connectivity and performance. It comes with direct connectivity with Cogent Level 3, Global Crossing, Verizon and Comcast.
  • Excellent power systems make sure that each facility is safeguarded by one or more uninterrupted Power Supplies, supported by redundant battery cabinets and full maintenance bypass cabinets.

24 Hours Heroic Support

supportThe company has professionally educated and highly experienced technical support team. Presently, there are over 150 technicians on site 24 hours per day. They are dedicated to guaranteeing amazing technical support, including:

  • Dedicated Sonar Monitoring division monitors and handles any technical issues identified pro-actively.
  • They are always there to address network, hardware, facilities level errors.
  • The Services Level Agreement includes 30 minutes hardware replacement guarantee and 30 minutes initial response guarantees.

Backed by the above amazing support team, customers can always enjoy responsive technical support via telephone, live chat, Email, knowledge base and tutorial.


After the above elaboration, LiquidWeb is not a bad choice for VPS hosting, but we still don’t recommend it owing to the expensive price, and limited features.

If you are searching an affordable VPS hosting with rich features, fantastic performance and stunning technical support, we highly recommend you going with BlueHost, InMotion Hosting, and HostMonster.