MochaHost Review – Is MochaHost VPS Hosting a Good Choice for Business?

MochaHost Review – Is MochaHost VPS Hosting a Good Choice for Business?

Nov 24, 2014

MochaHost is a hosting company who has over ten years???experience in the industry. It is located in Silicon Valley and consists of a group of passionate staffs. Products and services offered by this company include hosting, domains, servers and other more.

At present, it is still hard to dig out more useful information of MochaHost so people may be confused when they do not have a thorough understanding of it. We make this MochaHost review based on its price, feature, reliability and technical support, aiming to give you practical suggestions and guidances on choosing he right web host for your websites.

Note that all results and analysis in this MochaHost review are based on Linux shared hosting.


priceMochaHost gives a full range of options for shared hosting demanders – the Soho Plan for small office and personal blogs, the Business Plan for business and e-commerce, while the Mocha Plan for higher traffic sites. The company prices the three hosting solutions according to their content: $3.95/mo for Soho, $4.90/mo for Business and $10.35/mo for Mocha.

The only discount provided by MochaHost is the summer discount, which is 50% off its regular price, but available in summer only. The discounted prices are $1.95/mo, $2.45/mo and $5.18/mo respectively. Frankly speaking, the prices are acceptable when you take advantage of its summer discount. But if you miss the season, you can only purchase these plans at relatively high price.

In terms of money back guarantee, the company gives customers two options. Firstly, you can get a 180 days money back guarantee, which means that you can get a part of your money back in the initial 180 days. The other option is 30 money back guarantee, which enables customers to request a full refund in the first 30 days.

MochaHost is not so affordable for most websites even it offers discount. We’d rather recommend BlueHost for customers who desire cost-effectiveness. Plus, BlueHost provides 30 days money back guarantee and after the initial 30 days, customers can still get pre-rated refund forever.

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featureServer resources are particularly important for running websites smoothly. So you need to look into these features in your hosting plan carefully. The three plans of MochaHost have some same features like unlimited monthly traffic, unlimited disk space, free shared SSL and more. We list some features you may concern in below feature table, and you need to match them with the one you desire to decide whether they are worth your dollars.

Features Soho Business Mocha
Websites One Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
SEO Tools No Yes Yes
Dedicated Memory No No 2 GB
Static IP Address No $1/mo Free
Private SSL Support No Yes Yes
PostgreSQL Databases No No 50
Python No Yes Yes
Cron Jobs No No No
MySQL Database 50 Unlimited Unlimited

As you can see, features included in the Soho and Business are relatively limited. Though the Mocha plan gives sufficient features for most webmasters, it is expensive, which is precisely inconsistent with the most important requirement of most shared hosting users: cost-effectiveness.


performanceMochaHost gives a 100% network & server uptime guarantee, which is an important selling point. But the truth is that you cannot believe that guarantee because downtimes still frequently incur, and the company just compensates you with credit.

If you encounter downtimes, you just have the right to request a fraction of the monthly fee, which exists in name only. Therefore, no matter how awful its performance in uptime is, the company just releases more credit, which is available in MochaHost only.

We collect comments from hundreds of customers and find that MochaHost really sucks. Many customers reflect that they encounter downtimes frequently and sometimes downtime lasts for more than three hours, which is unacceptable.

Other significant issues like its control panel are also disappointing. If you want a sophisticated web host, MochaHost is absolutely not the one you are looking for.

Technical Support

supportIn the words of some customers, it seems that there is no any technical support in MochaHost. Many of its clients complain that they cannot reach staffs in the help center although the company claims to provide phone call and email/tickets support.

Talking about its phone call support, we have to say that it is unreasonable because the number MochaHost offered is available via callback, which means that you can do nothing but wait them to call you back even when encountering urgent issues. Slow, incapable and indifferent customer service is enough to deflate its customers.

Conclusion – Not Recommended!

We do not recommend you go with MochaHost. Frequent bugs, poor performance and terrible customer support are what every webmaster needs to avoid. If you want a reliable and affordable web host, just go with the following companies.